When They Both Want Her

Steven wasn’t sure at first if it was actually happening. After all, his new wife Cecily did like to wear that lacy lingerie; it could have easily gotten stuck in the washer or dryer. But then why was his son Karl always willing to do the laundry now? He hated doing chores, and now here he was, knowing how much detergent to use and how to fold all types of clothes. Steven knew something was fishy, but he couldn’t put his finger on it just yet. Was Karl sexually attracted to his new stepmom? Maybe he was, Steven rationalized, but it was nothing to worry about. Or so he thought.

He got his answer one Sunday, when he was planning on hanging out with his bros. Cecily hung out with her girlfriends that day as well, and Karl was home alone. He was over 18, and although he couldn’t drive, he kept himself entertained. That particular Sunday, Steven was about halfway to his friend’s house when he realized he had forgotten his wallet. Thankfully, his license was still on him, but he did need his wallet. He texted his bros that he would probably be late, and made his way back home quickly.

Steven bounded up the stairs and went into his room to grab his wallet. As he did, he heard some sounds coming from Karl’s room, sexual sounds. Normally, Steven would have brushed it off. He remembered how horny he was when he was Karl’s age. But these sounds were just so damn familiar! And then he heard it: “Fuck me, honey!” It was unmistakably Cecily’s voice that he was hearing. He barged into his son’s room, as Karl quickly tried to cover up.

“What the fuck, dad!? Some privacy, please!”

“Give me your fuckin’ phone, Karl! Now!” Steven barked. Karl knew not to mess with his dad when he was this angry, and so handed his phone over.

“I don’t think you’ll like what you see, dad.” Steven was expecting Cecily to be getting fucked by some other dude, but it was thankfully him on camera. However, that also meant his son had secretly put a camera in his room and was filming his own father and his stepmother fucking.

“I’m taking your phone with me,” Steven said. “And I want the camera taken down immediately. I’ll think of a punishment when I get back home.”

“You can’t do-” Karl started to bitch, but his father’s steely gaze told Karl to shut up and not make this any worse than it already was. And besides, he would keep himself busy disconnecting the cameras and all of the wires. Steven made his way over to his friend’s house. The rest of his friends were in the midst of a conversation about sports when Steven interjected himself into the conversation.

“I need you guys to look at this,” he said, playing a few seconds of his and Cecily’s sex tape.

“Wow, filming yourself! I never knew you were that kinky, Steven!” said one of his friends, Pete.

“No, it was fucking Karl who filmed us! And I caught him jacking off to the video!” All of the other men in the room gasped.

“What the fuck are you planning on doing to him?” asked another friend, Nate.

“I don’t know. That’s why I wanted to ask you guys. Have any of your sons crushed on their mom or stepmom?”

Most of them said no, but that was because the only guy who didn’t had a gay son. One of the other guys did pipe up though. “Steven, if you’re looking for a way to punish your son, I’ll send you a link,” noted Terry.

“Sure thing, man! Anything sounds good right now!” The bros continued to chat about it, but after Steven read over Terry’s link, he announced he was going with that plan. The conversation soon shifted back to sports, regular sex stuff, just normal guy conversation. Steven arrived home before Cecily, and he made sure Karl had taken out all of the cameras. He then watched as Karl deleted any and all videos he had of the two of them fucking. The last video was deleted from Karl’s secret server as Cecily walked in. She didn’t suspect a thing, and the two of them went to bed, not being filmed for the first time in months.

The next day, during a lull at work, Steven started to put his plan into action. He began with the hypnosis piece at first, as that site was pretty SFW. He copied over the script from the link Terry had sent him, and then sent it in for the company to make. Of course, he changed the names and all. It would come back to him in a couple days and cost him a pretty penny. It would be well worth it, though.

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Daddy’s Musk

“FUUUUCK!” I moaned, as I breathed in the scent of my daddy’s jockstrap deeply. He wore the same jockstrap for over a week before finally putting it in the dirty clothes bin. I was in charge of the laundry, and while the load was spinning in the washer, I took the time to sniff my daddy’s jockstrap and breathe in its scents. It reeked of piss, cum, sweat, and daddy. I don’t really know how to describe the last scent. There’s just something about daddy’s musk that’s so fuckin’ intoxicating!

