Farm Hands

Jeb and Gary were stoked as they made their way to the employment agency. They were best friends who both dropped out of college after Jeb’s dad died suddenly. They were able to make do in the world without a college degree, but finances kept increasing, and they needed a high-paying and stable job. A position for two male ranch hands practically fell on their laps while doing their most recent job search, and the two quickly made their way to the agency.

When they arrived, Jeb and Gary were led into a secluded office, where they were asked to go shirtless. They obliged, and picked up various objects corresponding to the weights of normal farm objects, like a bale of hay. They passed all of those tests with flying colors.

“Jeb, Gary, we are happy to inform you that you both have the job if you so desire. The starting pay is $25 an hour. We just need you to sign these contracts wherever there is a tab, and you can start immediately,” said the employment agency employee.

“Sweet!” Jeb said, and the two men grabbed a pen and got to work signing. There were a shitton of forms to sign, but the two would never pass up an opportunity to make $25 an hour! Once all the paperwork was signed, Jeb and Gary were given instructions on how to get to the farm, and the two made their way to their new place of employment.

“Are all contracts supposed to be that complex?” asked Gary, on the way there.

“The higher the pay, the more complex it gets. It’s just a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo these bigger corporations want you to sign so they’re not culpable.”

“But aren’t we working on a farm?”

“Owned by a corporation, you dipshit! You could have at least glanced at the letterhead!” Jed scoffed. However, looking at the contract a bit more would have been very helpful to those two men. An hour or so later, they arrived at the farm. A fit young adult male greeted them at the fence.

“Howdy! My name’s Buck. You must be Gary and Jeb. Now who’s who?”

“I’m Gary,” said the guy in the blue-checkered shirt, which meant that Jeb was in the grey/green colored shirt.

“Okay! If you two would just follow me to the stables. That’s where you’ll be spending most of your time.”

“I thought we had signed up for generalized labor,” said Jeb. “Not that I don’t mind just working in one place.”

“Oh no, silly! That’s because you two men will be our newest horses!” said Buck, without a hint of irony.

“What the fuck?” asked Gary. “What do you mean, horses? Like workhorses?”

“No, like actual horses. We haven’t had two men as muscular as you in a while.”

“I’m out!” announced Jeb, who turned around and started to walk back to the car.

“I can’t stop you,” explained Buck, “but if you leave, it’s breach of contract. And then we’ll force you to become a horse, amongst other things I legally cannot mention yet.”

“Fucking shit,” replied Jeb, turning around. “Let’s just get this the fuck over with.” The three men made their way to the stables. When Buck opened the big wooden doors, the two men were in for quite a shock. All of the stalls were filled with men just like them, only they looked like horses. All of them had tails going out of their butts, and some even had tattoos or skin colorings that looked like horses. As they made their way to their stalls, they heard the men neigh and whimper. They couldn’t even speak English anymore.

“And here we are. Jeb, and Gary,” he said, as he gesticulated to stalls across from each other. “Brandon will be by in a few minutes to get your saddle and other accoutrements ready and fitted.” Gary had an imagine spot about what life would be like for him and Jeb now.

“Oh, and don’t forget to strip naked before Brandon comes!” added Buck, as he happily walked back through the stables, checking on the other horses. Now, Jeb and Gary had seen each other naked, but only in short glances and when it was unavoidable. Now, the nature of the stalls meant the two would be staring at either an ass or a cock for quite some time.

When Brandon finally arrived, it was worse than what Gary could have ever imagined. The mouth pieces were pretty much the same, but an actual saddle was fitted for their back, and various dildos were shoved into their asshole, trying to figure out what kind of horses these men would be. Thankfully, they didn’t need to be painted or do any shit like that, but their names were written down in a big booklet next to the other men with the type of horse they were.

Gary’s first practice run the next day was uneventful. However, he had no chance of escape due to the intricate way the saddle was set up. While there was a seat for the riders, the tails of the saddle that wrapped around the stomach also extended to the legs and arms. It locked the human into making L-shapes with both their arms and legs. The upper joints, the shoulders and hips, were still movable, but the elbows and knees were stuck. Both Gary and Jeb passed their initial training, and both had actual paying riders the next day.

