Brought Down a Peg

With the advent of social media, voyeurs no longer needed to trek to bodybuilding competitions or Muscle Beach to stalk hot muscular men, also known as Alphas. Now, they could do it from the safety of their own home, through Instagram. One such Alpha was known to his followers as just Joshua.

To an everyday person, he looked like an Asian stud, but those who liked a lot of his pictures got a special surprise. He ran a secret OnlyFans account, where viewers could pay big bucks to see Joshua enact one of their many fantasies, or just lord over them like the Alpha he was. Many of those who learned about Joshua’s secret page were Omegas, those who needed an Alpha in their life. However, Trystan was not.

He didn’t subscribe to all that mumbo-jumbo, but his brother did. Since he was in charge of their joint finances, he saw his brother’s bank account slowly swindle away, all going to this Joshua person. Trystan eventually got out of his brother the account handle and how to access the secret account. With a flurry of likes, and even being one of the first to like his most recent pic, Trystan was in.

One thing he learned from his brother was that while Joshua made the first move, he never responded. Therefore, Trystan had to put in some hard work. He signed up for an OnlyFans account, and cringed at the price he had to pay for access to Joshua. It was all going to be worth it in the end, however. He found his way over to the request portion of the site, and got it all set up.

He patiently waited over the next few weeks, as his name climbed and climbed the list, until it was finally at number one. The next day, Trystan got a PM from Joshua himself. It was a video, which he opened up and played.

“Hello Master Trystan. I am now your worthless bitch slave. I will do whatever you tell me to. No one else matters but you, Master.”

“Good,” Trystan thought to himself. He had sent Joshua to a link, which was just a simple hypnotic spiral laced with his commands. The vapid hunk quickly got ensnared by the video, and Trystan was going to have some fun. The next day, Joshua’s public video wasn’t the next request. It was him getting humiliated by someone through the web. He had to drink his own piss and eat dirt, amongst other things. Trystan’s voice was loud and clear through the speakers, although it was masked heavily.

Not long after, Joshua’s pay structure changed to something much more lenient. Trystan forced him to give back as much as he could to those afflicted, and even raised some more by hosting a contest where the lucky bidder would get a private video where it was no holds barred. Literally anything the winner wanted, he would do. Trystan just sat back and admired his handiwork, especially the steady stream of income he had coming in from Joshua.

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In the Workplace

“And then, he, uh, uh,…” Christy couldn’t even finish the sentence, but Donald knew what she was trying to say. Their boss, the CEO of the company, Zander Rogers had sexually assaulted the young and naïve new employee.

“It’s okay, Christy. I know exactly how to solve this problem. Go home while I work something out with Zander.”

“Okay,” Christy responded, holding back tears. As she left, Donald got to work unearthing the files that he needed. They were hidden in the deep recesses of his Documents folder, so no unsuspecting intern or employee would ever find them. Eventually, he got there, and then called up his email. He quickly wrote a convincing looking email to Zander, not mentioning Christy, yet. He then attached the files, making sure their thumbnails looked inconspicuous as well.

Zander then got the email a few minutes later. Because of the #MeToo movement, and the fact the company employed a high number of females, he had to open and read each HR email, and respond back. Once he saw one come in from Donald, he quickly read it over. Thankfully, this one was just contracts and stuff, but he did have to look at the attachments. He pressed the first one, entitled contracts.

To his surprise, a document did not open. Instead, it was a program that unleashed a giant spiral onto his screen. There was no way to close it, and Donald had worked closely with his friends in IT to make sure no matter what happened, the spiral would remain working on the screen. The hypnotic effect quickly took over, and Zander slumped down in his seat. He listened as words droned on in the background, bringing him deeper and deeper.

A few minutes later, Donald arrived at his office and was let in. He had earplugs in, and the program on his phone ready to turn off the hypno program. He did so, and Zander became much more alert. However, one of the many commands drilled into him while he was under was the first man he looked at would be his master. That was, of course, Donald.

“What can I do for you, Master?”

“I know what you did to Christy, so now it’s time for revenge. You are going to record yourself jerking off in your offices to loud and verbal gay porn. Once you’re finished, you’ll send me the video, and I’ll send it out so the entire world can see what a disgrace you are. And it will mean Christy will come out on top, in arbitration or trial.”

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Asking Questions

Tyler rushed home from school. It was nearing the end of the year, and he was just invited to a party. A boy-girl party, if you know what I mean. That meant no parents would be home, which was an issue with Tyler’s dad, Brian. He was overly protective of his son, being the only family he had left. Tyler was 18, however, and wanted more freedom from his father. He arrived home and heard the sounds of a shower coming from upstairs. Dad usually worked the 4 to 12 shift, so showering around this time wasn’t too out of the ordinary.