Daddy doesn’t know I like sniffing his jockstraps or any of his other clothes. I also don’t think he’s caught me breathing more deeply when he sits on the couch in just his underwear after a long and sweaty day at work. I live alone with daddy in the house he and Mom bought when they were together. The two separated when I was young. Mom used to say they separated because of arguments and money problems, but as I grew older, I learned the real reason why: my daddy liked men.

He never admitted to me he was gay, or even bi, but I began to notice the small things, like a recurring purchase on his credit card from MindGeek, the Pornhub company, or him really getting into a movie like Call Me By Your Name. I had come out to him in a roundabout way, when he caught me in bed with a dude I was fucking. He kicked him out, not because I was gay, but because he snuck into the house.

But now I think Daddy’s on to me. It started about a week ago, when daddy was scrolling through his phone. He then turned the TV on and downloaded the Pornhub app to our TV! I was a bit shocked at the brazen nature of what he was doing, and had to put a pillow in front of my cock to hide my increasing erection. When he searched for a video, I realized he was on the gay side of Pornhub. I watched as he made his way to a video entitled “Hot Son Sniffs DILF’s Pits Before Getting Fucked By Him”. Daddy clicked play and started to rub his cock through the jockstrap as the scene started. I had to excuse myself, awkwardly making sure he couldn’t see my massive and throbbing erection. Daddy was definitely on to me.

We didn’t talk about that for the rest of the week, but instead of watching TV shows or movies on our TV, Dad kept watching porn, hot gay incest porn, usually with a scent component to it. I had to excuse myself every single time, and I swear one day I started leaking so fast I left a small stain on the couch! It was Sunday, when daddy had the day off, that my suspicions were proven correct. I woke up to the erotic scent of one of daddy’s jockstraps. As I breathed in the scents deeply, I realized that I would never take a jockstrap to bed to me.

Daddy was in my room when I looked around, wondering if he had planted it.

“Just as I expected, Timothy. I knew you liked my musk.” I gulped. I didn’t know how to respond. “Do you want to sniff the real thing, up close and personal?” I didn’t know what I was doing, but I got out of bed, with a throbbing erection, and made my way to daddy, standing by my dresser. He lifted his arm and I pushed my face into his pit, breathing in his musk directly from the source.

Daddy even put his hand behind my head and pushed me deeper into his pit as I stuck out my tongue and tasted daddy as well. The combination of tasting and smelling daddy caused my cock to leak some pre-cum, and that did not go unnoticed by daddy. “Do you like this, boy? Do you like being up close and personal to your daddy’s scents?”

“FUCK YES,” I moaned, and then went in for another taste.

“That’s right, boy, breathe in daddy’s musk. You love inhaling daddy’s musk, turning you on so fuckin’ much. Isn’t that right, boy?”

“Fuck yeah, daddy, I fuckin’ love your musk!”

“Then I’ll bet you’ll love breathing in daddy’s musk as he fucks your hole,” Daddy sultrily said.

“FUCK YEAH!” I screamed, and I came right then and there. Both daddy and I were shocked by the ropes of cum spurting from my cock, but if just breathing in daddy’s musk and him talking dirty to me did this, then sex would be so much better! He lifted me up and tossed me onto my bed as he got me into position. It was a bit more awkward, making sure my ass was exposed and ready as well as me having access to daddy’s pits, but we did it, and daddy started fucking me bareback.

As I breathed in daddy’s musk directly from the source, he plowed my hole. He was able to go in balls-deep with no issues, and I love feeling the entirety of daddy’s dick inside of me. His rough and intense fucks caused him to get even more sweaty and musky, helping to turn me on even more. My refractory period passed the fastest I had ever seen before, and it wasn’t long before my dick was rock hard again as I breathed in daddy’s musk as he fucked my hole.

He only lasted a few more minutes before he finally came. He didn’t announce it, but I knew what was happening as I felt his warm seed fill my hole. He pumped load after load of cum into my hole, and of course some of it leaked out when he pulled out. He had me eat some of his cum off of his finger, and then even helped me cum again! My load was smaller the second time around, but I would have never expected daddy to do that to me!

“Tim, I’ll be busy for the rest of the day, but after dinner, I expect you in my bed and ready,” Daddy said as he grabbed his jockstrap and left my room. I couldn’t fuckin’ wait to see what he would do to me!