The initial contract didn’t lie. On paper, they were being paid $25 an hour. However, after taxes and other expenses, like security tapes being destroyed, they were only making about $5 an hour, if that. And there was nothing Jeb and Gary could do about it, as if they did manage to escape, they would be brought back and forcefully indoctrinated, and their pay would become nonexistent.
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Andrew was quite excited as he poured over the list of names who had made it on the varsity lacrosse team this semester. There he was, on second string! He had been training ever since he was seven to make the varsity lacrosse team, and now his dreams were finally coming true! However, their practices were a bit different than what he was used to. It began with a two mile run around the field, followed by a bevy of drills and going over basic information. Once the formal practice was over, the captains told all the guys to stay behind.

“As you know, hazing is technically illegal. However, we are quite careful to respond boundaries, to an extent, and so we want to see all you newbies at my house Friday evening. If you don’t, then say good-bye to even playing in a game.” The captain who spoke was Joshua Hollingscourt, one of the richest and preppiest kids at their school. While his dad was a major benefactor for the team, he could still play lacrosse pretty damn well!

The rest of the week was equally torturous at practice. Andrew had to get used to running at least two miles every day, and practically ran a half marathon daily after they had finished all the drills. What kept him going during the week was the hazing he was going to be subject to. He hadn’t told anyone on his team yet that he was gay. And there were quite a few newbies that were insanely fucking hot, and he would love to see them in their underwear, or better yet, naked!

That Friday, Andrew arrived at Joshua’s house at about ten in the evening. He had given them enough time to shower and eat before coming here, showing his more benevolent side. However, that pretense was quickly dropped when Andrew was forced to strip down to his underwear in the foyer. He was wearing an Andrew Christian brief that showed off his sizable package, but as he walked into the living room, he saw that his fellow teammates mostly had on boxers or boxer briefs. A couple more of his teammates arrived, and then Joshua and his fellow captains went to change.

They then stood in front of the newbies in monk-like robes, that partially obscured their faces. However, it was clear who was who. “Welcome, men, to the varsity level of lacrosse. As you might have experienced this week, the game at this level is no cakewalk. If you can survive tonight, then you will be ready for the rest of the season. Michael!” he announced. One of his fellow captains then gave each of the hazees a form that listed what would be done to them today. A small section at the beginning was something that everyone needed to do, but after that, you were free to chose which ones you wanted. A big message at the top explained the more you chose, the more the captains would like you.

Andrew naturally checked all of the boxes, until the very end, when it got into coprophilia and some really fucked-up shit. He assumed the captains didn’t want to do that either, so he felt comfortable that he had chosen the most. Michael then collected all the sheets up, and the third captain, Bruce, went to input the results into a spreadsheet. While Bruce did that, the newbies were forced to go on their hands and knees, in a bridge position. They all knew what would be coming next, as Michael and Joshua brought down two paddles from the wall. Each guy got twenty smacks, but they weren’t all at once. Instead, Michael and Joshua went down the row, slapping an ass, and then moving on. When that was done, the newbies were forced to stand up.

Michael and Josh then surveyed the bulges. Most were still flaccid, a couple had chuffed up a little bit, but Andrew’s appropriately named underwear was straining from the massive boner that it now contained. “I think someone likes this a bit too much, right, Mikey?”

“Yeah, Josh, I think we have ourselves our very own team slut!”

“Andrew, right? Come with me. Everyone else, Michael has your next punishment ready.” Josh led Andrew down the hallway, past Bruce at the computer and into another room, one with a large bed. He assumed this was the master bedroom. “Change into the clothes on the bed.”

“Yes, sir,” Andrew replied. That was one of the things everyone needed to do, call the captains Sir. Andrew then changed into a slightly more slutty lacrosse uniform. “What do I do now, sir?” Josh had been bent over, looking under the bed. He came up with a jockstrap cup, oddly with straps around it, but not from the actual jockstrap itself. Josh then attached it over Andrew’s nose, and turned a lever on the side of the strap that forced it to be stuck on Andrew’s face.

