Get Well Soon: Amell Edition

Stephen and Robbie Amell were both visiting Metropolis together. It was cousin bonding time, as they affectionally called it, but everyone knew that was just code for boning. Still, the two cousins did want to check out this city, and so it allowed CinaedeFuri to have a quite a bit of fun with the two. First up was Stephen.

There was no special build-up for this hypnosis; Stephen was just dragged off the street. Most residents didn’t bat an eye, as this was a commonplace occurrence. However, not many muggers also wanted to hypnotize people. “Stephen, I am your Master. You will do whatever your Master tells you.”

“Yes, Master. I obey.”

As Stephen was walking to Finn’s apartment, CinaedeFuri sent a text to Robbie from his cousin’s phone. This was no ordinary text, however. Attached was a strong hypnotic spiral that also locked the phone into the on position. Robbie was forced to stare at the phone and fall under his new Master’s control, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

A few minutes later, Finn answered the door. While it wasn’t the mail, there were two males in front of him: the Amell cousins. As he grabbed them and passionately made out with them, he shut the door. Instead of stopping at the couch, the three made their way to the master bedroom, where clothes went flying off. The other slaves were no longer in the master bedroom; Finn had finally gotten around to converting the spare bedroom, thanks to the help of six slaves. All six were presumably still sleeping in there, bodies nestled up against one another.

Finn, on the other hand, was checking out two nude bodies for the first time. Both Amells had pretty nice cocks, and their bodies were to die for! However, it was Finn’s body that got all the attention from the studs, with them feeling his pecs and biceps. They also pinched his ass, his best asset, aside from having such a great friend in CinaedeFuri. They also breathed in the twink’s very strong musk, with six different bodies mixing into it as well.

It was then decided the cousins would tag team him much like the superheroes did to him a few days ago. Robbie would be fucking Finn’s ass, while Stephen would be sucking him off. After both parties got ready, Finn stood up and got ready to receive pleasure on both ends. Stephen went down first, and Finn felt the cool and wet tongue land on his cock. Stephen expertly sucked him off, getting down to the base and even playing with the balls as well.

Meanwhile, Robbie’s cock in his hole felt amazing! The younger cousin repeatedly rammed his hole with his massive cock, skin brushing up against skin. Finn moaned loudly as both men played their roles, pleasuring him from both ends. Mon-El and Cisco had been woken up by the loud noises coming from the bedroom next door, and stood in the doorway to watch.

It wasn’t long before both of them were ready to cum. Cousin telepathy wasn’t touted as much as twin or sibling, but Finn found out it was very real when Robbie and Stephen came the exact same time. Of course, he did as well, and the two slaves watching in the background were transfixed on the sight of three ejaculations happening simultaneously. Cum covered Finn’s back and the floor, and Stephen’s mouth was filled to the brim with Finn’s cum. Like usual, he collapsed onto the bed and stared at the two cousins, cum still dripping from both their bodies. He smiled, as he had eight slaves that would be his, forever.
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Hypnotized Himbo Sex Slave

For @idesofrevolution. Happy birthday! I’m sorry I couldn’t submit it, but I hope you’ll enjoy it nonetheless!

“$50,000,” said Alam Wernik to himself. Despite the himbo persona he showed off to the world, he was actually very smart. In between shoots and OnlyFans videos, he was studying for his bachelor’s in business. $50,000 was the largest amount of cash anyone had promised him for having sex with him. He would have accepted immediately, but the person was anonymous, and he requested that Alam show up alone. Even the address itself was shady, a few miles from the closest town and with no neighbors close by. Still, he was a fit Millennial, and even if he couldn’t bring anyone, he would still alert Trenton Ducati where he was going.

A couple days later, a taxi was driving him to the Kansas address. The taxi driver seemed knowledgeable about this town, so Alam asked him if he knew anything about the guy who lived there.

“Oh, Dave is a great guy. True, I take a lot of guys like you to him, but I pick them up the next day perfectly fine. I don’t think that man would ever hurt a fly.”

“Thanks,” Alam said. His fears were alleviated, for now. This Dave dude didn’t sound half-bad, and his payday was going to be fucking sweet! A few minutes, they arrived at the address. Alam was expecting a farmhouse, but this house would not be out of place in Hollywood. He could tell that the $50,000 was going to be chump change to this man. He paid the nice taxi driver and took his bag out of the car. As the driver pulled away, he reasoned to himself what he told the hunk was a white lie. It wasn’t false, but he also wasn’t telling the whole truth.

