Mischa’s Day in the Spotlight

This is for @mctf21. He’s been waiting for this for quite some time.

For the first time, ever, Dr. Chris would not be sending over a guy for Mischa to hypnotize. No, Adam Charlton had found the gym all by himself, and had begun frequenting it. Mischa worked out with his men, so he was able to get a good look at Adam, often shirtless and sweaty by the end of his workout. He knew that he wanted the man, but not to send off to Celebworld or even Roscoe’s weird porn thing. No, he wanted Adam all to himself.

Thanks to Mischa also being the owner of the gym, there weren’t any hoops to jump through to get Adam alone in his office. He had been waiting in there for quite some time, charging up his hypnotic power. So, when he unleashed it all on the unsuspecting hot jock, something changed.

Adam’s eyes became colorful and starting spinning in spirals, but the amount of power he had over this man was quite different when compared to someone like Calum Von Moger. He could order Adam around all he wanted, and there was no way he would break free from the hypnosis. The hypnotic blast was a bit tiring, so Adam returned to the office later that day when Mischa was all set to explain Adam’s new life.

“Adam, you are now my boyfriend. I will be the only person you think about sexually, even if they wave their genitals in front of your face. You will also do anything I say, without question. I am both your master and your lover. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I understand,” Adam said, as he got up and kissed his boyfriend for the first time. As Adam went back out to work out some more, Mischa made some calls to the team. Adam would be his equal, albeit the only hypnotized one on their team right now. The others didn’t mind, and so Mischa had no qualms about fucking his boyfriend later that night.

Mischa was actually the best suited out of all the people in the Celebworld circle, as his speciality, muscle men and fitness models, had to work out every day to maintain their physiques, so nobody batted an eye when they didn’t show themselves in public for a while. Dr. Chris and Trevor decided to up the number of these men, as it was easier than firing up the obnoxious ray Trevor had to use to disassociate memories.

Mischa needed a spokesman, though, and he decided on the likes of Kenan Engerini. A fucking hot man in his own right, he had also begun venturing into commercials and bit acting, so Mischa knew that he would be perfect for promoting the brand. Like always, it didn’t take much for the lunk to come check out Mischa’s gym and get hypnotized by the transformed Tumblr writer.

Mischa imbued a smidgen of his hypnosis into Kenan, so that when select men saw him on screen or heard his dulcet tones over the radio, they would fall into Mischa’s trap. He did want to enjoy his newest slave first, but after an intense evening of sex that left both muscle-heads tired, he had to let Kenan go and work his magic on the small screen. Just a few days after the first commercial had wrapped and aired, Mischa began fielding calls left and right from prospective clients, many of them Mischa would love to have hypnotized in his gym.
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Birthday story


Dr Chris had a long day of paperwork ahead, so he was dreading the next 6 hours. He made a nice cup of green tea and was plowing through files when suddenly he heard a knock on the door. He checked his schedule and saw it empty as he expected. “A surprise client? They’re glad I have nothing better to do.” He opened the door and saw Olympic Dutch gymnast Epke Zonderland, looking distressed. “You’re Dr Chris, right?” he asked, with a very thick Dutch accent. Chris smirked. “I’m not breaking and entering no, and this is his office!” Epke visibly relaxed. “Nice, I was at another office accidentally, glad I found you now. Is it okay if I come in? It’s kind of urgent, so I’m sorry if I don’t have an appointment and I get it if you can’t see me right now, but I really need your help right now and-” At this point, Chris turned around and walked back to his chair. Epke stared at him in confusion as Chris sat down. “Are you sitting down? I don’t like standing inductions.” Epke sighed in relief, thanked Chris profoundly and pulled out his Chair. “Don’t you want to take off your coat?” “No thanks doctor, I’ll keep it on for now.”

“So Epke, what is so urgent that you couldn’t make an appointment?” Epke looked at his hands and fidgeted for a little until blurting out “I think I’m gay and my son is pushing me to my limits.” Chris was mid-sip and the sudden outburst surprised him, causing him to spit out some of the tea. “Okay, what do you want me to do?” “Well I’m not sure, but ideally you’d get me to both get less frustrated by my kid and accept my attraction to men.” Chris pondered for a little and then started his usual script. “I want you to lie down and relax. Close your eyes, and listen to my voice. You are getting sleepy. You enjoy the sound of my voice. You want to listen to my voice. You want to obey my voice. Epke, I will now count backwards from 5. When I reach 1, you will be completely under my control, and open your eyes.

