For Old Times’ Sake

I was looking at my virtual photo album, checking out headshots of hot men I had hypnotized in years past. Remember this hunk?

Pietro Boselli, the hunky math teacher and model? Ooh, but those eyes, baby, those eyes look fucking awful! I can’t believe I ever decided on using them! But at least once they’re hypnotized, the spiral eyes go away.

And look here!

Roberto Portales, or RJ, as he likes to go by now. And oh my fucking god, why did I decide to change to those spirals!? They look fucking awful, but hey, at least I don’t have to look at them anymore. That got me thinking back to a time when I had the two of them fuck. Yeah, when you have a cabal of hot men to pick and choose from, you find some pretty hot pairings.

I was in my “craft” room, secretly a viewing room with a one-way mirror installed. And before any of y’all bitch about privacy, I’m controlling two straight men and forcing them to fuck for my pleasure, so that should be the least of your concerns! But back to the action. Both men were naked, like usual, and were passionately making out. I remember I had somewhere to be that day, so instead of them having each other suck the other off first, they went straight to fucking. I could literally watch them suck a dick another time.

Pietro bottomed first, laying on his back and holding his legs back. RJ lubed up his cock and inserted it into Pietro’s ass. Now, he did have a condom on, but I think that detracts from the fun, like this. So, Pietro has a dick in his ass now and he’s moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat. This isn’t the first time he’s taken a cock up that nice pink hole of his, but RJ is a bit wider than most men, and of course longer than average.

He has an almost animalistic way of fucking, not caring about the other person involved. RJ just rams his cock into Pietro’s hole, not caring about hitting his prostrate or his balls slapping against Pietro’s ass. But Pietro is loving this too, and the moans change from pain to enjoyment. I watch his cock continue to leak some pre-cum. RJ takes his fingers and rubs it across the tip, savoring his buddy’s pre.

Another minute or so passed, and then Pietro puts his legs down, and the two men switch. Condoms, lube, yada yada yada, but the part I loved was that RJ had a hairy ass. I mean, like bear hairy. It was a bit funny watching Pietro spread the dude’s asscheeks to try and find his hole. But it was easy, because RJ, he’s a total bottom slut. His asshole is wide and sloppy, and it wasn’t painful for RJ to get a dick up his ass much longer than his.

He loved it, even though he was on his stomach and his cock was pressed up against the bed. It strained to get hard as Pietro fucked the dude like he was a two-bit whore. Ooh, how I love the Western Europeans and their carnal approach to sex. Pietro was also rougher with RJ, physically slapping his ass and pulling him up the hair. RJ was absolutely loving it, and he had caused quite a big stain on the sheets.

Pietro continued on for a few minutes, before he threw the condom halfway across the room and started furiously jacking off. “I’m about to fuckin’ cum!” he announced. RJ quickly joined him, and the two came seconds apart. It looked like a geyser of cum had erupted in the middle of my bedroom. That’s not a sight you see everyday. Once the two stopped cumming, they fed each other cum, not knowing which was theirs. I came from that scene, and by now, I bet you did too.

That was a hot memory to think about. I wonder if @grant-spiraltf would like it too? I think I remember him asking for a scene like this many, many years ago.
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All the Hemsworths

It had been a tough month for Liam. He had publicly broken up with Miley, and privately, he had been turned down for two roles, both in big name movies. Chris and Luke weren’t too busy shooting, and decided to cheer up Liam by having a guys’ weekend and binging a comedy series. Luke had heard great things about The Good Place, so the three brothers plopped themselves in front of the TV, sprawled out on their couch in just their boxers, and pressed play.

The experience was cathartic for Liam, who quickly loosened up and was cackling along with his bros. But they were in for a shock when Season 3 introduced another Hemsworth brother, Larry. Of course, he was fake, but all three brothers were befuddled at how nobody had ever told them about this before. Liam decided to invite him over, well, the actor who played their brother. Ben Lawson was excited to finally meet his on-screen brothers, and he knew the Good Place fans would get a good kick out of this.

“Ben, it’s a pleasure to finally meet you!” Liam announced, as he greeted the actor.

“Same here, Liam! Are Chris and Luke here?”

“Yeah. We’re all sitting at the dining room table and chatting. You know Chris, all of his meals need to be perfectly calibrated for his body. We’ll be eating in an hour or so.”

“Fantastic!” Ben said, and so was introduced to the other two Hemsworth brothers. As he sat down, he tapped on his pocket to make sure the pill was still there. He would be using that tonight, but first, he needed something from at least one Hemsworth brother. He suffered through a fair bit of conversation until it was natural to excuse himself to go to the bathroom.

Ben searched the bathroom and soon found it. “I guess stylists don’t always touch their hair,” he said to himself, holding a brush in front of his face. He picked off a few hairs and placed them in the pill baggie, which he then crushed up and mixed together. He then left the bathroom and popped into the dining room to tell the men that he needed to tell the chef about a dietary restriction.

