Victor and Steve played football together. They were both seniors at LC. One day, after practice, Victor returned to grab the ointment for his new tat. He saw Steve sniffing on Carl’s jockstrap, one of the more physically active members of the team. A plan formulated in his mind.

“Thanks, Vic, for inviting me over. So, I heard it’s just us? Roger couldn’t make it?”
“Just us. He had some extracurriculars to attend to.”
“So, when are we planning?”
“Now.” The two captains went over the playbook until midnight. Both wanted to shower before sleeping, and as they were guys, it would be quick. Victor went first, followed by Steve. Steve noticed that Victor had left his boxer briefs on the counter. He took a sniff, only for Vic to barge in. “Vic, it’s not what it looks like!”
“You’re a jock sniffer. And I can get the whole team to donate theirs, but I need something from you.”
“You have be my slave. Kneel, and breathe in my scent!”
Steve did, getting even harder.
“Breathe in my dick smell, Steve. You’ll be getting used to it pretty soon. HA-HA!” laughed Victor. Having a slave was going to be fun, and they were going to the same college to boot!

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