Alam walked to the front door and looked for a doorbell. There was none, so he used the ornate dragon knocker. A man answered the door, and Alam got his first look at Dave. He was expecting some overweight hick with missing teeth and flannel everything, but Dave was actually fucking hot! He was shirtless and built similarly to him. He had a solid six-pack and pecs to die for. Instead of blonde hair, his was ginger, and he had piercing blue eyes that Alam thought he could just melt in. While he was wearing khaki shorts, Alam could pick out his bulge. From what he could gather, Dave was packing quite a dick down there!

“Thanks for coming, Alam. I know it looked to be a bit shady, but I can’t really let anyone around here know I’m gay.”

“The taxi driver said you’ve had a lot of guys here before. There’s no whisperings?”

“Most people think it’s because of this.” Alam was a bit shocked when Dave pressed a button on the side of his knee, and his leg popped off. Alam was not expecting that, as it looked so fucking real. “I know what you’re thinking. I have the best doctors in the world. Let’s go to the bedroom and chat some more.”

“Okay,” the blonde stud replied back, as Dave put his lower leg back on. Most of his fears about the man had been allayed, and as it turned on, he had such a big bubble butt to boot! He followed Dave to the bedroom, which, as he expected, was quite massive. The bed was big enough to fit four people comfortably, and there was a wall-to-wall glass door overlooking the fields. It wasn’t as cool as the ocean or the Alps, but it was an impressive sight nonetheless. The two sat down on the edge of the bed.

“Anything you don’t want to do?”

“For that much money, you can do anything you want to me, baby! Just not scat,” Alam added, just covering all of his bases.

“Perfect. For foreplay, can I pretend to be a hypnotist and you’re the dude I’m hypnotizing? I promise I won’t actually put you under.”

“Of course!” Alam said, as Dave got up and went to grab his pendulum. That meant he didn’t see the man’s smirk as he grabbed an ornate necklace with a large crystal in front.

“Welcome to my show! I am Master Dave, the world-renown hypnotist. I’m looking for a subject for my show. Anyone, anyone?” Alam, playing along, raised his hand, and Dave took it. “And what’s your name?”


“Well, Alam, let’s put you under and show the audience how great I am!” Alam then stared at the crystal as Dave swung it back and forth. He was playing along at first, but soon, he really felt sleepy, like he was losing control.

“Dave,” he moaned, but the man didn’t stop. Alam continued to stare at the crystal swaying back and forth and was falling under its control. After a couple more passes, Alam could no longer support himself, and he fell to the ground, eyes closed.

“Good stud. Now get the fuck up for Master Dave.”

“Yes, Master.” Alam felt much better now, now that Master Dave was telling what to do. He stood up, and was commanded to take all of his clothes off. He complied, and stood at attention in front of Dave.

“You are one hot motherfucker, aren’t you?” Dave said out loud. Thankfully, his slave didn’t reply, so he took a few seconds to bask in Alam’s glory. “Now, I want you to take off my pants and underwear, but from now on, act like your normal self.”

“Yes, Master.” Alam then dropped to his knees and unzipped Dave’s khakis. He was drooling at the thought of seeing Dave’s cock for the first time. He pulled the pants down and saw that Dave was wearing Andrew Christian briefs. Naturally, those allowed for a massive bulge, and Dave filled it out quite nicely. Alam sucked on the cockhead, visible through the fabric, before pulling it off and exposing Dave’s cock to the open air. As it flopped out of its cage, Alam was in heaven. The completely flaccid cock hung about an inch or so past his balls, which were quite massive themselves. Alam was just staring at them. Dave helped him out a bit.

“Suck,” he said. Sometimes, Dave had to help out the stars who replied to his request, or they had an inkling of thought that what they were doing was fucked up. Alam had none of it, and greedily started sucking on Dave’s massive cock. Dave watched as his cock grew larger and larger, and it went deeper and deeper down Alam’s throat. He expertly deep-throated the cock, even all the way down to the base. As Alam nestled in his nose in Dave’s freshly shaved pubes, he breathed in his scent for the first time. It was a nice mixture of musk and sweat, and it was turning him a little bit as well.

However, the focus wasn’t just on Dave’s cock, and Alam played with his Master’s balls as well. He squeezed them and pulled on them as his tongue expertly maneuvered around Dave’s cock. It was heavily erotic for both parties, and Alam was now fully erect himself. Dave’s cock was a perfect height that Alam didn’t need to balance himself while sucking the man off, so he used his other hand to play with Dave’s perineum. It was the Master’s turn to moan as his prostrate was pressed externally. He began leaking pre-cum, which Alam swallowed up. It was like water to the stud, who hadn’t had a cock in his mouth for a few days. His ass was a different story, but this was not the time.