5, you are starting to go under.

4, you’re getting deeper.

3, I control you now.

2, no one else matters but me.

1, I am your Master.”

Epke’s eyes opened up from his short nap, revealing the usual rainbow spiral. “Epke, from now on you’ll have no problem with your sexuality. You’ve been gay for a while now and you know that it’s accepted. You’ll call your wife after this session and tell her that you’re not into her anymore and that you want to divorce her so you can live your truth. You’ll give her custody and do anything she wants, but you’ll still visit your kid once every month. “I will become a bachelor again, Master.” “Great, now strip down for me.” “Yes, Master.” Epke’s hands went up to the zipper of his coat. Chris wasn’t expecting what was underneath though. Epke was wearing just a latex suit! He quickly dropped his coat and sweatpants, standing at attention with his dickprint clearly visible.

“Got something to tell me, boy?” Epke blushed. “I was sent here by someone who said he was a friend of yours, Grant something. He gave me this latex suit and since then I’ve been having gay thoughts. It’s also been causing marriage issues since I love the suit so much that I never take it off.” Chris laughed. “So this is a present eh? Well, you’re taking it off now, I want to see that dick and ass.” Epke nodded. “Yes, Master.” Epke reached towards his back and pulled down the zipper, unveiling his muscular gymnast body. His ass was okay, nothing spectacular. His cock though, that was a whole different story. Thick, veiny and around 9 inches, with trimmed golden pubes around it and a nice large pair of nuts.

“Jerk off for me” Chris added. He switched on the camera while Epke grasped his dick, stroking and flexing his impressive biceps. He started to tweak his own nipples and moan, causing a stirring in Chris’ pants as well. He went behind the chair and his hands started gliding over Epke’s biceps and pecs, while Epke rubbed his face against his Master’s crotch, hoping to get a taste. Chris happily obliged and fished out his own cock, which immediately got devoured by a hungry slave. Chris grabbed a handful of Epke’s curly hair and started to pound hard while Epke’s moans grew in volume. They finally came to a climax as ropes of cum flew out of Epke’s cock, coating his pecs, abs and side of his face. With one last hard suck, he got Chris to unload in his mouth at the same time. Epke swallowed as much as he could, but a drop of cum escaped and trailed down his chin.

Dr Chris straightened his suit and went back to his seat while Epke cleaned himself up. “So Epke, I take it your problems with sexuality have been resolved?” With hunger in his eyes, Epke licked his lips. “They sure have Master! Here’s my number, if you’re ever around and need a hole to pound, please think of me!” Epke grabbed a businesscard, layed it on the desk and walked through the door. A few seconds later, he heard a man gasp and whistle in the corridor and Epke sprinted through the door. “Sorry Sir, forgot my clothes.” He hastly grabbed his clothes, forgetting a shoe in the progress. Chris laughed, shook his head and tossed it out before closing the door.

“5 and a half much more bearable hours to go.”

Happy birthday to my friend and moderator @cinaedefuri! Wanted to try my hand at a Dr Chris story and give him what I consider prime Dutch beef. Hope both you and he enjoy it!

@grant-spiraltf wrote me a fantastic birthday present in the form of a Dr. Chris story! Follow him too and consider joining our Discord. DM us for more information, and happy fapping!
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Jughead’s Dad(s)

F.P. had just gotten the news: Fred Andrews had died. After the rash of serial killers and bizarre roleplaying game deaths, something as mundane as a heart attack just didn’t seem right for Fred. However, F.P. was certainly thankful Fred hadn’t fallen victim to either of those. Archie had recently turned eighteen, but there was another issue at hand, that Mary Andrews couldn’t come to Riverdale for some time. She was wrapped up in a big trial, and she couldn’t afford to even take one day off.

So, Archie graciously moved into the Jones’ house, now a bit cramped with Betty and her mom living there too. But F.P. sorely missed Fred, and wished he hadn’t left. As it turned out, his wish might have been able to be granted when opening a spam email at the sheriff’s office. The malware detector didn’t do anything, so F.P. tentatively clicked on the link that brought him to a somewhat shady website. He typed in his desire into the text box, and after he pressed send, he was told that the potion would arrive in 8-10 business days.