Tyler went into the master bedroom and sat on the bed. His father had a strict rule about not entering the bathroom while someone else was in there. Tyler stuck to that rule, but that meant he was a bit bored. He looked around and noticed his dad had stripped in the bedroom, and not the bathroom. Lying on the ground was an orange jockstrap. Tyler was gay, which his father and the school knew about. He really wanted to go to the party because it was the first one he could go to this year where he actually had a chance of fucking someone. He picked up the jockstrap and brought it to his nose.

He breathed in the stench of his father. The slight tint of pre-cum mixed in with his father’s natural musk excited the senior, who absent-mindedly sniffed the underwear as the shower turned off. A few seconds later, Brian walked out of the bathroom, clad only in a modesty towel.

Brian said, a bit loudly. Tyler snapped out of it and turned around to see his imposing father figure standing over him, shirtless.

“I told you I don’t fucking care if you fuck boys, but I’m off-limits. You know your punishment.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Tyler replied, dropping the jockstrap to the ground. He stripped too as Brian dropped the towel and grabbed some lube from his bedside table. Tyler laid face down on his father’s bed, ready for his punishment. Before he started to fuck his son, Brian grabbed the jock he had been sniffing and shoved it into his mouth.

“Since you fucking love it so much, why don’t you enjoy it while it lasts.” Tyler mumbled in agreement. Brian then lubed up his cock and rammed it into his son. This was not the first time Brian had violated him, and Tyler was not a virgin, so the initial opening was not painful. However, the rest of it was. Tyler had never had a dick in his ass as long as his father’s, and he had an uncanny ability to hit his prostrate on that first thrust. Tyler yelped through the fabric of the jockstrap as Brian just smiled to himself.

As he quickly got himself into a rhythm, he grabbed his son’s hair and yanked him upwards, making him do a yoga pose, specifically cobra. Tyler made sure the jock was firmly lodged in his mouth as the vicious assault on his ass continued. It was quite loud in the bedroom, with Brian’s balls whipping against Tyler’s ass, and the whimpering Tyler had throughout the whole ordeal. Brian hated talking during sex, so all that was uttered from his end were carnal grunts and moans as he violated his son. Ironically, despite the whole ordeal caused by a scent, both of them had showers fairly recently, so the only scent was his father’s jockstrap deliciously close to his nostrils.

After a few minutes of getting his son getting his ass ravaged, Brian pulled out and ordered his son to flip over. He then covered his son in his thick and milky sperm, painting lines down his chest and even covering his jockstrap in some of his cum as well. As he left, he explained to Tyler, “Your shower had a drainage problem, and I have some stuff to do in the bathroom still.” Tyler had to wait as the rivers of cum on his body hardened as his father decided right now was the perfect time to shave his entire body.
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Nathan had just gotten the name of the athlete who had knocked his daughter up: Ryker. Such a stupid name, but his actions had very real consequences. Valerie, his daughter and head cheerleader, had just lost her child due to eclampsia. Thankfully, she made it through just fine, but Ryker was not going to have the same luck that she did. He waited for his revenge just to make it a bit sweeter.

Opportunity struck at the last game of the season. It was always the “big one”, but this one held some special merit, as if they won this game, then the football team would make it to the playoffs for the first time in a decade. Ryker was the team’s linchpin, and without him, the team would lose big time. Nathan waited for his chance to strike. Ryker had ordered UberEats, as part of a carbo load before the big game. Nathan intercepted the delivery and paid the driver big bucks to walk the load to the front door. He readily accepted the cash, and Nathan received the food.

Once he had turned the corner, he threw the food on the ground and made his way to the front door. He rang the doorbell and waited for Ryker to answer.

“Do you guys take Visa, or-” Ryker stopped when he saw Nathan standing on his doorstep. Val had just texted him that evening, as she couldn’t have her phone in the hospital. Nathan wasted no time and chloroformed the star jock. Despite the size difference, he overpowered him, and lugged him to his vehicle.

The next morning, Ryker woke up. He was stripped nude and was bound to a bed frame in a basement, which he quickly realized was Val’s guest bedroom. He went to scream, but it was muffled. He looked down and saw red on his mouth. He began thrashing, which woke up Nathan.

“Relax, you bitch. It’s just red duct tape. I heard Val texted you, so I won’t explain what happened. I will explain, however, what I will do to you. You knocked up my virginal daughter and then didn’t care enough to visit her in the hospital.” Ryker tried to get out that he just thought Val had mono or something, but of course, Nathan didn’t understand. “So I’m going to torture you all day. And for the icing on the cake, I’ll let you go with enough time to make it to the game. But will you actually want to play after I’m done with you?”