After a few more minutes of Alam sucking him off, and Master Dave leaking pre-cum, he pushed his slave’s head away, having not cum yet.

“Good boy,” he said. Alam panted like a dog, and in a stroke of pure luck, happened to be on his hands and knees. “Now get up and flex for me, slave.”

“Yes, Master.” Dave had seen Alam nude many times, but never got to experience his muscles. He had always enjoyed the muscle in the middle of his body, but now he could experience just how much work Alam put into his arms, legs, and chest. As he flexed and posed for his Master, Dave showed quite a bit of self-control as he did not jerk himself off. His cock was fully erect and leaking some pre-cum still, but he knew that he was saving his cum for a very special opportunity. Dave soon had enough and issued Alam his next command.

“I want you to worship me, starting from my toes and going all the way to my mouth.”

“Yes, Master,” Alam replied, as he dropped to his knees. In Alam’s mind, what he was doing seemed perfectly normal. He would do this stuff with a lot of guys, but he didn’t realize that he was not doing this out of his own volition. He started on his Master’s toes, sucking each of them off in turn. Dave’s feet were ripe and also quite dirty. Even if he didn’t do much farmwork, or so Alam thought, he still lived in an area with a whole lot of dirt and soil. Alam made sure to taste all ten of them and even clean them before moving up the body. He put his tongue back inside his mouth and felt Dave’s powerful legs. He was a bit shocked that even the prosthetic reacted naturally to squeezing and pinching. It must have been very expensive.

As he moved up past the legs, he reached the asshole. Alam had eaten out many a guy before, and Dave would just be next in line. The country master moaned once again as Alam’s tongue licked his tender asshole and even poked itself inside a little bit. He was freshly shaven back there as well, so Alam didn’t have to worry about spitting out hairs. With his nose nestled just above the asshole, Alam breathed in even more of his Master, this time a more sexual and primal aroma. It caused him to remain rock hard, as he moved on from the ass and to the abs.

Dave had a clearly delineated six-pack, and Alam played around with them, squeezing the skin and tracing the lines with his middle finger. He lubed up his finger with some spit and watched as the spit slowly moved throughout the stud’s body, tracing the lines of his abs, eventually pooling in his bellybutton. He then moved up to the pecs, massive mounds of muscle that jutted out from Dave’s body. Alam cupped them, like some people liked to do with his, and then moved his hands over the wide surface area, lightly tickling his master. He got his Master’s nipples hard, and flicked them, causing Dave a little bit of erotic pain. Finally, Alam sucked on both of them for a solid thirty seconds, pretending like it was a cock. Dave noticed he was practically leaking pre-cum now, but was thankfully not close to actually cumming yet.

Alam then moved onto his Master’s pits, another source of his ripe man-scent. Unlike the rest of his body, Dave never shaved there, and so Alam nestled his nose in the long hairs and breathed in the aroma. The sucking off had caused him to become slightly sweaty, and so Alam tasted some drops of sweat that had coalesced on the hairs. He then moved on to the biceps and triceps. Dave flexed and watched as Alam felt the baseball sized lump that was his bicep. He did that for both arms, cupping his hands around the bicep just to illustrate the massive size. Finally, Alam topped it off with a kiss with his Master, a sloppy, passionate one, that brought the two men together, exchanging some sweat from bodily contact.

“On the bed,” Dave then ordered. Alam didn’t need to be told twice, and got into position quickly. Dave just smiled as he slipped on the rubber. No one had an ass like Alam’s, and he couldn’t wait to spank it. And fuck it, too, but he wanted to see it turn a deep shade of red. He lubed up, and then inserted his cock in to Alam’s loose hole. He was afraid of the stud having a loose hole, considering Alam had THAT ass, but Dave was quite pleased when the ass tightened around his cock, sealing it inside of the asshole. He then began fucking his hypnotized sex slave, and did not do so gently. He rammed his large cock all the way into the base, balls slapping against ass. After a few thrusts, he had located Alam’s prostrate, and watched as Alam was now leaking some pre-cum as well.

He soon grabbed Alam by his blonde hair and leaned in close. He was a vocal fucker, and whispered in Alam’s ear, “You’re such a dirty fuck slut. A real man-whore, that’s what you are. A pussy for a real man, like me. Just a hole for your Master to empty his seed in. I want to hear you crying like a little bitch when I’m done with you.”