A couple weeks had passed, and F.P. had all but forgotten about it. The Jones-Andrews-Cooper gang had gotten into a schedule when a package was placed on the sheriff’s desk early one morning. F.P. saw the name and remembered exactly what he had ordered. He opened up the box and saw a vial inside, much like one of those mini-alcoholic beverages. He uncorked it, and it smelled aromatic. He knew it wouldn’t be too difficult to mix this into one of Archie’s post-workout smoothies.

And he did that the very next day. “Thanks, Mr. Jones! I hope Mad Dog doesn’t mind that I’ll be arriving a few minutes early today!” Sheriff Jones just smiled as his plan was being put into action. He had a half-day at work today, so that when Archie came home, he was the only one there. Jughead was off on some newspaper internship most days, and the Cooper women were once again testifying against the Farm. When Archie walked through the door, F.P. had started to notice some changes in the young man.

He had started to grow some facial hair, even though Archie was normally clean-shaven. His roots had started to turn grey, but he was still a fiery redhead. His body appeared to be more muscular, and he was bulging out of his clothes. F.P. also noticed the beginning of some wrinkles and stretch marks Archie should definitely not have at his age. After Archie went and showered, “it was too packed at the boxing gym”, F.P. saw the potion had really worked its magic. Archie had stepped into the bathroom looking like a teenager, but had emerged looking like an adult around F.P.’s age. He still looked a whole lot like Archie, but just aged up dramatically.

As he stepped out of the bathroom, he hugged F.P. and kissed him squarely on the lips. The last part of F.P.’s wish was that Archie, aged up and looking somewhat similar to Fred, would be his husband, now that his wife had left him, for real. The two planned to have a city hall wedding the next day, but first they had to explain what happened to Jughead, who had come home from his internship.

“So let me get this straight? You fucking aged Archie up and made him into a pseudo-Fred lookalike because you’ve secretly had a crush on him for ages, and now you two are going to marry tomorrow and Archie will become my step-father?”

“That about sums it up,” Archie said, smiling at his best friend-cum-step-son.

“That doesn’t even crack the top ten of crazy shit that has gone down in this town,” Jughead said, out loud, as he went to his bedroom to process everything he has just learned.

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Five Star Ride

Juan arrived at the address the Uber app had sent him to. It was an apartment building, but as he soon found out, it was an apartment building for seniors. The only reason Juan disliked seniors was that they were so chatty. He wanted to focus on driving, but they always asked him if he had a significant other, how much did he work out, stuff like that. Three little old ladies hobbled out of the front door and into the back seat.

“Juan?” asked the lady in the middle, in a blue dress.

“Yes, ma’am. And where to?”

“The mall!” said the woman on her left, wearing a similar dress, but in red.

“Okay,” Juan said. There was only one mall close by, and he plugged it into his app. As he drove away from the building, the women started chatting. It wasn’t about him, but actually about his generation.

“I heard on the news this morning some girls are using ‘they’ to refer to themselves now. What utter bullcrap is that!” said the third lady, dressed in green.

“I think they’re called non-binary folks, Cecelia. But I agree with you. Growing up, you were a boy or a girl, or a tomboy or a sissy. None of this in-between crap,” said the lady in red.

“And it’s even proliferated into romance novels,” Blue added. “The main character in my book is a poly-romantic demisexual, whatever the fuck that means. I used to love the author, but now I won’t be reading any of her books.”

“Those damn Millennials, changing everything to suit their snowflake feelings!” Juan had been quiet throughout the conversation, but that had been his breaking point. He was a Millennial himself, and he had this job because he couldn’t pay for college tuition, even though these three women probably could, with no loans to boot! But Juan also had a dirty little secret that he had been hoping to try out.

His abuela had given him this magic powder that turned anybody he wanted into a big strong muscular man. He kept it in the car, and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. He allowed the powder to enter the air vents and circulate around the car. From prior experience, he knew it wouldn’t work on him. The ladies continued to chat away, discussing how gays and lesbians no longer hid themselves, and got into a heated discussion about “that soccer player lesbian with bright pink hair”.

As they continued to bitch, Juan was noticing some changes start to occur. The old women’s facial hair grew in length and darkened. Their skin started to show some signs of reverse aging, and the hair on their scalps was also changing color too. As they discussed drag queens and women wearing pants, their boobs, loose and floppy from old age, retreated back into their bodies and became pecs, fairly big ones at that. Their arms also gained a lot more muscle, and throughout their entire body, all of their wrinkles and folds had disappeared.