In reality, he slipped the chef a big wad of cash to put this specific garnish on his food, and his only. The chef was a bit puzzled, especially since there was literal hair in it, but he couldn’t pass up that money, and worked it into Ben’s dish so that it was practically invisible. The other Hemsworth brothers never suspected a thing, and Luke introduced a lively dinner conversation about recent surgical developments for the penis.

The dinner party finished a couple hours later, and Ben shook the hands of all three Hemsworth brothers. As he clasped Chris’, the last of the three, there was a blinding flash of light. Ben smiled, as he had successfully collected hairs from all three brothers. Nothing outwardly changed when the light disappeared, but the first words out of Chris’ mouth showed the dramatic world change that had just happened.

“Sorry you need to go, Larry. But it was a fun guys’ weekend, the four of us. We need to do this again, some time soon.”

“Yeah we should, bro.” Ben, now Larry, waved goodbye to his brothers as he closed the door. As he walked to his car, he looked himself up on Wikipedia. Larry Hemsworth was no longer just a joke on some TV show; he had a fleshed-out acting history and had dated a string of famous women. Ben no longer existed in the world. He just smiled to himself as his phone lit up. Apparently, some big-breasted hooker was waiting in a seedy motel nearby. Oh, how Larry loved his new life!

Story requested by @grant-spiraltf
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Helping Himbos

Coach Bradley heard the news at the most recent board meeting. They were planning on getting rid of all of the sports teams. Quite a bit of the district’s money went into them, and there were no results. Not one team had won a trophy in the past four years. The only team to even make it to the playoffs was football, three years ago, and they got crushed, hard, by the opposing team. Bradley knew he had to find a way to save the athletics program, and he needed to find it quickly.

He put out an SOS on a coaches’ forum he was a part of. A couple hours later, he got a PM from one of the coaches he frequently saw commenting.

“I think I have the solution to your problem.” Attached was a link to a hastily written memo, presumably by a coach or someone in the athletic field. It was painful to read, but the gist of it was that this thing called himbo powder turned athletes into dumb horny sluts. However, their focus could also be oriented to something else, just as long as sex was involved.

“And you’re sure this shit works?” Bradley replied back.

“Yeah. I use it on some of my guys here. All they focus on is baseball and sex, and it’s fucking perfect! We haven’t lost a game this season!”

“Fucking awesome, man! Now, where can I buy this?” The other couch directed Bradley to the site, which was located on the dark web. The cost was a bit high, and he dipped into his savings more than he would have liked. But it would be well worth it in the long run, having a lauded athletics program. Because of the highly sexual nature of himbo powder, Bradley was only able to use it on his 18+ athletes. But all but a couple baseball “jocks” were seniors and over 18, so it wasn’t a problem.

“Men, you are required to eat this protein powder at every meal, without question. I will know if you don’t.”

“Yes, coach!” chorused the group of jocks. They were a bit bewildered by how Coach would know, but it didn’t take long at all for the himbo powder to take effect. The senior jocks saw a steep drop in intelligence, while gaining some muscle mass. All of them acted stereotypically gay, and the other students soon learned that, yes, they were actually gay. Bradley was ready for the effects, and had a plan in action to incorporate sports into their lives as well.

Each day, one himbofied athlete would go home with Coach, and they would have sex. For the first couple of weeks, this was every day, but Coach warned the team that if they lost games, then this privilege would be taken away. So, even though quite a few of the jocks on the team could no longer count to three, they still practiced and understood enough about baseball for them to go on a winning streak. The board was excited by the sudden change in the athletics program, although there were rumours that Coach Bradley had done something to his jocks.

He brushed them off, and one day in the middle of the season, he was itching to get home. Today, the team’s captain, Lance Bridgerton, would have sex with Coach. He was a good boy at practice, catching the most balls and hitting the farthest. And not to play favorites, but Bradley found Lance the hottest of all the himbos. Already a bit dumb even before the powder, Lance could no longer spell his name correctly. But he was a beast in bed, and Bradley looked forward to the days when Lance came over.

He was waiting for Coach in Bradley’s foyer. He was dressed as he was ordered to, in just his cap, jockstrap, and socks. And by the scent that hit Bradley as he walked in, it was the stuff he had worn today. Bradley didn’t mind; in fact, he loved that smell and took a deep whiff of Lance’s stink before kissing him. The coach and the athlete passionately made out, and Lance helped to strip his coach of his clothes. He loved seeing his coach’s body naked, the big cock flopping around and the hairy chest that he loved to rub his hands all over. Lance’s jockstrap came off as well, but Bradley loved seeing the guys in their socks and backward cap, so the jock left it on as they made their way to the bedroom.