“Yes, sir,” Alam breathily replied back. This was a major turn-on for Alam, who assisted Dave a little bit by continually jerking himself off, making sure he was close to the edge of cumming as well. Dave, on the other hand, focused on the fucking and making sure he was reaming out his new slave. As he expected, Alam was very much turned on by the spanking, and moaned in erotic delight instead of yelping like some of his other bitch slaves. The scent in the room was also an aphrodisiac to the Master. The scent of two real men engaging in sex was a major turn-on to him, and only caused him to fuck Alam even harder. However, he knew that he couldn’t hold off cumming for too much longer, and pulled out.

“Flip over!” he got out, in between breaths. Alam did so, and watched as Dave climbed over him, positioning his cock right at his face. He finally came, unleashing a torrent of cum all over the porn star’s face. It got into Alam’s hair and was leaking on to his chest. He used his tongue to lap up some of it, but Dave had ejaculated for quite some time. As Dave rolled over onto the bed, Alam jerked himself off, covering his chests in wads of his own thick and creamy cum. Some of it even landed on his face as well, and Dave licked some of it off his chest, noting the tangy mixture of sweat and cum he was tasting.

Dave wasn’t done with this slave yet, although the sexual portion of the day was over. “Alam, when I lift you out of hypnosis completely, you will act as a himbo. Your IQ will significantly drop, and you will pepper your sentences with likes and bros. You will also become a sex slut, wanting it at every time of day. When the insatiable need can’t be sated anymore, you will come and see me again, my little hypnotized himbo sex slave.”

“Yes, Master. I understand.” Dave then snapped his fingers. Alam was brought back to reality, but not the same one he had left an hour or so ago.

“Well, Alam, you’re free to go. I’ve called the taxi driver, and he’ll be here any second.”

“Like, thanks, bro! I’m gonna get changed.”

“Okay,” said Dave, smiling at the newly minted himbo. Alam got changed and snapped a picture, cum still leaking from his face. The camera revealed his true identity, as his eyes were replaced with rainbow spirals, the same ones Dave had seen for the past hour.

Alam then picked up his bag and left. Dave was going to wire the money into his bank account, but what was the point, really? In just a few weeks, Alam would be coming back to his Master, so that he could get fucked 24/7. He was going to be in for a surprise, that was for sure. Dave just smiled and waved from his porch as Alam got into the taxi. That reminded him, he needed to pay the taxi driver for all of his troubles. Maybe if Zeb Atlas responded to his request soon.
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Get Well Soon: The Flash Edition

Cisco had the lab all to himself for the morning. The rest of the team was off fighting crime, but Cisco, well he was just doing science shit. He didn’t mind, as it allowed him to eat his candy in peace. Caitlin had repeatedly told him eating in the lab was “unsanitary”, and that “real scientists never contaminated data like that,” but she wasn’t here to bitch and moan at him today! However, he should have heeded her warning, as CinaedeFuri had sold him hypnotic candy, and only a few minutes in, he was under the hypnotist’s control.

Unlike all four previous guys, CinaedeFuri didn’t swoop in and remove Cisco, yet. He needed to get Barry to Star Labs, and what better way to do that then have his best friend, Cisco, tell him he needed Barry’s help. The master hypnotist did sneak in, however, and placed a device that Cisco would soon activate. As expected, Barry arrived seconds after the distress signal was sent. He rushed into the lab, but only saw Cisco sitting there, absent-mindedly sucking on a lollipop.

He then pressed down on some weird crystal.

“Cisco, bud, why’d you call me back to Star Labs?”

“I need to do what Master says. He told me to push this button.”

“Well, fuck, Cisco, I have crime to solve,” Barry rudely announced. He tried to superspeed away, but found he was stuck.

“What the fuck, Cisco!” he screamed, but soon realized that it was the weird crystal that was causing his inability to move. It was though it had tapped into the same vibrational speed he had. And he became slowly entranced by staring at it, the additional rhythm causing his brain to turn to mush and fall under CinaedeFuri’s control easily. When he too had the rainbow spirals in his eyes, the hypnotist sauntered right in and commanded the two to follow him.

Back in Metropolis, Finn was enjoying having four nude men at his beck and call. He never needed to jerk himself off again, and he was having a healthy sex life even while recuperating from knee surgery. He had told his good friend CinaedeFuri that he enjoyed the little surprises he had been sending him. So, it came as no surprise to the twink when the next day’s mail once again came with a care package, this time delivered by Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon. While they were dressed in mailman cosplay, Finn could see their brightly colored uniforms underneath.