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Special Training

Robbie was one of the best jocks Stanton High had ever seen. He was a star three season athlete, and he excelled academically too. In fact, quite a few of the seniors did. This led to some great publicity for the school, but it also created a huge problem. The seniors were to graduate, naturally, but none of the teams would rise to the same caliber as this year’s. The football head coach and principal came up with a plan.

“Did you hear?” asked Robbie, to his guys at lunch. “The district just abolished age limits for sports! That means Roger can join the team next year!” Roger was a stellar athlete, but quite dumb. He had failed senior year three times now, but his incredibly rich parents had kept him in the school.

“I wonder how that will affect our school’s eligibility?” pondered one of Robbie’s friends, Stephen.

“The article says it’s slowly going district-wide.”

Later that day, after practice, Coach pulled all of the academic senior jocks aside.

“Men, I want you to do a trial run of a new program I’m thinking of using next year. You guys are the only ones on the team to have enough knowledge to understand.”

“Yes, Coach.” The jocks were led into the team room, where a projector was set up. Coach pressed play, and he started to set his part of the plan into motion. The video ostensibly talked about specific football plays and the calculations needed and what not, but underneath the video was a hypnotic spiral and subliminal messaging. The video went on for about an hour, and Coach couldn’t wait to see the effects the next day.

As he hoped, the duration of the video caused the effects to be noticeable. All of the jocks who had watched the video had become dumber overnight, it seemed. Most of them couldn’t answer questions in class, and one poor jock who had been dabbling in becoming a himbo prior couldn’t even do basic math. In the locker room that afternoon, the second-string quarterback voiced his concerns to Robbie.

“I don’t know what was in that video, but you shouldn’t watch any more of them. It’s making you dumb.”

Robbie asked the jock with long hair. The subliminal messages also made sure the men never realized they were actually going under and getting their minds warped.

“The video, Robbie! I saw Coach lug out the projector!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“UGH!” said the quarterback as he stormed away.

After practice, the same jocks were sent to watch the second video in the series, this time with a junior as well. Kyle, the long-haired second string QB was in there as well. None of the seniors questioned it as they further went under and became even more of a himbo.

The next day, the effects were even more dire for the jocks. Their clothing changed into something much more slutty, and their IQs dropped even lower. The poor himbo jock from yesterday couldn’t even spell his name correctly, let alone learn something in school. In the locker room, Kyle once again voiced his concerns, but not in the way he hoped.

“I watched the video yesterday, and I think Coach thinks I’m smarter than I’m letting on.”

Robbie exclaimed, oblivious to the fact Kyle didn’t get the subliminal message to not know about it. “Coach says we don’t even need to practice today! We get to watch the three-hour long finale!” Robbie forcefully grabbed Kyle’s hand and dragged him into the team room, where Coach played the video, which he made sure to include specific instruction for Kyle, who would forget about the whole thing.

A few weeks later, Mr. Amell demanded a meeting with the principal. He stormed into the office with Robbie in tow, who had a goofy grin on his face.

“I had my son’s IQ tested, Mr. Robinson. It’s in the single fucking digits. Robbie was excelling in school just a month ago. Do you know why he has suddenly become a himbo?”

“As a matter of fact, I do. This video explains our process.” Principal Robinson queued up a video that ostensibly explained what they had done, but was actually just a hypnotic spiral laced with commands for the parents. Mr. Amell allowed Robbie to play for the school as long as his coach desired. These jocks only had knowledge of sports in their brain, and pretty much nothing else. Robinson was ecstatic looking at the end of the year bank account, with the school’s funds the largest it had even been.
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The Town With Cum

Archie Andrews was late to wrestling practice, yet again. The excuse that he was banging the hot new math teacher would fly in the locker room, but not with Coach. He then realized he forgot his earbuds. When they weren’t working one-on-one, they could listen to their own music. He then realized his phone wasn’t in his pocket either. He walked over to Reggie, having already changed.

“Hey, Reg, is it possible if I use your phone today? I forgot mine.”

“Archie, why the fuck would I give you my phone?”

“Do you want to know what Ms. Walcott’s pussy tastes like?”

“You banged her! Fuck yeah, Andrews! Yeah, take my phone. Here’s the password.”

Archie, being the team’s star wrestler, finished his one-on-one first, and then went to do some more drills, including stretching and calisthenics. As he started to do trunk twists, he turned on Reggie’s phone and clicked on his workout playlist.