“What!?” Andrew then muttered, words muffled by the jock on his face. This was turning him on, but as he continued to breathe in the scent of the cup, something was changing inside of him. He felt more submissive, like he wanted someone else to be in control. He also felt himself becoming dumber as well. He was a straight-A student, but now, he could barely remember how to spell lacrosse, let alone do complex math or write essays. And finally, he felt himself becoming much more horny than ever before. Already having grabbed his crotch earlier, he began to jerk off in front of Joshua brazenly, not caring that he was trying to hide his sexuality for the time being.

“Fuck, it actually worked!” said Joshua, staring at the jock in front of him who couldn’t even remember his own name by now. His eyes had taken to staring at Josh’s well-developed chest, partially exposed by the monk robes. “The Scent of the Lacrosse God actually fucking worked!” He sent a quick email blast to Coach, explaining that the subject this year finally took, and then went off to tell his co-captains. He gathered everyone in the living room, even Andrew, who looked like he was heaven from all the nude bodies in the room at the moment.

“As Michael playfully mentioned earlier, Andrew here is most likely gay. However, he was also the first guy in ages to fall under control of the Lacrosse Gods. He is going to be our team slut. He won’t play in any games or anything, but whenever you need a hole to fuck or a mouth to suck your cock, he’s your guy. And if the tomes are correct, he’ll do anything you ask, within legal limits.”

“Sweet!” said Lucian. A out and proud bisexual, he had been eyeing Andrew all week as well, and wanted a taste of him. “May I, sir?” he asked.

“Yeah. Anyone who wants Andy can stay. The rest of you are free to leave.” Lucian, of course, stayed, and a few other guys did. However, the rest of them left. Lucian then motioned for Andrew to crawl over to him. He did so, and then got on his knees and began to suck off Lucian. It was clear that whatever mind control or magic he was under, it turned him into an excellent cocksucker, with Andrew’s natural skills at it already only an added bonus. Lucian moaned and groaned as Andrew skillfully licked his cock, getting into his piss slit as well. He fondled his balls, and even made a sucking noise, like a lollipop, with Lucian’s cockhead, which almost caused one of the other guys to nut without even touching his cock.

Lucian quickly got lost in the heavenly sensations, and was rudely brought back when he began convulsing from cumming. Surprisingly, Andrew caught quite a lot of it on his face, and then Lucian fed him the rest. Andrew had quite a bit of fun the rest of the night. Coach had worked with the school to allow Andrew to stay, but transferred him into the lowest level courses. His parents were informed of the change as well, but since they had already disowned him for being gay, that was a non-issue. And the rest of the season went very well. Thanks to the on-team outlet for sexual frustration, the lacrosse team made it all the way to the national championship that year. They won, and in a surprising turn of events, the team’s MVP, which they voted for, was a player who had barely even touched the field all year, if at all.
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Hypno Hat

Nicky loved triggers that were a bit out there, or not used a lot. One of his favorites was the cap back method, in which he turned a guy’s hat around, and turned him into his mindless sex slut. He had most recently done this with his good friend, Mark. The two worked out at the same gym, in the gay part of town. Their gym uniforms were a bit more risqué, but not totally bizarre. Anyways, Nicky approached Mark after a grueling workout one day.

“You know how I dabble in hypnosis a little, right?”

“Yeah, man. I heard there’s a course at the local community college.”

“Right. And I need a subject. I promise you we won’t do any weird shit. Just basic control stuff.”

“Fine. But just this once.”

“Deal.” Nicky was excited. He had always wanted to hypnotize Mark, and do something else with him. Nicky’s college course was actually Erotic Hypnosis, and their “teacher” had hypnotized the dean into giving them actual classroom space. Mark didn’t need to know this, and so he showed up excited to help his best friend out.

The teacher then explained to the budding hypnotists what they would be doing today. “Today we are working on vocal hypnosis with an added trigger. After the initial hypnotic session, you can bring your client or SO under your control without even speaking.” Mark was a bit scared, but he knew that Nicky would never abuse the trigger, and he could easily take it away. He fell under Nicky’s control easily, and once everyone was under, the instructor spoke up again, this time with a devilish grin on his face.

“I hope you brought the person you want to fuck today. Do your vocal hypnosis script, but add what I’ve written on the blackboard to the end. Of course, make it personal.”