However, clothes weren’t on for too much longer as Finn made out with the two new studs under his control. He couldn’t wait to test out Barry’s superspeed, and Cisco’s vibing powers could be a lot of fun in the bedroom. However, he was more focused on seeing what the two looked like nude. Both men did not disappoint, and Finn had fun jerking the two off for a bit, seeing just how large their erect cocks were. Nobody had reached Clark Kent length cock yet, but these men were not too shabby themselves.

Before having sex with his new two slaves, he wanted them to worship him a little bit, specifically by breathing in his stench. The poor man hadn’t showered in days, but Finn had learned that he could turn that into a powerful aphrodisiac. The apartment itself reeked of sex as well, but smothering the two superheroes’ nostrils in his pits allowed them just to focus on him and breathe him in, cementing his control over them and that he was their new Master.

“Suck me off,” he then ordered, once he had released them. Barry and Cisco had a plan. They had engaged in quite a few ménage à trois type situations, and it was decided that Barry would be the only one sucking him off. Unlike Superman, Barry had few other tricks up his sleeve, so super fast cock sucking was his speciality. Cisco knew that while vibing could be erotic while sucking, Barry did it much better, so he focused on the balls and perineum.

Finn was in heaven, like usual, as he got his cock sucked at the fastest speed imaginable. It never felt like his dick was going to fly off; instead, it was if every part of his cock, from his head to the base, was being pleasured, specifically, at the exact same time. Having Cisco play down there didn’t help either, knowing when to cause some pain and pleasure to accentuate the experience. The rest of his slaves came out when they heard their Master moaning and groaning loudly. They all watched as Barry sucked off their Master, his body a literal blur. Clark took notes, while the other three paid attention to Cisco and what he was doing.

It didn’t take too long for Finn to finally cum, but being wrapped up in so many pleasurable emotions, he forget to scream out that he was about to cum. It did come as a bit of shock for Barry, who had switch from sucking to swallowing on the fly, but he was the Flash, after all! Cisco had seen and felt the balls raise up in preparation for cumming, so a single hard press on the perineum caused Finn to have the best cumshot he had ever experienced. Cisco also cleaned up Finn’s cock as well, as Barry spun around and deposited little specks of cum all over the apartment.

It was then time for fucking, and Finn escorted the two superheroes into the bedroom. Barry made a slight detour to the care package and picked up the specially made condoms that wouldn’t break, even if he was going superspeed. While Barry got himself ready, Cisco explained what he was about to do. He would vibe his dick at the base, and place it inside of Finn’s hole. Barry would then enter, and the two would double fuck him like the last pair of men did, only there was no problems about space. Finn himself was drooling at the thought, and was a bit surprised at the sensations of having a cock randomly appear in his ass.

It was fucking hot, though, and it became even hotter when Barry inserted his cock into Finn’s very loose hole. It tightened around the speedster’s cock, and then Barry began to fuck him at the same intensity he used for sucking the man off not even ten minutes ago. That felt fucking weird, having someone ram into him that fast. However, it was surprisingly not painful, as Barry had been using ball weights, and so his balls hung lower than most men’s. That meant they rarely slapped against Finn’s ass, and the few times they actually did, it just felt like a hard spank, which turned him on even more.

Cisco was having quite a bit of fun himself. To an onlooker, it was comical seeing the man thrust so far away from the body. However, Finn could definitely feel both cocks in his ass, and loved when they met and expanded his asshole. However, having a speedster fuck him meant that he came pretty quickly, and Barry covered Finn’s back in wads of thick and creamy cum, that he made sure weren’t coming out too fast. Cisco still had a few minutes left in the tank, so he ordered the other four slaves to clean his back, and the bed itself. Cisco continued to fuck Finn, and now that the asshole was all his, he thrusted even harder. Fangs, under heavy hypnosis, still had to stifle a laugh as Cisco looked like he was fucking thin air.

He came a few minutes later, vibing his dick over Finn’s face now. It was covered in copious amounts of cum, which Finn licked off his own face. Barry helped to clean the rest of his face off, his tongue a blur and his face dry in under ten seconds. This time, Finn flopped back on his bed and looked at the sight in front of him. Six nude men awaiting his every order, hypnotic spirals in their eyes at all times. Now that CinaedeFuri was on a roll, he couldn’t wait to see who he would send him next.
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Money Can’t Solve All Problems

Thaddeus G. Rockefeller, yes, one of those Rockefellers, was currently partying it up in an exclusive New York club. The cover charge was $10,000, and the whole thing screamed rich. However, this club was the brainchild of one Landon Peterson. Landon was a 26 year old, who was relatively fit, but not at the “attractive” level many guys wanted. After repeatedly finding himself stood up on dates, even one with a close “friend” from college, he decided to take matters into his own hands. He partnered with some people he had found on the black market to create an exclusive club that was actually a front for slave trading. Landon had his eyes set on Thad ever since he posted his first thirst trap on Instagram.