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Coach’s Punishment

Brad and Darryl were goofing around in the locker room after practice. They were the co-captains of the football team, and so had to stay behind until every other player left. They didn’t need to actually watch the players, though, so they had fun slapping each other with towels or pranking their teammates. Today, they were just waiting for one last player to get out of the shower. As they tossed the football around in the locker wall, it hit the wall. Now, the walls weren’t brittle or anything, but both men were shocked when they heard something shattering.

Brad and Darryl looked at each other, both thinking that they didn’t do it. Darryl was the closer one, and he investigated what had happened. Apparently, the football had hit the wall in just the right place that a secret camera was exposed. It was the lens that had shattered and was broken all over the locker room floor. Brad was about to go to the coach’s office, when Coach Thomas came out screaming. “What the fuck happened?” he screamed. It was then he realized who was still in the locker room.

“Uh, Coach, I accidentally missed a football and broke some camera embedded in the wall,” explained Darryl.

“Oh my fucking god!” exclaimed Brad. “How are you so fuckin’ dumb, Darryl! It was your camera, Coach, wasn’t it? You were filming us in the locker room, naked and sweaty so that you could jerk off to it later, isn’t that right?”

“Uh, no, Brad, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Well, Coach, then why’d you come screaming in the locker room?” questioned Darryl, showing some smarts.

“Fine, fine!” Coach admitted. “It was my camera! Yeah, I’ve been secretly recording you guys, and the football team for the past six years now. I thought I was careful enough to hide the camera next to some black paint where it could blend it. I would have never expected that a bad throw would be my downfall.”

“Coach Thomas, that means you’re in some serious trouble if this gets out,” noted Brad. “But Darryl and I have a little proposition for you.”

“We do?”

“Shut the fuck up, Darryl! Yeah, both of our girls haven’t been putting out recently. If you agree to be our bitch for the rest of the school year, and not to record any more men, then we won’t tell anybody about this.”

“Deal,” Coach Thomas said, without hesitation.

“But I don’t want some fag sucking me off,” complained Darryl.

“Oh dear god, Darryl, just enjoy the free blowjobs and fuck sessions while we have them! Our gay coach here is probably much better at sucking dick than some farm girl!”

“You do have a point,” Darryl said. He took off his jockstrap, the only clothes he was wearing. However, he wasn’t going to put his dick in Coach’s mouth first. That honor went to Brad, who didn’t take his jockstrap off yet. He only pushed it to the side, revealing his sizable cock. He then flipped his cap backwards before putting a hand on the top of Coach Thomas’ head. Darryl did the same, and used his other hand to hold Coach’s own hand behind his back. Coach Thomas didn’t want to escape, though.

As his mouth was pushed down on Brad’s cock and he began to gag, neither football player released him as Brad taunted, “This is your punishment, Coach, for secretly recording us in here.” Admittedly, the dirty talk could use some work, but both men enjoyed the sight of their coach sputtering for air after being forced to choke on one of his player’s cocks. Coach Thomas went down on Brad’s cock a couple more times before switching over to Darryl.

Darryl thought Coach did a damn good job, and like Brad said, he was much better than many of the chicks that gave him head. Coach Thomas made sure to keep both players hard at all times, and once they began leaking pre-cum, he pulled his mouth away from Brad’s cock. “It’s time to fuck that hole of yours, Coach.” Coach Thomas turned around and exposed his hole to his players. Surrounded by a ring of red ass hair was a loose and sloppy hole. “Darryl, what do you say about DP’ing our coach?”

“Sticking my dick in another dude’s hole as another man has his dick in there as well? Gross!”

“Fuckin’ hell, Darryl, you’re taking all the fun out of this! Coach needs to get fuckin’ punished, you hear me! Having two dicks up his hole will be punishment enough. I’m not fuckin’ gay either!”

“Fine, fine, Brad! But you have to promise me you’ll never speak of this to anyone.”

“Deal. And we know Coach Thomas is going to be quiet, isn’t that right?”

“Yes,” he said, with a big gulp. Despite his loose hole, he had never actually been DP’ed before. He waited in position on all fours as Brad and Darryl spit on their cocks. There was no lube around, and definitely no condoms, but neither man minded going in bareback. It was definitely weird for the two football players to be sharing the same hole and fucking it at the same time, but they continued to do so even as Coach moaned and groaned.