“Mark, you will desire me whenever I mention your trigger, ‘Kwanzaa’. You will want to fuck me and suck me off, and you will be under my complete control. You will also be my slave if your cap gets turned backwards. You will still be my slave, though, if someone else does it. Wake up.” Mark blinked a few times, and he and Nicky chatted about the session. He didn’t remember anything at all, which was what Nicky wanted.

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Mr. Steal Your Girl

Lionel was having the time of his life. Having turned eighteen recently, his whole life turned around for the better. He was made star quarterback of the football team, and he was acing all of his classes. He also had a smoking hot girlfriend, Natalie. The only problem was that Natalie actually wasn’t just Lionel’s girlfriend. She was also dating a college freshmen, Vance, who also played football, but was a linebacker. Nat was in college as well, and she hoped that the paths of the two would never cross, as both fucked her pretty damn well!

Her plan fell apart one weekend when she went out of town for a wedding. Friday night, Lionel posted a picture of a massive rager and tagged his girlfriend in it, captioning it, “I wish you were here with me, beau!” What he didn’t know was that one of Vance’s football buddies was also there, and happened to be scrolling through Instagram posts attached to this geolocation. He saw the picture, and the tag, and then went off to a quiet corner to call Vance.

“Hey, man, where’s Nat this weekend?”

“She’s at her sister’s wedding. No dates, very small affair. Why?”

“I think she’s two-timing you, dude. Check out the pic I sent you.” Vance opened up the DM and saw Lionel’s picture, and the tag for Natalie’s very distinct handle.

“That fucking bitch! Have you seen him at the party yet?”

“Yeah, he’s having the fuckin’ time of his life.”

“Good. I want him in Room 696 by the end of this week.”

“You got it.” The two then hung up. Vance made sure to log on to the college’s website and book that room. The college, quite progressive, blocked off a room on every floor for sex, so roommates could sleep and not have to worry about a late night booty call. Meanwhile, Lionel and Vance’s buddy hit it off, and they exchanged numbers. He said he would treat Lionel with a surprise at the end of the week. He said he needed time to get his fake ID ready, but he had his ulterior motives.

That Friday, Vance’s friend picked him up in his car after practice. He didn’t have time to change, as the afternoon bouncer was the one that let the fake IDs slide. He gave Lionel a sip of his beer for some liquid courage. However, the beer was also laced with an extremely potent knockout drug, and just a few seconds later, Lionel slumped down in the backseat. He arrived at the college, and he and Vance dragged Lionel’s heavy body up to the sixth floor. The friend then left as Vance got to work.

Lionel sluggishly woke up an hour or so later. Or so he thought. His eyes were open, but all he was seeing was darkness. He tried to scream, but found out something was in my mouth. He tried spitting it out, but it was no use. Then he heard someone talking.

Vance then grabbed a vibrator that Nat had kept in his dorm room and pushed it up against Lionel’s cock. He smiled as the high school senior moaned and writhed as his cock was being violated through layers of fabric. He continued to do so until Lionel was rock hard, and then pulled it away. He then turned Lionel on his side, and ripped his uniform pants open. They were the cheap practice ones, though, but Vance enjoyed the sounds of it tearing nonetheless. He then decided which dildo to penetrate this guy’s ass with.

He had got an assortment of them from his gay classmates. He picked a large one that was relatively smooth. He lubed it up, and then started to shove it into Lionel’s ass. Lionel moaned and thrashed about, but it was no use. Vance continued to shove the dildo up his ass, and it fucking hurt. Lionel had never been anally penetrated before, even by his own finger. Vance enjoyed watching the virgin asshole expand to sizes it never thought possible.

Once it was in to the balls, he began to fuck Lionel with it. It was much larger than his cock, or even Horse-cock Harold’s, so Lionel would get the most torture from this. Vance dared not pull out, as he didn’t know if Lionel could take another assault, and he only wanted to go so far. He continued fucking his unwilling slave with a dildo for another few minutes, and then finally pulled out. He didn’t rosebud, like some of his gay buddies had warned him about, but the dildo was covered in a whole bunch of his ass juices.