Soon, the topics switched to war and how a surprising number of men, and women, were pacifists and wanted to avoid war at all costs. Blue brought up her late husband who she had met in a VA hospital in the States. Juan just smiled as the changes continued to occur, the ladies getting six packs of their own. Their genitalia was changing, replacing their frumpy old vaginas with long and juicy cocks. Ironically, the topic at hand soon changed to transgender individuals, which all three vehemently denying they should have ever existed. Red even said, “God gave you a penis or a vagina when you were born. That’s not something people should be allowed to change!”

Juan was thankful that the bodily changes were also finished, the women getting toned and muscular legs and ending with their asses, getting more round and plump. Green was ready to jump into the semantics of “bunk science for transgenders” when the powder finally affected their brains, making the three women realize that they were now brawny and muscular men in dresses that were bursting at the seams. The three men, now Millennials, had no problem exiting the car in dresses, although Blue did mention they were a bit uncomfortable in those specific dresses, and regular guy clothes would be the first thing they’d buy. Juan watched as Blue also took out his phone and paid him, as well as giving him five stars.

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Office of Desires: Chapter 1

It had been a rough week for Alex. His wife had hinted they were on the verge of splitting up, he got demoted at work because of budget cuts, and now the doctor’s office was calling him, presumably with bad news. It took a lot of strength not to scream into the phone.

“Hello? Alex Charlton?”

“Yes, that’s me. What’s this about?”

“Your doctor, Dr. Bentley, has a family emergency he needed to attend to. However, Dr. Xavier Faraday has graciously taken on some of Dr. Bentley’s clients for the time being. He’s fairly new to the practice, so we are terribly sorry if no information comes up on our website.”

“No problem,” Alex gruffly replied. “Appointment’s the same time?”

“Yes, Mr. Charlton. We’ll see you tomorrow.” The receptionist hung up, and Alex breathed a sigh of relief. He really liked Dr. Bentley, but at least his appointment date wasn’t changed. He needed this physical for his job, and even though he was the hunt for a new one, he didn’t want to be without a paycheck, even if it was less money than usual.

He came home to an empty house and his wife’s car not in the driveway. “Good,” he thought to himself. “She’s probably fucking some stranger right now, but I don’t really give a shit.” That was actually true, but that didn’t matter, as Alex would soon forget he even had a wife. Once he got inside the house, he stripped to his boxers and made himself some dinner. That bitch didn’t even the decency to save last night’s leftovers. He showered, jacked off to some lesbian porn, and then fell asleep in front of the TV, watching re-runs of Modern Family.

Thankfully, his circadian rhythm was pretty sound, and so he woke up at around seven, even though it was a weekend. He got rid of his morning wood and pissed. He glanced out one of the front windows and saw that his wife’s car was still not in the driveway. He didn’t care, and got himself ready to go to the doctor’s office when it opened at nine. A little trick he learned, surprisingly from his wife, was to go to the doctor’s office ASAP, even if you had an appointment. That way, the doc could slip you in if a patient cancels or misses, which at least one is bound to do, and so it doesn’t cause a backlog in the office later in the day.

Alex arrived at the office around 9:30, much to the shock of the receptionist, who was now male. Alex had never seen him before, but he didn’t give a crap about gender roles, and got out his phone and started scrolling through Twitter after he checked in. If he had looked up for a few seconds, he would have realized small changes in the office. Previously an office for all sexes, it now had a very strong male lean, and a couple of walk-ins were actually asked to go to a different office. The few female doctors in the office were mysteriously taken off all paperwork and scrubbed from memory. It was almost like an urology practice, but for internal medicine.

As it happened, Dr. Faraday’s 10:15 didn’t show up, and so Alex was escorted by the nurse to the familiar office space of Dr. Bentley’s. A few minutes after getting his vitals checked and recorded, Dr. Faraday walked into the room, and he was not at all what Alex was expecting.

Xavier would not look out of place on Grey’s Anatomy or one of those medical shows, with his lab coat nearly bursting at the seams, and not to mention his khakis, with an obvious and sizable bulge. And when he happened to turn around to close the door, Alex got a look at an ass which you could put a glass on, it was so big. He was straight, a pure 1 on the Kinsey scale, but damn, this dude was hot!