The plan was simple enough. Landon and his associates had done their research, and clubs like these had their patrons sign contracts so that they wouldn’t needlessly wreck the place or some shit like that. However, nestled inside this paperwork was a clause that gave away your rights as a human. Thad glanced at the paragraph, if that, as he signed and initialed the document. There were two girls he wanted to introduce him to, as their boobs were nearly bursting out of their dresses, not to mention their Kim K-like asses. Landon smiled as he saw Thad give the forms back to the bouncer.

Landon talked to the bartender through an earpiece, and told him that Thad Rockefeller was the man whose drink needed to be drugged. He complied, being an investor in the slave trade business himself. Thad never suspected a thing, and that was the whole point. The drug wasn’t a knockout drug; it actually caused Thad to get drunker than he normally would on the same amount of alcohol. That meant in just two glasses in, he was drooling sloppily at the two girls, plants by the slave trade business themselves. This job had helped pay for the surgery needed to look like that. As a result, Thaddeus was kicked out, and his limo was brought around.

As the bouncer helped him inside, Landon smiled from the front seat. Two of the goons the company employed knocked out the real driver, and Landon replaced him. As he drove away, another agent of the company discretely stripped Thad, and then moved into another part of the limo. Landon had originally planned to get him to strip in the club, but considering the fucking limo had two separate fucking hot tubs inside, having a mole inside would be safe.

Thad’s drunken stupor was slowly wearing off, and he was able to notice that he was nude.

“Driver, why I am nude?” he asked, a bit groggily.

“Because my slaves are required to be nude at all times,” said Landon, after he opened the gap.

“Slaves? Am I your slave?” he asked. He wasn’t sure if the alcohol was still messing with his head.

“Yes, you’re my slave, Thad. The paper’s right in front of you.” Thad was able to see a paper in a container hooked on the wall. He was able to understand most of it, as the drug was starting to wear off, and two drinks normally meant nothing to the hard-partying stud.

“I signed this!? But you’ll never get away with this! My parents will know when I don’t come home!”

“Oh, I plan to make it well-known that you’re my slave. Why don’t you read Section Three, Subsection B out loud?”

“As the slave is no longer legally classified as a human being, ownership reverts to the first person who signs this document.” Thad looked down and saw that on the other side of the page, right at the bottom, Landon had signed his Thomas Jefferson.

“Our lawyers say that’s a rock-solid argument for any court.”

“But I’m a Rockefeller! We can give you as much as you want!”

“Oh, I don’t want money. I just want you!” Landon made sure his new slave could see his face in the rearview mirror. He had a sly grin on his face, just as he pulled up to his apartment. “Get out,” he ordered.

“But I’m nude,” Thad replied. He had even seen a beat cop patrolling the street nearby.

“You’re a fucking piece of property, and you don’t need to be covered up. Now get out of the damn car.”

“Fine,” Thad said, stepping out into New York City in the nighttime. As he hoped, the beat cop was starting to walk down the street. He had a puzzled look on his face, but then lit up when Landon came around. He waved to the cop and escorted his new slave inside. “Do you know him?” Thad asked.

“First off, slaves don’t speak unless spoken to. And no, I don’t. My guy in the police department probably briefed him.”

“Your what!?” Thad was able to get that out before Landon spanked him on his butt. It was so hard, he dropped to his knees and cried out in pain.

“Get up, you fucking bitch.” With tears in his eyes, Thaddeus complied, and followed Landon down a flight of stairs to the basement. As Landon flicked the switch, Thad saw just what would happen in the basement. Various BDSM equipment was strewn about, along with some gym equipment. The bathroom, or more accurately the toilet, was in the middle of the room. There was no bed to speak of.

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BDSM Comic

Have you been waiting for the next post in the BDSM comic series to drop? Well, it has, but most new pics are NSFW/NSFT, and cropping or zooming in doesn’t really work either. If you want to see any new comics, consider becoming my Patron. Just $1 a month gets you access to these pics.