He unclipped Lionel’s ball gag, which he promptly spit out. However, it was quickly replaced by the dildo. Of course, Lionel could barely fit the whole thing in his mouth, but Vance just wanted him to taste the ass juices. The sheer size of it meant he had to. He then let it drop to the ground as he got ready for the next portion of Lionel’s torture.

“Who the fuck are you and what the fuck are you doing to me?”

“Does the name Natalie Figaroua mean anything to you?”

Lionel was going to respond, but then he felt a dick go into his mouth. He tried to push it out with his tongue, but it was no use. This dude also had his hands on the back of his head, and Lionel’s own hands were all tied up. Vance forced Lionel to suck him off. It was a bit painful, as Lionel had learned to use his teeth early on, but that pain was a small price to pay for what would come later.

As a result, he pulled out of Lionel’s mouth fairly quickly. Lionel started to scream again, so the ball gag went back in, as he slipped a condom onto his dick. He lubed it up, and then inserted it into Lionel’s ass, already loose from the dildo. Vance didn’t think it was going to be this easy, as his cock slid right in up to his balls. Lionel was moaning and crying out that his ass was being violated, but Vance didn’t care. Lionel’s ass then closed around his dick, and he began to fuck him for real.

Vance had never fucked a man’s ass before, but it was surprisingly like a pussy. He loved pulling his dick out and slapping a girl’s vagina. The ass was a bit boring, but it was apparently a lot more sensitive, as Lionel yelped in pain every time he did that. Vance continued plowing the high school senior until he was ready to cum. He had been conflicted on whether to cum on the dude’s face or in his ass, but he decided on Lionel’s ass. Lionel screamed in fear as he felt Vance’s cum being deposited in his ass. Vance then pulled out and quickly made his way over to Lionel’s mouth. He forced him to suck him clean.

Soon after, he untied the top most piece of Lionel’s torture, allowing his body to move again. However, Vance quickly turned him upside down, so that he was laying on his stomach with his ass and mouth exposed. He then attached that to a hook from the ceiling, and sent out a text blast. “Free guy pussy and mouth in Hawkins 696. Revenge for being with my girl. Gays, straights, y’all welcome!” Vance waited for the first group of guys, who arrived at the room shirtless, and commando too. Lionel would never fuck with his girl again after this.
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Kenjie arrived at the photographer’s place of business. It was a quaint little joint at the back of the mall. He would have been scared to enter, but considering Vic got top billing on the sign outside, he wasn’t worried. He sat down in the waiting room and looked around. He found it a bit odd that the rest of the people were guys just like him. Most were fit Asians wearing loose and baggy clothing, so that Vic could change them into more attractive and sexy clothes.

A few men had gone in before it was time for Kenjie. He never realized that the men who entered never actually came out. He had assumed there was another door, but a quick look at the mall’s schematics on one of their directories showed otherwise. Kenjie walked in the white-walled room and saw Vic in-person for the first time.

“You must be Kenjie de Guzman. Pleasure to meet you.”

“You as well, sir.”

“So, you want a modeling portfolio at the reduced rate, is that correct?”

“Yeah, that’s why I came today.”

“Good. We’ll start off with some shirtless photos. Take your shirts and pants off and choose a pair from the pile here. Knock on this door once you’re done.” Vic then gesticulated to a door, which he promptly walked through. Kenjie then stripped and chose a nice pair of maroon-colored sweats. He knocked on the door, and Vic walked out, camera in hand.

“Love it!” he announced. He posed Kenjie for the first picture, and then began flashing away.

What Kenjie failed to realize was the flashes were going quicker than Vic’s ability to snap pictures. As he moved around the room, he continued to stare at the camera, falling more and more under Vic’s control. A few minutes later, Vic snapped his last pic and set the camera down.

“Who’s a good model boy for Master?”

“I am, sir!” Kenjie replied, oblivious to his fate.

“Good boy. Follow me.” Kenjie followed his new Master out the room using the same door Vic had walked through earlier. Kenjie hadn’t been able to see through it earlier, so he didn’t know that Vic had enslaved each aspiring model that entered his shop today. He led Kenjie to the next open room and told him to sit in the chair. He turned the TV on, and went back for his new client.