Coach Thomas was loving it, his hole gaping even wider as two of his players fucked his ass. Unfortunately, the two of them didn’t last long at all, wanting to get it over with quickly. However, both of them came in Coach’s ass, and his hole was soon filled with the seed of his players. Brad pulled out first. “See, dude, that wasn’t that bad!”

“No, I guess not. It’ll be fun having Coach as our little bitch for the rest of the school year!”

“Damn right it will!” After the three got cleaned up, Brad and Darryl made sure Coach Thomas deleted all the footage he had recorded over the years, all the tapes and back-ups as well. They decided to announce what Coach had done at the end of the school year. The two of them wanted to have some fun with him by themselves, and there would be less legal issues involved with only the three of them. For example, being the only bottom in a gangbang was much easier when you weren’t a coach at a prestigious college.

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Cam Show Hacker

Zach loved logging into Chaturbate. Within seconds of his stream going live, he had a number of requests for private shows. By now, his fans had gotten used to him doing that, and those who could pay for live shows every night were rewarded with seeing him. He surprisingly had a good number of fans, considering he wore some outdated headphones and usually listened to music as he did what the men asked of him.

Mostly Zach just touched himself, whether it was rubbing his nipples or his cock. Sometimes he did a few weird things, like sniffing his dirty pits and moaning out loud or sticking a finger up his hole. His fans knew his limits, and those that tried to push them were promptly blocked. Zach did love the money, but he loved his dignity even more. He had made a sizable amount of money from camming, and as a result, didn’t have a full-time job, or even another way to make income!

This angered Zach’s next door neighbor, Mr. Andrew Pierce. The apartment walls were pretty thin, and he could hear the twenty-something moan and talk dirty over cam for about three hours or so, and then slouch around and play video games for the rest of the day. Any respectable man in today’s society should have a nine-to-five, he reasoned, and so he got to work implementing that plan.

He knew that he just couldn’t walk over there and tell Zach what he needed to do. Despite camming to gay men, Andrew had learned very quickly that Zach was actually straight. Zach loved seeing gay men lusting after something they couldn’t have, and so the self-proclaimed DILF couldn’t sway Zach that way. However, Andrew did have another way to get what he wanted. He worked in the IT department of a well-known company. They allowed him to work from home a few days a month, so he had all of the equipment already in his apartment.

Hacking into Zach’s laptop was quite easy. It was literally just a couple keystrokes, the thing was so fucking old! Of course, hacking into Zach’s phone was much more difficult, that being pretty much up to date. But Andrew successfully did it, and he waited for his next door neighbor to fall into his trap. He put it into action soon after he heard Zach moan that night and cry out some random man’s name.

After Zach finished with that man on a private cam, he looked to see who was up next. He immediately clicked on it, as this sucker was paying $1,000 for just 15 minutes of camming! However, when it was time for his face to pop up on the screen, it didn’t. Zach’s face went away as well, and the whole screen was replaced with a hypnotic spiral that started spinning. “Hey, what the fuck is going on here!?” he screamed.

At the same time, an alluring and hypnotic male voice came through his headphones. “Zach, keep your eyes on the spiral and listen to my voice. Calm down, everything is going to be okay. Just keep your eyes on the spiral and listen to my voice. From now on, you will no longer cam. You will not even jerk off to random porn over the internet. You will be a good young man and get a real job.

“Good young men don’t sit around all day playing video games or allowing other men to pay to see your nude body. Good young men work eight hours a day in an office and then go home to their spouse. You want to be a good young man, right, Zach?”

“Yes, I want to be a good young man.”

(Credit to @spiralfun​ for the manip!)

“Perfect, young man. Now the hypnosis will soon end. I suggest you find a real job very soon.” The screen then flickered back to the cam site, and Zach started to listen to the music again that had been cut off by Andrew’s voice. He quickly closed both of them and got to work finding a job. Andrew wasn’t expecting it so soon, but the next day, he bumped into Zach in the hall as Andrew was leaving for work himself.

“Oh, where are you off to today, Zach?”

“I have a job interview, Mr. Pierce. I don’t know what came over me last night, but I can’t spend my life just camming on the internet for men.”

“Good to hear, Zach. You’ll make a valuable addition to the workforce.” As Zach rushed to his interview, Andrew just smiled. The hypnosis had truly worked, and he had gotten exactly what he wanted. Now to work on his other pesky next door neighbor and see what could be done about getting rid of all her cats.