Archie thought, even though he assumed they had similar taste. It was heavy on the white noise and had this weird beat in the background, but it got him into a rhythm quickly, and he had one of his best workouts ever. After practice was over, he handed Reggie back his stuff.

“Thanks, man.”

“No problem. Just tell me when I can taste Ms. W’s pussy!”

“Got it,” Archie replied, as Reggie flashed the grin all the ladies, and Kevin, swooned over. School went by quickly the rest of the week, and then Archie woke up on Saturday with only one thought in his mind: I need to go to Reggie’s. His dad wasn’t home, so he hopped in his car and drove over. When he answered the door, he was surprised to see Reggie nude.

He had, of course, seen him nude before, doing practically every sport with him, but never at home.

“Like what you see, Andrews?”

“Fuck yeah I do! Is your dad home?”

“He’s on a business trip this weekend. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

“Sure!” Normally, Archie never would have even thought about going upstairs with a nude Reggie. The Asian jock would be nursing a shiner before he did that, but something seemed different. Laid out on Reggie’s bedside table was some lube and Magnum condoms.

“How’d you know I need the big size, too, Reg?”

“I’ve seen you naked a bunch of times, Andrews. Even I know you’re a Magnum dude.” To accentuate his knowledge, he went over to Archie and grabbed his crotch, revealing Archie had a hard-on. “Let’s get you out of these sweats and on to my bed.”

“Yes, sir.” Archie was a bit shocked he had called Reggie sir. They were the same age, but he just loved as the hunky three season athlete helped him to take off all his clothes.

“I see someone freeballed this morning.”

“Yes, sir, just like you told me.”

“That’s right. I must have forgotten. Now let’s see how well you can suck dick, Andrews.” Archie, without a second thought, dropped to his knees, and positioned Reggie’s cock just over his mouth. He slowly and sensually moved up the cock, using his tongue to lather it all up, playing with Reggie’s balls at the same time. Reggie knew Archie had a bad gag reflex, so he didn’t want the poor lad to deepthroat him, but he did get very far before pulling back.

Reggie, being the alpha that he was, then grabbed a bunch of Archie’s fire-red hair and solidified his place as the dominant in this scenario. He controlled how fast and how much of Archie’s mouth went on to his cock, but he did leave the redhead alone when it came to his hands. Playing with both his balls and perineum left Reggie in a heavily aroused state that he really didn’t hate.

“Now get on the bed, ass-up, Andrews. I’m going to fuck you like the little bitch you are.”

“Yes, sir!” replied Archie, with a smile that would not be out of place in a porno. Reggie slipped on one of the Magnum condoms, and then lubed up his cock. Without warning, he rammed his cock into Archie’s asshole. Despite being totally straight, Archie didn’t yell. Reggie had wanted this to be natural, so what’s the problem?

“Andrews, why the fuck is your ass so loose? Have you been a bitch bottom for some other guys?”

“Jug and I used to fuck each other. Once he starting dating Betty, then we stopped.”

“You got fucking Jughead to fuck you!? I never knew he had it in him,” laughed Reggie, as he continued his assault on Archie’s ass. Unlike with his mouth, Reggie knew that his cock could go all the way, and he did not hold back. He was in more pain than Archie probably was, with the force of his balls slamming against Archie’s ass, which was starting to become the same color as his hair.

To compensate for the quiet and serene nature of Archie, Reggie turned into a vocal powerhouse. He repeatedly called Archie his little bitch, and Josie could hear Reggie’s moans and groans all the way in her house. Neither of the men had showered since Friday’s practice, so it reeked in the bedroom, but Reggie loved that scent. Archie would learn to love it too.

A few minutes later, Reggie was ready to cum. “Turn around, Andrews!” Archie laid on his back and watched as Reggie tore the condom off and ejaculated all over his hairless and muscular body. The initial cumshots even reached his face, and Archie lapped up all the cum he could, before Reggie went down on him again and passionately made out with his fellow jock.

Reggie caught up with Ms. Walcott a few days later. “Did it work?” she asked.

“Like a charm. I know you’re a lesbian and all, but I couldn’t just come out and say I wanted to fuck Andrews.”

“No problem, nephew. I know how that feels. Did the hypnosis work?”

“Andrews is my little bitch now, and he doesn’t even care. I heard he blew off plans with Jug, and just plainly told him it was because we fucked.”

“And my cash?” Reggie then handed his aunt a thick wad of cash.

“I finagled it out of Dad for your Christmas present.” Ms. Walcott just smiled to herself as the two of them parted ways.
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“Are you sure it will work? He’s a Kryptonian.”

“It will be all right.”

