Seal Team Three was tasked with tying up loose ends in Iraq with regards to the terrorist groups. What ST6 didn’t know was that one particular group was skilled in hypnosis. Employing the use of a master hacker, the terrorist group intercepted a government email and made the content their own. The unsuspecting troop leader would open it and be hypnotised.

And they were correct. The troop leader, the one with the hat in the picture, was told to show each soldier the video, and then another which detailed their commands. They were also made to forget they were hypnotised, so it just seemed natural for them to slowly progress into wearing nothing but undergarments. After a month or so, the terrorist group leader calmly strolled into camp, where the army studs were waiting, posed for a picture he was going to take. The US wasn’t done fighting in Iraq, but their tactics would need to change.

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