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Get Well Soon: Superheroes Return

Finn sat back and smiled as he finished reading the texts. CinaedeFuri had finally listened to him, and Superman and Mon-El would finally be his! He told Fangs, who had been feeding him grapes like a Roman slave, to stop, and go to his room. He did allow Reggie, who had been sucking him off, to get him to cum, which Finn did quite quickly. He dismissed the Riverdale hunk with cum leaking from between his lips as he got ready to have two superhero slaves under his control.

As he expected, they both flew in and landed on the balcony, but this time the door was open. Finn watched as they entered, still in their suits and with the distinct rainbow colored spirals in their eyes.

He smiled and then announced, “Strip.” He was already nude, and unlike a couple days ago, what he would see under the suits didn’t shock him. He just walked over to the two aliens and embraced them, breathing in their scent. They had already worshipped him before, and to be honest, it was a bit boring. So, he brought them into the bedroom for even more sexual misadventures with them.

Finn had Fangs and Reggie in the room as well, watching as this went down. Soon, he would have a small orgy with all the men under his control, but today, he wanted to focus on Clark and Mon-El. This time, the positions were switched. Superman would be sucking him off, while the Daxamite would be fucking him. It was quite erotic to the twink to see such a fucking hot stud like Superman get on his hands and knees and place a cock in his mouth.

It was clear that the extra days of training had paid off, as Clark knew how to expertly suck off a cock. While he did it much faster and stronger than Finn had ever experienced before, it felt awesome having Superman’s mouth on his cock. Naturally, he was able to deep-throat the stud, and Finn moaned in sheer delight as Superman breathed in his musk, coupled with his sweat, hiding out in his pubes. Finn still hadn’t showered yet, so the various scents of men, including cum, lingered in the air.

However, despite the erotic sight in front of him, what was happening behind him could not be ignored either. Mon-El had a much more reasonable-sized cock when compared to Superman, but it was clear that the Daxamite knew how to fuck an ass regardless. He repeatedly rammed it all the way in to the base, his balls slapping against Finn’s ass, still a bit sore from all the sex he was having recently. Mon-El also found his prostrate quickly enough, and caused Finn’s eyes to roll back for the third day in a row as he relished the sexual experiences he was having on both sides of his body.

Superman also knew how to play with his balls and perineum to really heighten the experience. Finn had been leaking pre-cum for some time, and Clark had been using his tongue to expertly lick it up. However, when Mon-El and Clark pressed on his prostrate at the same time, he could hold back no longer and came for the second time that day. Superman swallowed all of his cum, which was still white and creamy even though he had come about a half hour ago. Finn watched as Superman pulled away from his cock, with a little bit of cum leaking from his lips as well. They kissed and snowballed the cum for a bit before allowing Fangs to eat of it.

Meanwhile, Mon-El was getting ready to cum as well. CinaedeFuri had assured him that all of the men he was sending were free of STIs, and so was Finn. So, he allowed Mon-El to cum in his ass, without his condom on. The Daxamite held on to Finn’s midsection as he unleashed a torrent of cum in Finn’s ass, coating the insides of it in his alien cum. When he felt the last drops sputter out, he pulled out, bringing a fair bit of cum with him. While Clark got to work cleaning out his new Master’s hole, Finn allowed the Riverdale studs to clean Mon-El’s cock.

For the first time, Finn didn’t fall back and make out with his slaves. Instead, he stood up and looked at the four hunks in front of him. They were all his, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. His newest permanent slaves looked at him, rainbow spirals in their eyes, awaiting their next orders.

As Finn was delegating tasks back home, CinaedeFuri was in Star City. He was masquerading today as a street vendor who was selling sweets. Cisco Ramon, having a gigantic sweet tooth, bought a couple wares from the man, not realizing that the sweets were laced with a formula that would slowly bring the superhero under CinaedeFuri’s control.
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Get Well Soon: Riverdale Edition

CinaedeFuri looked at the strongly worded text Finn had sent him the day after he had sent two fucking superheroes to him. He made sure to do exactly what Finn wanted this time, and the hypnotist made his way to Riverdale, where he would bring under two seniors. The first was Fangs Fogarty, having recently escaped from the Farm. He was going to reveal exactly what the Ascension was in an exclusive with the Blue and Gold. However, he was a bit shocked when an older gentleman arrived with his camera.

“Isn’t this a student-run paper?”

“Betty hired me. I’m a professional photographer,” CinaedeFuri lied, as he got Fangs set up. He started snapping away, but Fangs noticed something was off with the camera itself. The flashes weren’t just white light, they appeared to be some sort of rainbow color. And try as he might, he just couldn’t look away. A couple minutes later, Fangs was drooling with spirals in his eyes.