“I’m sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you, Mr. Charlton,” Dr. Faraday said, in a husky tone of voice, as he stared down at the paperwork.

“It’s no problem. I’ve had physicals for quite a few years with a male doc. Nothing weird with a dude handling my junk or sticking fingers up my hole.”

“I see,” Dr. Faraday replied. “I’ll do my best not to make it seem weird. However, for legal reasons, I’ll just need you to sign some additional forms before we begin. I promise you, it’s nothing weird; it’s just some legalese, especially because this physical is for your work,” Xavier added, as Alex made a puzzled face on why the doctor needed even more forms.

“Ok,” Alex signed, as he signed and initialed wherever a tab was. The physical itself then started, and it was smooth sailing as usual. Alex tried to be the dominant one between the two, as he was relatively fit and prided himself on a visible six pack, something many men his age didn’t have. However, it was no use trying to beat Xavier, especially once he took his lab coat off. His button-down was about to burst, and Alex got a look at some small parts of his hairy chest. Even the genital part of the exam wasn’t that much different, although Alex did think that Dr. Faraday lingered a bit too long down there.

However, when he went to get dressed, Xavier stopped him. “Oh, you don’t need to do that. It will be easier on me if you don’t, that’s what I mean.” Alex looked at his doc with a puzzled look, and went to grab his underwear regardless. Dr. Faraday, with his lab coat back on, then pulled out a needle that had been hiding in one of his pockets and jabbed it into Alex’s shoulder. The fit man was powerless to resist as the knockout solution coursed through his veins. The last thing he saw was Dr. Faraday picking up his unconscious body and beginning to drag it.

Alex didn’t know how much time had passed, but he did wake up eventually, still nude and strapped to a metal operating table, one of those you normally see in horror movies. He seemed to be in some sort of an underground lab, as there were no windows, but harsh artificial lighting. His head wasn’t bound, so he craned his neck and looked at what else was down here. There were various types of medical equipment, some much more devious looking than other. But what scared him the most were the giant boxes by the door, labelled with specific body parts. Penis, testicles, and even asshole had boxes upon boxes, while eyes, nose, and most other body parts had only one, or shared a box.

The door soon creaked upon, and in walked Xavier, nude himself. The man was a literal sex god, Alex thought, his cock flopping as he walked, inches past his balls, which were pretty huge themselves.

Then he realized that he had trapped him down here, and that he was straight. “What the fuck is wrong with you!? And where the fuck am I?”

“You’re in the basement of the medical office building, Alex, my headquarters. You see, you will be the first of many men that I am going to experiment on. The government and other doctors say my methods are ‘unethical’ and ‘weird’ and ‘have no scientific merit’. Well, I’m going to prove those bitches wrong!”

“Um, and what happens if this gets out?”

“Those forms you signed? Yeah, they give me complete control over you and your body. And if you do leave, highly unlikely, then you are under a strict gag order. If you decide to break it, I will bring you back here, and decide that just one thing done to my victim isn’t enough.” As the horror really set in for Alex, his eyes widened and his mouth opened, in a comical ‘shocked’ expression.

“You are a sick and perverted psycho-” Alex was going to finish, but Xavier put a tight ballgag in his mouth. Alex, now mute, watched as Xavier walked over to one of the ‘penis’ boxes and took out another needle, this one much more colorful, which probably wasn’t a very good sign. As he popped the cap off, he explained to Alex what he would be going through.

“This right here is growth serum, but a special formula made so that only your cock is affected. I want to see how far the body can grow a cock before there are side effects.” Xavier just smirked, but Alex moaned, not wanting to have some obnoxiously long dong. His hands and feet were securely bound, but as it turned out, he had to close his eyes as the needle was injected directly into a vein on his cock.

Alex opened his eyes a few seconds later, only to find Xavier had left the room. This was not a fast-acting serum, so Alex moaned and writhed in pain as he felt his cock getting longer and longer, but only by a few milli-inches at a time. He was somehow able to fall asleep even though his body was constantly in intense pain. He must have gotten used to it. However, he was rudely awakened some time later when he felt a sharp squeeze on his head, his cockhead.