Kenjie watched as the TV played an endless loop of a spiral, further cementing Vic’s control over him. As the video explained, he would be a mindless puppet of Vic’s, under his every whim and desire. He would whore himself out for modeling gigs, and Vic would see the cash. Kenjie never thought his life would change this drastically from a photoshoot that only cost him $20.

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I fucking hate my father. I know, he’s my own flesh and blood, I’ll always have a connection to him, but I hate him. It all started when I was 18, and decided not to go to college. My dad was always a big proponent of college, and ever since my mom left, it was college or leave. However, I showed Dad there could be a happy medium as I had a sizable income stream from my Patreon. Once I saved up enough money, I would move out and apply to jobs in the real world. He begrudgingly agreed, but added a counterpoint that I had to take one class at our local community college. I agreed, knowing that there were a bunch of cool and interesting courses to take.

One that caught my eye was “Hypnosis in the Real World”. An actual hypnotist would be teaching that class, and it guaranteed you would become a master hypnotist, or your next class at the college was free. I applied for that and also a personal finance course, so my dad would be happy. I arrived to my first day of class to find a wide variety of people. Apparently, there was no block on classroom size, but Prof. Legrande would weed them out on the first day. I learned my first lesson, that to be a good hypnotist, you had to be susceptible to it yourself. I was, and along with about 30 other people, remained in the class.

Legrande spent the first few classes explaining the basics and working on our resistance to hypnosis. It was actually quite easy, and by the time a third of the course had gone by, the professor couldn’t hypnotize us anymore. The rest of the class was where we got into the real juicy stuff. We learned how to hypnotize through our eyes, our voice, and even what we write. I ate it all up, knowing what my endgame was going to be. I was excited when I passed the course at the end of the semester, hypnotizing the registrar into giving me an A.

That winter break, I decided to put my skills to the ultimate test. I knew that eye-based hypnosis would never work, and my father had no desire to read through a massive wall of text. The longest book he ever read was an interesting thread on Twitter. So, I knew that voice was my only option, and left a convincing voicemail that would bring my dad under completely. The overarching theme was that I was in an accident, I was all right, yadda yadda yadda. However, when I arrived home safe and sound later that night, my dad was waiting for me in the hallway, like I asked.

“Hello, Master Dean. How may I serve you today?”

“Daddybot should strip naked in the hallway right now.”

“Yes, Master.” I had hypnotized him to only respond to Daddybot, a secret fetish of mine. I watched as he stripped down to nothing. I had seen in his underwear before, but he only wore loose boxers, so I never got to see the dick my father was packing. I can see why Mom chose him, with those massive balls and sizable dick.

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Special Fan

“Don’t forget to like and subscribe, bitches! See you next week for the next video in the ‘Mitch Pranks Unsuspecting College Students!’ series!” The screen cut to black and started to autoplay the next video as this photo was seared into viewer’s minds.

For this video, he had invited a frat to his house with a pool, and told them they could hold a massive rager there. The only problem was that it wasn’t actually his house, and the hidden cameras he had set up caught the real owners aghast at what had happened, and the police arresting the members of the frat. Their bail was posted not long after the video went live, by one of the frat brothers’ real-life brother.

“Who’s the little shit that did this to you?” asked Val, the younger brother. He was a college sophomore, who was also a licensed hypnotist.

“It was MitchPranks on Youtube,” his brother replied, as they filled out some paperwork.

“Perfect,” Val said. He made a Youtube account later that day and found Mitch’s account. A new feature Youtube was beta-testing allowed content creators to message each other directly. Val did that, sending Mitch an idea for a possible prank. However, that message was also laced with hypnotic suggestions. When he got the end of the message, Mitch clicked on a link, which sent him to a page with a bright black and red spiral on it. Val loved his symbolism. A few minutes later, he received a text from an unknown number with this picture.

Val had hypnotized him into falling out of hypnosis as he snapped the nude selfie of himself. However, a quick call to that number and Mitch’s trigger word put him right back under again. Val then connected his brother to the call, who passed the phone to the frat’s leader.