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Unknown Number

Dane was in bed, shirtless and rubbing his cock through his underwear when his phone rang. As the screen quickly changed from the porn he was watching to the call screen, Dane noticed it was an unknown number. He was a very young Millennial, so he answered the phone. What was the worst that could happen, his phone number would be added to a list of suckers who picked up for telemarketers? He brought the phone up to his ear, and expected to hear the robotic voice of someone trying to sell him something.

Instead, he heard a soft and sultry, and definitely human, male voice. “What is your name?” he asked.

“Dane,” he responded.

“Dane, do you like listening to my voice?”

“Yeah, actually, I kinda do.”

“You want to keep listening to my voice, right?”

“Of course.”

“No matter what I say to you?”

“Hmm, maybe not that far.”

“But don’t you love hearing my voice, Dane, my soft and sweet voice music to your ears?”

“That’s true, but you’re not going to make me rob a bank or anything.”

“I would never do that, Dane. I just want to talk to you.”

“Uh, okay.”

“Who do you like, Dane? Who gets your cock hard?”

“Wow, we’re actually going there. Hot chicks with big tits get my cock hard.” Dane didn’t find it weird he was talking about sex with a total stranger.

“Wrong. You actually like muscled men with big dicks.”

“Uh, no, I’m not a fuckin’ faggot. I’m fuckin’ straight!”

“You like muscled men with big dicks.”

“Stop fuckin’ saying that! It isn’t true!”

“You like muscled men with big dicks.”

“What can I do to have you stop saying that!?”

“Just repeat it, Dane. ‘I like muscled men with big dicks.’”

“Fine, fine! I like muscled men with big dicks! Now can we change the conversation?” Dane didn’t want to hang up, though, even after he was forced to admit he liked muscled men with big dicks.

“Do you like to be the dominant or the submissive one during sex?”

“Dom all the way, baby! I love it when my cock plows a dude’s juicy hole!” Dane didn’t notice the slip of the tongue, but the man on the other end of the line did. However, he didn’t mention it.

“Wrong. You are a submissive slut for cock.”

“Wait, what did I fuckin’ just tell ya? I’m not gay!”

“Just repeat the line, Dane, and we can move on.”

“Fine! I’m a submissive slut for cock! Happy!?”

“I am, Dane. And one final question. Have you ever thought about serving a man sexually, being his slave?”

“Ew, fuck no! That shit’s fucked up, dude!”

“But the more that I talk about it, the more it turns you on, doesn’t it? You want to be a submissive slut slave to a muscled man with a big dick, don’t you?”

“I’ve told you three times now, I’m not gay! But if I were a chick, that would be hot.”

“So imagine yourself as a chick, Dane. Wouldn’t it be hot being a submissive slut slave to a muscled man with a big dick?”

“Yeah it would,” Dane responded, followed by a moan. “It would be hot being a submissive slut slave to a muscled man with a big dick.

“Good boy, Dane. Now put the phone on FaceTime. Can you do that for me, you submissive slut?”


(Credit for the photo manip goes to the original artist. If you know who created it, please let me know so that I can credit them!)

The man on the other end of the line confirmed what he knew had happened. Black and white spirals were now spinning in Dane’s eyes, showing that he had fallen under the man’s complete control. Dane was even already shirtless, so the man got a good look at his newest slave’s body.

“Good boy, Dane. Now listen to me closely. You are now on the path to becoming a real-life submissive slut slave for a muscled man with a big dick.” Dane listened as the man told him what to do next. When the phone call finally ended, Dane put on some clothes and left his room, and his house. He got in an Uber and made his way to the city, dropped off in front of an office building. Once he made his way to the elevators, he went down a few levels.

When the doors opened, a guard took Dane and escorted him to a room where he promptly stripped. Then the same guard led him onto a stage. There were no actual men in the audience, just tablets and computers trained on the stage and what their potential submissive gay slut slave did. Dane was forced to do a number of things on stage, including showing his hole and trying to suck himself off. Once the tasks were over, he stood there motionless as the bidding started.

He wasn’t one of their best sales, but his selling price was above average. He was then transported across the country to serve his new master, who as the hypnosis had explained, was a muscled man with a big dick. Dane loved serving him and being a submissive slut for him. All of this just because he decided to answer the phone one time.

