Chad and Trevor were two frat brothers trying to find a good summer job. They settled on pool cleaners, as their house was on, as Chad so eloquently nicknamed, MILF Street. Adams Street was, in fact, home to many wealthy males and their trophy wives. One such male was Mr. Roberts. Despite having a 22 year old girlfriend at 45, his desire was men. He wasn’t bi, he was gay, but gays were looked down upon there. So, he hired an actress and moved in, with a plan in mind.
Chad and Trevor knocked on his door. “Oh, you two must be the pool boys. Just walk through the house and you’ll see it.”
“Thank you sir,” said Trevor, and the two got to work. Mr. Roberts had neglected to mention that he put a special kind of chlorine in the water. It acted like an aphrodisiac, so after ten minutes of cleaning, Chad and Trevor were horny.
“Oh, I’m going to get such good pussy tonight,” said Chad, with his tight blue shorts sticking to his legs.
Trevor, sitting by the edge, responded similarly. Mr. Roberts walked over. “Are you two okay?”
“Yeah, just a little hot and bothered,” said Trevor.
“Looking for a hole to fill?” asked Mr. Roberts.
“Yeah,” said Chad.
“Why not use mine?” He snaked his shorts down so his asshole was exposed.
“That will do!” said Trevor. The two frat bros didn’t care they were fucking a guy. Until it was all they thought about. Mr. Roberts’ aphrodisiac had the nice side effect of making its users gay.
“I knew I made the right choice moving here,” he said, as Chad went down on his cock, while Trevor was brutally fucking his ass. “It’s nice having two hypnotized frat boys to fuck around with!”

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