“I am your Master. You will do whatever Master tells you to do.”

“You are my Master. I will do whatever Master tells me to do.” CinaedeFuri then put Fangs in the back of his van and made his way to Pop’s, specifically La Bonne Nuit. Reggie Mantle would be there, serving drinks and protecting the place. The hypnotist used that to his advantage, and brought a toy gun with him inside. Reggie naturally went to attack the man, but was shocked when he put the gun away and instead brought out a pendant. He began swaying it back and forth, as if he was trying to hypnotize him.

Surprisingly, it was working on Reggie, as he couldn’t look away. He stared at the crystal moving back and forth, and he too was quickly hypnotized.

CinaedeFuri then made sure the patrons of the speakeasy had no memory of what just happened, and then got his affairs in order.

Back in Metropolis, Finn was still recovering from his surgery. Thanks to a fantastic day of sex with two superheroes (see yesterday’s post), he knew his knee was almost healed, but he milked it for as long as he could. The doorbell rang yet again and another care package was dropped off. However, Finn recognized the two mailmen this time. It was Reggie Mantle and Fangs Fogarty, two of the hottest men from the hit reality show, Riverdale. That town was totally fucked up.

A similar note from last time was in the bag, but Finn neglected to read it as he passionately made out with the two hunks. He stumbled back into his living room and cleared off his couch. Clothes were ripped off, and a couple minutes later, the three of them were stark naked. Finn had thought about worship, but he knew that these two were his, forever. The two superheroes needed a little more conditioning, but these regular humans would do just fine. He once again looked over the men before giving them their commands.

“I want you to both suck me off at the same time, and then I want you to double penetrate me.”

“Yes, Master,” the two Riverdale hunks dreamily replied, as they dropped to their knees. Reggie put his mouth on Finn’s cock first and began sucking it. Finn’s eyes rolled to the back of his head as Reggie gave him the best blowjob of his life. He was brought back to reality when he felt the air touch his cock again, but looked down and saw Fangs take a stab, rivaling Reggie for the best suck in town.

The two went back and forth, covering Finn’s dick in their spit and and breathing in his cock smell. Thanks to some goading by Finn, the two eventually tag-teamed different parts of the body, with Reggie sucking him off while Fangs squeezed on his balls, for example. Finn himself had to drop to his knees as he was getting so turned on by the sight, he barely stand up straight. He soon felt himself ready to cum, and told the two seniors to literally put their heads together.

Finn jerked himself off and then unleashed a sea of cum onto the two studs’ faces, painting them white. He had a lot come out, having not cum in case CinaedeFuri pulled something like this again. He cleaned the cum off their eyes, but Finn wanted the rest of the cum to stay on Reggie and Fangs’ faces as they fucked him.

Thankfully, he wasn’t getting a Super-cock up his ass this time, so normal condoms would suffice, and the two slipped them on. After they lubed themselves up, they were ready to insert their cocks into Finn’s ready hole. It was a tight fit squeezing them both in there, and Finn moaned in sheer pleasure as his ass finally expanded to fit both of the cocks. He moaned even louder as the two began fucking him, and he felt both of their cocks move inside him at the same time.

Reggie and Fangs quickly got into a rhythm, and were able to fuck Finn as hard they normally would if they weren’t sharing a hole with another cock. While Finn’s prostrate was a bit far away, and with it the accompanying ball-slapping, Reggie’s old dickish persona resurfaced for a bit, and the two Riverdale hunks soon began slapping Finn’s ass. He felt an intense rush of pleasure as his ass was being violated and abused by two hot studs.

A few minutes later, the two were getting ready to cum. “Cum all over me!” announced Finn, flipping over so they could get it on his face and chest. And they covered both of those areas in copious amounts of their cum, with Finn being able to even swallow some of it as it flew out! When the two of them were finally done cumming, they collapsed onto the couch, in a pile of jizz and sweat. Finn just took it all in and realized that he had two wonderful hypnotized slaves at his disposal.

The next morning, Finn woke up in bed, with Reggie. They both reeked of sex, indicating that they probably did it, a lot, last night. It also meant that CinaedeFuri had kept his end of the bargain. He made his way into the kitchen where Fangs was making breakfast. He was nude, except for an apron, so Finn got to enjoy the sight of his cute bubble butt as he cooked bacon. The Serpent then plated it and handed it to his Master, untying his apron as well.

“Don’t forget the special sauce,” Fangs said, as he gesticulated to a small Tupperware container full of his cum. Finn just smiled, and wondered just who CinaedeFuri would send him next time.

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