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Adapt. Improvise. Get Fucked!

“OOOOH, YEAH, FUCK ME BABY!” screamed out Jared’s latest conquest. He loved hearing a bitch scream as he fucked her brains out. As he continued to plow his juicy cock into her, her screams turned into more terrified screams. “Unh, turn around,” she said, trying to get out from under Jared.

“What the fuck do you mean?” he asked, not stopping.

“She means, look at your father and explain to him why you invited yet another female over while we are still in lockdown.” Jared couldn’t believe that his father, George, had walked in on him fucking, yet again! Did he have cameras in his room or some shit?

“Fine, fine,” he said, pulling out and flopping onto his bed. The chick quickly grabbed her clothes and rushed out of the room, leaving the situation. “Dad, did you really have to do that again?” Jared whined.

“Yes, Jared, I absolutely fucking had to do that. I don’t want either of us getting sick. Now when your dick is flaccid, meet me in the living room.”

“Ok, Dad.” For a normal young adult, they would have put some clothes on before walking to the living room, but not Jared. He had learned that pretty much every father stopped spanking their children once they were elementary school-aged. Not George, though. He continued to spank his son all through middle school and high school, and even while Jared was in college too! However, when Jared walked into the living room, his dad wasn’t sitting down waiting for him. George was holding something different in his hand, something shiny and metallic. “What’s that?” Jared asked. As soon as he said it, he regretted it. He didn’t want to know the answer.

“This, my son, is a chastity cage. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it, but it is placed on your dick so that it can no longer get hard.”

“Dad, what the fuck!? You can’t do this to me!”

“I am your father, and you are living under my room. And for a sex addict like yourself, it will be an effective punishment.” Jared knew not to resist, lest he get spanked as well. He watched as his dad sized up the cage and put the tightest one around his cock and balls that was still comfortable, to an extent. “This is for the best, son,” George said, as he fondled the cage and then slapped his son on the cheek.

“Hey, don’t I get a key or some shit?”

“I am in possession of both keys. One will remain on my person at all times, and one will be frozen and put in the freezer in case an emergency arises and I am not home.”

“What’s stopping me from unfreezing the other key and unlocking the cage?”

“Well, Jared, you will be severely punished, and some cages can be permanent. I don’t think you want that, do you?”

“No,” he replied, with a gulp.

“Good.” The two men went their separate ways. Jared went back to his room and tried to jerk off, to the best of his ability. His cock barely expanded before it reached the sides of the cage. It was torturous just jacking off for five minutes, and he had barely gotten hard in that time. He deigned himself to not jerking off until his dad let him. But as every horny man knew, that was much more difficult to implement than to say. After just three days of being locked up, Jared was horny as fuck. He needed some kind of release, and searched the web for it.

Most of the jerk off techniques involved touching the cock in some way, or getting it erect, but Jared was intrigued about prostate milking, which kept coming up in every search. It did involve sticking something up his ass, which he found gross and disgusting, but at least it would allow him to masturbate. When George was at work the next day, he snuck into his room and found a dildo tucked away behind some socks. Jared knew where all of the sex toys were kept, but none really appealed to him, until now.

He lathered the dildo up with lube and placed it on the ground. It was one of those with a sticky thing at the end, so it was easy to keep in place as he lined up his hole. He then pushed his ass down on it, expanding it way bigger than it had ever been before. Jared moaned as his asshole got bigger and bigger by the second, but he had a mission. He needed to find his prostate. It took some time, awkwardly fucking himself on the dildo, but he found it. All the websites said it created a rush of sexual pleasure when it was touched, and Jared knew exactly what that meant now.

He continued to fuck himself on the dildo, but got into a rhythm, making sure his prostate was hit every single time. After a few minutes, he felt himself getting ready to cum. He didn’t feel anything after a few more thrusts, but the pleasure slowly subsided. He looked down and saw a puddle of cum below his cock. “What the fuck happened!?” he said, out loud. After cleaning up, he did a bit more research. In his horny state, he didn’t read how prostate milking was different from actually masturbating. The sensations weren’t the same, which meant that Jared didn’t even know he was cumming when he did that.