After blinking a few times, he soon found out just where Xavier was touching himself. His flaccid cock was now by his feet, and according to a chart that he could see on Xavier’s clipboard, wouldn’t stop growing. “You’re up! Tell me, was it painful, having your cock grow this long?” he asked, as he took the ballgag out.

“Fuck yeah, man, it was fucking painful! It felt someone was pulling on my cock for hours but never let go! And when is it fucking going to stop!?” Alex replied, anguished.

“That, I don’t know. Remember, you are my guinea pig. But the penis has shown remarkable plasticity. Do you mind if I see if I can get it erect?”

“Do I fucking mind? Yes I fucking mind, but there’s nothing I can do about it!” Alex was forced to watch as this doctor and total pervert jerked off his massive cock. He wasn’t expecting it to get hard, considering how far the blood needed to flow, but it slowly got hard and raised itself off the floor, almost touching the wall on the other side of the room once it got fully erect.

“Wonderful!” Xavier said, as he recorded some information with childlike glee. Alex, well he was a little excited this monster dick actually worked, but also knew that he couldn’t go out in society with a flaccid cock that would poke out from under his jeans. Testing like that went on for a few more days, or so Alex thought. He couldn’t really tell how much time had passed, but he knew it was at bare minimum, three days. A couple more days passed before Xavier had good news, in some twisted sense of the word. “Your cock has stopped growing,” he explained, with a weird mixture of sadness and curiosity.

Alex just looked down at his dick, which was past his toes now and was a couple feet or so away from him, the shaft completely on the ground while totally flaccid. “It would appear that the body sees the penis as an extension of itself, so growth stops at the maximum allowable limit the brain has right now, approximately eight feet.”

“Great, so now I have an eight foot cock. And I’m going to hate myself for asking, but how big is it erect?”

“That I cannot ascertain yet, due to the dimensions of the room. But scientists will just be happy to know the flaccid length. And it’s on my next subject soon!”

“Wait! More men will be subjected to this torture!? And what will do you with me?”

“Well, Alex, we’ll move you out of the lab and into one of the cells labelled ‘Penis’ up above it. That way, any visitors who walk by know you’re not a freak of nature, but a science experiment.” Xavier said that with such chilling exactness that it was once again too late for Alex as more knockout solution was pumped into him. He woke up quicker this time, but now locked in a metal cage. He screamed and screamed, but nobody would ever hear him. Up on the surface, in the office, Xavier Faraday had officially taken over and now only accepted male clients in a variety of specialties, even though his only board certification was in internal medicine. Of course, those men he actually saw would become unwilling experiments, so it wasn’t too much of a problem.
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My Nice Wet Slave

I’m always on the lookout for new subs. Normally, they would have to go through a whole process of vetting a dom, making sure it’s a right fit, all that shit. I never have that problem, because I’m a trained hypnotist. I can make any guy fall under my control, without fail. I was scrolling through Instagram one day when I came across this picture.

His name was Sebastian, and I just loved the expression that he was making. That vacuous look in his face meant that he was a prime subject for hypnosis, and I DM’ed him, hoping to get a response back. I did, just a few seconds later, and we chatted for a couple hours. What Seb didn’t realize was that I was slowly putting triggers in the text and hypnotizing him right now. It just seemed totally natural for him to send me a nude pic when I asked. Seeing his naked body, I knew I wanted him as a personal slave.

The level of hypnosis he was under wasn’t that deep yet, so I spent the next day getting Seb deeper and deeper until he was ready to give up all control to me. Some might say this is unethical, but I don’t give a fuck. I was given a talent and use it however I want it. And if there is a problem, the same talent can get me out of it. Anyways, Seb agreed to come live with me as my live-in slave, and I set up everything. My new slave would be arriving in a couple days, and I had just the plan for him.

You see, just having a live-in slave isn’t all that fun. It gets tiring after a while, so I like to spice things up a bit. Sebastian here was going to find out that he loved being wet. But me being me, I would make sure wet just didn’t refer to actual water. So, when Seb arrived at my humble abode a couple days later, the first thing I had him do was change into some shorts and hop into the pool. And I know this was my fault, but Seb didn’t look all too excited to get in the pool. I snapped a picture before asking him.