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Blue Balls

It had been a long week for Pablo. His girlfriend was out of the country for an entire week, because of her job. He lived with her and her brother, Trey. The two usually kept to themselves, and didn’t interact with each other too much. But Pablo was getting horny, and was getting proverbial blue balls. Before Georgia, he would have cheated on his girlfriend if they were gone for more than a couple days. It was like Pablo needed pussy to live!

But there was something different about Georgia. Pablo hoped that, eventually, this would lead to marriage, and besides, he was living with Trey as well, and god knows what he’ll tell Georgia. Pablo had tried jerking off, and doing it more than he normally did. It didn’t help, and none of the porn he watched did anything either. Even a personalized VR video wasn’t enough to satiate his needs. He had taken to jacking off so much that on Friday, Trey walked in and saw his brother-in-law jacking off.

“Um, hey, Pablo!” he shouted, as it looked like he was really into it.

“FUCK!” he screamed, nearly jumping off the sofa. “Shit, man, you said you wouldn’t be home until 3!”

“Pablo, bro, it’s 3:30,” Trey explained, gesticulating to the set-top box for the TV.

“Shit, I must have been really getting into it today.”

“I’ve noticed you’ve been jacking off, a lot, recently. What gives?”

“It’s your fucking sister, man. I really fucking like her, so I haven’t fucked anybody else this whole fucking week. It feels like my balls are about to fucking burst.”

“Well, I’m here, and Georgia and I do share most of our DNA.”

“Ew, Trey, I ain’t no fucking faggot fairy like you.”

“Lots of guys do it, Pablo, and besides, it’s not really cheating. You and Georgia will still be together when she comes back, and your balls can return to that nice tanned color you have going on.”

Pablo was a bit puzzled by the last remark, but thought everything over for a few seconds.

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Big Black Cum Slut

It all started so innocently. Joel had been scrolling through Pornhub, and found a video containing two hot black guys. Instead of the two fucking, they talked down to their viewers, their white viewers. Joel was white, and pale-skinned to boot, and to his surprise, he busted a nut to the two men calling him “the inferior race”. As the rest of the week passed, Joel found other porn to satiate his needs, but his mind kept wandering back to the video of the black doms.

That Sunday, having a bunch of free time, he brought up Pornhub and searched for black dom. The first couple videos were the ubiquitous fare, with domination and fucking. But still in the top five were the two guys from the other video. Joel clicked play and once again mindlessly jerked off to black men verbally dominating him and insulting his race. This went on for pretty much the rest of the day, Joel blowing his load more times than he could count. He even dreamed about them, and had his first wet dream in ages.

Then Joel started to see changes in his work life. He noticed that he always let black men go in front of him, but nobody else. He began checking them out more, how they always picked tight clothes that accentuated their bulging muscles and the very big bulge in their pants. He found himself going to the bathroom at the same time as some of his black peers, just so he could sneak a glance at their cocks at the urinals. His work started to slip a little bit, but it was the end of the quarter, so his boss let it slide, for now.

But as the days passed, Joel noticed more and more things changing. Number one was that he couldn’t get off to porn anymore unless there was a black man in it. And even then it was still difficult if the black man wasn’t dominant or verbal. Slowly but surely, he began focusing on the videos of the two men to get his rocks off. Joel had even changed his dating profiles that he was exclusively looking for black men, especially verbal doms. But the biggest change was in his work life.

At work, all Joel could think about black men dominating him and talking down to him. It was hard to hide the constant erection he was getting, and he barely got any work done. His boss really liked him, in more ways than one, but Joel was ultimately fired when he was caught giving head to the lead security guard. He knew that this strange addiction of his needed to be cured, but all he could think about was sex. He had already been fucked or sucked off most of the black men in his area, and none of them were into white submission. So, Joel went onto some more shadier sites, starting with Craigslist.

Weeding through the personals was a bit difficult, but soon enough, Joel had found the jackpot. Two black men were in town and wanted a white submissive bottom for the night. He immediately called the number and talked to one of the guys. His voice sounded eerily familiar, but Joel didn’t mind, as his dick was hard just thinking about seeing these black men. The address they provided was an abandoned apartment building. The police had recently evicted some squatters, but didn’t take the furniture.

Joel arrived at the apartment building and walked up the three flights of stairs, where he would finally meet tonight’s black doms. To his surprise, and utter delight, they were the two from the Pornhub videos! Joel squealed in glee as the two men smiled at each other.

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A Different Kind of Shoot

Leo Bridges arrived at the location for the shoot. “A fucking rooftop?” he wondered to himself, but, hey, the team was paying for all of this. This was Leo’s first professional shoot, ever, as he had been scouted from his local village and brought aboard. So, it didn’t seem odd to him that no one else was there, just him and the photographer. He had brought his uniform and soccer ball, and the photographer got him into position.