“Listen here, you little shit. For spring break, the frat’s going down to Punta Cana. You’ll be coming with us, and you’ll pay for all our tickets. When we get there, you’ll whore yourself out to the locals and all the gay guys who want to fuck a YouTuber or just some relatively attractive guy. Of course, we’ll charge for it, but you won’t see a dime. We’ll also leave you down there, and Val will lift you out of hypnosis, only you’ll remember everything that happened this week. Understood?”

“Yes, I understand all of my commands,” replied Mitch, in a dreamy and lilting voice. The frat then ended their portion of the call, and Val got to work ensuring Mitch would be prepared for the trip.

Spring break rolled around, and that Monday, Mitch posted this selfie, on orders of Val, of course.

“I’m down in Punta Cana, bitches! Click this link to find out more!” Mitch had a sizable social media following as well, so there was a lot of traffic on the webpage that detailed how Mitch was going to be a slut in this vacation town for the whole week. The post spread like wildfire through gay Twitter and the like, and the members of the frat guarding his room today were excited at the sizable line starting to form.

The men were only allowed to each fuck Mitch or have him suck them off, to save time. Of course, you could hop back in line and pay for both, which quite a few people did. And the men did not hold back. Mitch was an anal virgin, and had never even stuck a finger up his ass before. However, he acted like his hole was gaping open during sex, as his hypnosis told him to. He also got very good at cock-sucking, a totally new experience to the straight white male. Many of the gay guys were amazed that Mitch was just able to suck away, and he was able to deep-throat some of the longest cocks by day two, which was a shock even to Val.

The Youtuber had been used and abused the past week by a number of total strangers. The frat counted up their money Saturday, and they made over $100,000 just by whoring out Mitch. However, today was going to be a special day for Mitch. There would be not paying clients today. The frat would get their revenge on the man that nearly got them kicked out of college. Val’s brother called him up, and he put under Mitch under an entirely new trance, turning him into an unwilling bottom slave. The frat then tied up the scared Youtuber and began to fuck him.

First up was the frat’s leader. Unlike in most frats, the leader was not elected. Instead, it was whoever had the largest cock size. The current leader’s cock topped off at a massive foot long, something the frat had never seen before, and Mitch had never felt before. He felt the pain this time as the frat leader’s cock pushed his way into his asshole, even bulging against his stomach wall when he was all the way in. He then pulled all the way and rammed himself all the way back in, causing Mitch to cry out in pain. The leader then bent forward and grabbed Mitch’s spiked blonde hair. He pulled it so he was looking straight ahead, only for a cock from another frat member to enter his mouth.

The frat guys then tag-teamed the Youtuber, always making sure there was a cock in his ass and his mouth at the same time. Mitch had started to cry, but that only added to the guys’ amusement. As an added punishment, the guys also deposited their cum in Mitch’s ass and throat, causing him to leak cum by the end of the day. The room reeked of sex and BO as well, but many of the guys found that to be a major turn-on, and some were even able to cum twice in poor Mitch. That night, they left him there in a bed of his sweat and cum as they went to the final party of the week, where they all slept with some hot girls.

The next day, Mitch woke up in a haze. He barely remembered last night. He then got a phone call from a number he had talked to recently. It was, of course, Val, bringing him out of hypnosis. The fog was lifted, but he wished it hadn’t. All the memories came flooding back to him, of how he was used and abused by tons of men this week. He then looked down and saw the soaked bedsheets and literal inches of caked-on cum. He knew someone had to pay, but that would be difficult. He had no phone and no wallet, and no clothes to boot. He looked in the drawers to find anything to wear. The only thing he found was a skimpy g-string, right next to some stationary with the frat’s letterhead.

“Those bitches are going to pay,” he said. He made his way to the beach, and after suffering through a ridiculous amount of cat-calls, found someone who both knew him, but not enough that they knew he had been a slut that week. He posted another selfie on his social media, wearing sunglasses that the frat allowed him to keep as well.

He explained his predicament, and directed fans to his PayPal account. However, he watched as a bunch of negative comments rolled in. Quite a few directed him to a Pornhub video. He clicked on it, and saw himself there, smiling as a massive black linebacker impaled his ass. The video had reached the news cycle as well, with a bunch of headlines flashing at the top of the fan’s phone as Mitch watched the video. His reputation was ruined as he handed the phone back to the fan.
from Tumblr