“It’s just that pools are a ridiculous waste of water. That’s not to mention-”

“Hush,” I said, not wanting to hear this bizarre tirade on pools. Instead, I instilled in him his love for all things wet, and it wasn’t long at all before I saw his nice bubble butt peeking through the surface as began to do laps. Once he was tired from all the swimming, I brought him inside to check out his new home. He did have to put his pants back on, though, as my pesky neighbor sometimes liked to peek over the fence. He was one of those rare folks I couldn’t hypnotize, but I digress.

I showed Seb around the house, pointing out where he would be sleeping, eating, and going to the bathroom. We soon made our way to the master bedroom.

“And here is my bedroom. You are not allowed to be in here unless you are sexually serving me. Would you like to do that, Sebastian? Would you like to have sex with your new Master right now?”

“Yes, Master, oh, anything for my Master!” He had such a big grin on his face I had to get it on camera first.

He dropped his pants now that we were safely inside and I locked the bedroom door. He stripped me, revealing the toned and muscular body that he would soon be worshipping. But not today, because I was horny and wanted to get into sex with Sebastian straight away. He dropped to his knees and started to suck me off. One pity about my new slave was that he was formerly straight. During the couple days between my hypnosis and his arrival, I told him to read up on gay sex, and practice if he could.

It seemed like he was able to get in a whole lot of practice, as his teeth never brushed up against my cock, and he was even better than fucking than some of the gay whores I had brought home from the club before. Seb knew how to sensually suck me off, slowly moving his mouth down my shaft and using his tongue to caress it at the same time. He licked my piss slit, and even played with my perineum, something I hadn’t learned about until recently. Thank god for the internet!

He quickly got into a rhythm, and got me moaning and groaning like a bitch in heat. I would have no such thing, and as soon as I broke from my revelry, I grabbed Seb by his beautiful blonde locks and started to viciously face fuck him. His big blue eyes started to have tears rolling from them as I attacked his face, pushing my cock farther down his throat than he ever dreamed of. Spit began to fall from the corners of his mouth and he began to choke a little. Even a master like me knows that’s when it’s time to pull back, but also knows that the slave is ready for it to go back down again just seconds later.

I wasn’t going to cum in this hole, so a few minutes later, I let go of Seb’s hair, and he collapsed to the ground, in a sea of sweat.

“Get the fuck up,” I said, “and on the bed.” Seb complied, but I also saw him taste his own sweat. That was one of the “wet” things that he now learned to love. How very cute. Maybe I could take a page out of his book and use him instead of wasting water on showers. I decided I would do that as I got out some lube and a condom. As Seb spread his cheeks wide open in preparation for me to fuck him, I found out he was very tight.

His hole could barely accept my finger, but he did tell me that both holes had been used. So, I made sure his hole was well lubricated, as was my cock, and I rammed my cock in there. As I expected, and hoped for, Seb screamed out in pain. I’m a sadist, so I loved breaking in my new slave, pushing my cock deeper and deeper into his hole. Once I got past the tight beginning, his hole was somewhat loose and ready for my cock. I was able to get all my cock inside, balls touching ass for the first time. Both of us moaned as I reached that point, and then Seb started to scream again as I began to fuck him.

That was music to my ears, and thankfully, it turned to moans and groans quickly enough. I don’t want that fucking annoying neighbor thinking I’m murdering someone. Seb was also starting leak pre-cum. In his case, it was pretty watery, and you all know where this is going. My new slave rubbed his own piss slit and licked off his pre-cum. I found that ridiculously hot, and so picked up my intensity. That caused him to moan and groan all over again. And while he wasn’t licking his own sweat again, Seb’s body was getting sweatier by the second. I loved watching some of it bounce off his body after a particularly intense thrust.

I was a verbal fucker, but I would save my sweet nothings for another day. I pulled my cock out, and it appeared that Seb would need a bit more training, as he didn’t turn around and anxiously wait for me to cum. I was going to remedy that, but first I had to get over him and open his mouth wide. I used my other hand to jerk myself off and cum in his mouth. It was a sight to behold, me spewing ropes of cum from my cock and this little fucker eating it all up, literally. Seb made sure that my cock was completely clean before I allowed him to flop onto the bed, in a pile of his sweat. I wanted him to take a selfie to commemorate our first fuck.

I will admit, I fucking love this look on Seb. Maybe just have him shower me with his tongue every day. Then I’ll really save on the water bill. And look at him. He’s getting hard just looking at the picture he took of himself. I fucking love my life!
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