Gronk was enjoying himself at a pool party when a fellow partygoer offered him some water. Playing football meant he knew that he had to stay hydrated, especially if he was going to fuck those triplets he had just met. He accepted and drank the water.

“This tastes a bit weird,” he noted.

“It’s a mixture of Viagra and knockout solution. It gives it that metallic taste.”

“What the fuuuuuu…” said Gronk. The solution was starting to kick in.

He blacked out, and when he woke up, he locked eyes with Dwayne Johnson.

“You’re finally up, Gronk. Nice to see you.”

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“You see, I was a professional football player myself, but an injury took me out. I vowed revenge on the league, and it starts with you. While you blacked out, I had my friend Zeb fuck you in the ass and suck you off. That video can remain with me, if you are willing to be my sex slave.”

“I would never!”

“The NFL doesn’t have that many gay players, and such a high profile player could cause quite a bit of media attention. The tabloids will dig deeper and-“

“Fine. I’ll be your fucking sex slave. Just delete the video.”

“Oh, no. I’ll be keeping it as collateral and wank off material. It’s well hidden though, with quite a few layers of security to go through. Anyways, I have to go, but I expect you to be ready for me tonight.”

Dwayne left, and Gronk was dejected. His whole life was turned upside down. He was looking forward to the day when Dwayne ensnared his next victim. Tebow was high up on that list.

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