Raj was watching as Tiffani and Brad were moving all their boxes upstairs before they had even stepped foot in their apartment. Raj had ascertained their names from boxes he could see from his peep hole. He also saw that the two had some nice asses. Raj was gay, but knew that some friends would enjoy a girl with an ass like Tiffani’s. Brad’s ass, however, would be his.

Raj walked up to the couple while they were taking a breather. Raj was a very special hypnotist, so all he needed was a direct stare from both of them. “Brad, drop your pants.” When the sweats dropped, the tight underwear hugging his ass was revealed. “It’s even better than I anticipated. Tiffani, you will forget Brad and go to this address: 474 Westchester Lane. There, my friend Carlos will tell you more. Go.” Tiffani, somewhat robotically, left the apartment building hallway. “Brad, you will be my muscle slave. Whenever I want to fuck that beautiful ass, you will let me. Is that understood?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Good. Welcome to the family, Brad.” He was escorted inside Raj’s apartment to reveal a cabal of men. They were all under Raj’s control. “My life never gets old,” he said, as he sent Brad over with the squatters, who all had perfect muscle asses that Raj liked to fuck.

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