“If you say so.” The two green aliens stood on the rafter, waiting for their time to strike. Superman was beneath them, getting ready for a press appearance at Comic-Con. After he dismissed the hair and makeup people, he had a few minutes before he was set to go on. The two took that as their chance, and dropped down.

Their highly elastic bodies allowed them to bounce from Clark’s upper lip into his nostrils and into his brain, without him recognizing that something was wrong. He knew something was up, though, when he got and started to feel up his cock. Yes, he hadn’t cum in a while, but he was never this brazen. Then he started walking, even though he wasn’t telling his brain to do so.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!” he thought, as he walked through the backstage of the convention center, passing by the door he was supposed to go through.

Superman wanted to say, but couldn’t. Whatever was controlling him had shut him up for the time being. Once they made it outside, they forced Superman to fly, making his way to Antartica. There, he was brought aboard a ship that was clearly human sized, even though the people controlling him had to have been very small. His suspicions were confirmed when he walked himself into a cell, only to have two small green blobs come out of his nostrils, and roll away. He went to bend the metal bars, but found that he couldn’t.

“It’s Kryptonite-infused, my boy,” said an alien, walking towards him. “The explosion of your planet wasn’t all sent to Earth, it seems. Quite a bit landed on our home planet.”

“And what planet was that?”

“Selcitset, Superman.” Clark then remembered what his father had told him about this planet. It was full of male humanoid aliens, but the only problem was that they had no reproductive material. They gave birth by stealing sperm from other species.

“You’ll never get my cum,” Clark defiantly replied, making a Superman pose.

“I think so,” the alien said. “That cell is lined with kryptonite, and I can already see getting weaker by the second.” That was right, as Clark could barely support his arms in that pose, let alone fight.

“But how are going to transport me to your milking chamber?”

“Guards!” the alien screamed. Two bulkier aliens came into Clark’s eye line, carrying a collar and what appeared to be a giant ring.

“I understand the collar, but what’s the ring for?”

“The Boy Scout moniker is aptly given. It’s a fucking cock ring, Superman. Both are laced with high amounts of kryptonite, so no fighting back.” Superman was forced to be docile as the guards stripped him and placed both of the devices on him, rendering him even weaker than before. “Let’s go,” the head alien barked.

Clark felt his strength returning as they moved farther from his cage, but his hopes at escape were dashed when, after rounding a corner, the milking room was right there. “It’s not that easy to escape,” the head alien said, as the guards lifted him onto the table and bound him to it, with kryptonite laced into it, of course. The three of them left, after placing what appeared to be a cock pump on his penis.

Clark had quite the monster cock, which was a shock to Lois when she found out. The up and down nature of the device quickly made him get rock hard, and the urethral opening almost touched the pipe that would collect his sperm. He tried to hold back for as long as he could, but as soon as his body clenched, a voice came from a loudspeaker.

“It’s not going to be that easy, you flying brick.” To Clark’s surprise, he found something rammed into his asshole. It quickly found his prostrate, and started vibrating.

“FUCK!” Clark said. That made it infinitesimally tougher to edge himself and then pull back, but he couldn’t let these aliens have his sperm. After a few minutes had passed, a similar tube to the one on his dick came down, but this was actually a pair that went on to his nipples. The nipple pumps plumped them up to obscene size, and then were replaced by clothespins. Despite the searing pain throughout his body, Clark stood firm, although the device had collected some of his pre-cum.

Finally, a device came down from the ceiling, this time landing squarely in his mouth. It had been forced open prior to the tube being stuck in there, but it was of a different type than before. Before anything came through, a small device popped out and squeezed his nostrils shut. “These aliens are quite advanced technologically,” Clark thought, before a liquid began coursing through the tube. Clark drank some of it first, before the intercom crackled back on.

“That’s our piss you’re drinking!” Clark, trying not to swallow the piss while being inadvertently turned on everywhere else in his body meant he couldn’t hold back much long, and he finally came, in an explosive cumshot that nearly broke the tube into a million pieces. The aliens watched hungrily as about a gallon of Clark’s cum was piped through a system and landed in a container, ready to be sent to the fertility clinics back home. Clark was brought down from his state of ecstasy quickly, only to find his cock was too.

“Shit!” he thought to himself. “I gave those motherfuckers just what they wanted!” A few minutes later, the guards came in and released him. He was then cuffed and led to the docking bay, which was scarily close to his cell and the milking station.

“This ship was built especially for men like you,” the head alien said, as he pushed Clark out of the ship. He landed gracefully on the ground and broke the handcuffs easily, but by that time, the ship had already made a hyperspace jump. Thankfully, the Fortress of Solitude wasn’t too far away, as he needed a new suit.
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