He continued to use the dildo to masturbate himself, in a bit of a roundabout way. He still wasn’t used to the new feeling that signaled he was about to cum, but he still enjoyed the feeling, as a deluge of cum trickled from his cock. George didn’t know about Jared’s dildo, but he was quite happy that Jared had come to terms with his cage. When the lockdown was finally over, and Jared could fuck whoever he wanted again, he was a bit conflicted.

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Jock Pussy

Tyler knew he shouldn’t have taken the drug from the hot chick last night. But Deandra was really slutty, and one measly little pill wouldn’t hurt him. He swallowed it and then had some mind-blowing sex with her last night. When he woke up the next morning, he was groggy and probably hungover. He was sober enough to put on some pants, but drunk enough to also put on a backwards cap.

He made his way to the bathroom, taking his morning piss. He was a bit surprised that there was no morning wood today, but he didn’t mind. He went to the kitchen and made himself something to eat, after he pulled up his pants comically high. One of his roommates, Cam, barged into the kitchen. “How many times have I fuckin’ told ya guys, piss in the fuckin’ bowl!” Tyler was the only one up, so after taking a couple quick bites, walked back into the bathroom to figure out what happened that morning. He remembered standing there, and pulling down his pants. The slightly more sober Tyler then realized what had happened.

he said, after pulling down his pants to check. There was no longer a dick there, but a pussy! Of course, Tyler didn’t actually snap a picture right then and there in the bathroom, but he quickly barged out. “I’ll clean it later!” he yelled to Cam. “I’ve got to go now!” Cam just sighed as Tyler once again blew off something. Only this time, Tyler had a pretty damn good reason for doing so! He ran across campus, still shirtless, and banged on Deandra’s dorm room door. She opened it, dressed in casual clothes this early in the morning.

“Oh, hello, Tyler. I believe you found what I did to you last night?”

“You actually fuckin’ did this to me, you bitch!? You turned my fucking cock into a pussy!”

“That’s right, Tyler. That’s what you get for calling me and my friends sluts. Soon enough, you’ll be the slut with the loose pussy.” Deandra closed the door, and Tyler just stood there for a few seconds. Did that just really happen? Did he actually have a pussy now? He unfortunately did, and as he was getting more and more sober, he was also getting more and more horny. He texted a number of girls he had in his phone, wondering if they wanted to come over for a quickie. Once he explained that he had suddenly gotten a pussy, all of the “yes’s” turned to “no’s”.

Tyler got so desperate, he turned to Cam, a gay man. “Cam, bro, I just need somebody to fuck me in my pussy!”

“Wait,” he said, “am I hearing you right? Pussy?”

“Yeah, Cam, some slutty bitch drugged me last night and turned my cock into a pussy. I was planning on fixing it, but I’m so fuckin’ horny, bro! I need something in my pussy!” Tyler moaned.

“Okay, okay, I’ll do it!” Cam had fantasized about fucking his hot roommate before, but he had never imagined it would be in his pussy. It was a pretty odd experience for both men, being the first time they were having sex with a pussy. But Cam was turned on by Tyler’s moans and groans throughout, and once Cam’s cum started to flow inside of him, Tyler felt much better and less horny. As he mindlessly fingered his hole, he looked online, and even on the dark web, for a way to reverse this. Besides bottom surgery that wouldn’t completely solve his problems, there were no drugs or anything to turn his pussy back into a cock.

Deandra confirmed it after Tyler went to her again, after getting fucked by some random dude on campus Cam was friends with. “I told you, Tyler, you’ll be the slut with the loose pussy. Maybe watch your language next time you’re talking to a woman. You’ll never know what they can do to you.”

“Bitch!” Tyler screamed, as the door was closed once again in his face, which really didn’t help matters out that much. Tyler had tried to keep the news of him having a pussy under control, but Cam had told one of his gay friends, who was quite the blabbermouth, and soon enough, the entire campus knew about the jock with a pussy. However, it did mean that most of the gay men on campus who wanted to fuck a pussy, but wanted it to still be with a dude, contacted Tyler.

He had no shortage of men who fucked him, and he did turn into a slut with a loose pussy like Deandra had warned him about. But along with the quick change, turning his cock into a pussy, the drug Tyler ingested also slowly warped his mind, making him more and more comfortable with what had happened to him. By the time he graduated two years later, he was proud of being a slut for cock, and had even come out as a gay man, a gay man with a pussy that he was proud of too.

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