The first few photos were of him playing around with the ball on the roof. The photographer took a lot of photos, which was to be expected, but the flash seemed weird. It was almost like it was pulsating instead of fading away. Leo couldn’t stop staring at it, which was good for some photos, but not well for action shots.

“Why don’t you stop kicking the ball around?”

“I will stop kicking the ball around,” Leo said, picking it up.

“It’s a little hot out. Why don’t you pull down your pants?”

“I will pull down my pants.” The flash of the camera continued, and Leo never questioned why the team wanted photos of him in his underwear.

“Good boy. Now why don’t you pull your shirt up so we can see that chest of yours?”

“I will pull my shirt up.” Even if Leo wasn’t entranced by the flashing camera light, this wouldn’t be too weird, as Beckham and Ronaldo did shirtless shoots quite a bit.

“Now pull down your underwear, but put the soccer ball in front of your cock.”

As the camera continued flashing, Leo dropped his briefs and exposed his cock and balls for the first time. He quickly covered them up with the ball, like he was ordered to. By now, he knew that the flashes were doing something to his head, but it felt so good to obey and listen to the photographer. And the photographer knew what he was doing, as it was his job.

“Now hold the ball in your right hand.”

“I will hold the ball in my right hand.” Leo brought the ball to its correct position, and smiled into the camera as it flashed away, his junk in full view.

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I was helped down into my bed. I had finally been cleared to go home after my gay-bashing incident. I was on track to walk at graduation, and I knew catching up on academics wouldn’t be a problem. Now, you might be wondering about my story. It all started a couple months ago when I arrived at school late. I had a doctor’s appointment, and I had it cleared with my teachers beforehand. I decided to cut through the locker room, as it would get me to class quicker.

I wasn’t suspecting to see two of my classmates, Chet and Paul, comparing dick sizes. Both of them were straight as an arrow jock fuckbois, and here they were touching each other’s dicks. Unfortunately, I stared at them a bit too long, but in my defense, they were on the way to the other door.

“What are you looking at, fag?” asked Chet. I could only hold my head down and even close my eyes. But that wasn’t enough for the two jocks, who wanted an answer.

“He asked you a fucking question, you cock-sucking queen,” Paul taunted. I knew not to fight back, but apparently, the two wanted a fight. Now, I’m not really a weakling, per se, but having two muscular and fit men attack you, in a rage, means you can’t really put up a fair fight. But in my case, it was incredibly lopsided. These guys must have been real homophobes, because they didn’t stop until I fainted. Blood was flowing everywhere, and I looked like a rainbow, but not in the good way.

Thankfully, next period’s gym class found me and they were able to get me to a hospital in time. It was touch and go for a while, but now I’m here and still queer. But during my time in the hospital, I read up some alternative medicine and other remedies. My parents, and I, are one of those types of people, but even my parents knew the hospital would be best for me. I focused mainly on curses and hexes, as after seeing everything the doctors did for me, I was a firm believer in Western medicine.

The curses and hexes would be for my assailants, Chet and Paul. I couldn’t get revenge the legal route, as apparently the high school has a rule about statute of limitations on one-off bullying incidents. My parents are going to court about that, but I decided to take matters in my own hands (Merida voice not included). I found a curse that would work out well, and wasn’t too evil, from most people’s POV. And it was easily made, as remember, my parents still believed in the ability of this to cure and harm.

I was back up on my feet by prom, and was able to go. I didn’t have a date, and besides, there’s only one other gay person in my entire high school, and he’s a freshman. But having a lot of people who cared about me and wanted to see me allowed me an opportunity to get the curse solution in Chet and Paul’s flasks, which they snuck in. It wasn’t too long after that prom was over, and we went outside to the big field in front.

Yes, our high school has prom during the fucking day, so we don’t get drunk and do anything stupid. Of course, Chet and Paul were the exceptions to the rule, and I made my way over to them.

“Who’s the man?” I asked, knowing what the response would be.

“He is!” the two jocks replied, pointing at each other, slurring those two simple words.

And then it happened. Nothing changed on the outside, but the two jocks looked each other over.

“What the fuck am I doing in your body, Chet?!”

“Same here, bro! What the fuck!?” The finger point was all that was needed for the curse to work, and by now, I had slipped away, blending in with the sea of black tuxes in the crowd. I watched as the two were befuddled by their predicament, and watched as they left, sans their dates, to try and solve it.

The rest of the year was hilarious, as both of them responded when someone said either of their names. They surprisingly took to each other’s bodies quickly, and I was a bit shocked to hear that both dudes had fucked each other’s girl, even though she thought she was fucking the same guy. But they never suspected it was me, and eventually, they just stopped trying to change back. I noticed as Chet’s social media slowly became Paul’s, with his distinct likes and comments, and vice versa. It was only a few years before I died, many years later, that I got a message from Chet, explaining that he finally figured out what happened.

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