Ryder Halston was a jock, but not a dumb one. He had gotten into college on a football scholarship, but it required a 3.0 or higher GPA. Ryder worked hard to keep his grades up, but that also meant his finances fell a bit on the wayside.

During the hiatus between football and wrestling, Ryder took part in a paid study. They said they were looking for smart jocks, which was something Ryder heard people call him daily. He arrived at the building and was greeted by an employee.

“Hello. My name is Seth. Please follow me to the waiting area.” Ryder noted that Seth sounded a bit robotic, but he was candidate 67 out of 300. Seth probably got bored of being peppy. “Please fill out this form completely. If you do not know the answer to a question, mark N/A. Payment and eligibility depend on the number of N/A’s.”

“Okay,” Ryder responded, and he began to answer the questions. After the basics, questions started to pop up about his sex life, masturbatory habits, and most bizarrely, a mini IQ test. When he was done, he handed it to Seth, who scanned the entire document.

“You are a viable candidate for the study _ Ryder Halston _. Please wait until someone comes and gets you.”

“Will do.” Ryder looked around. Induscle Inc. seemed like a very nice place. He was almost sure that Seth was a robot, but he couldn’t prove it. He was reading about sex in Men’s Health when another employee came.

“Hello, Ryder. My name is Alaria. Follow me to your room, please.” Alaria was quite attractive, but the 5k offered was even more attractive. “Wait here,” she ordered, once they entered the room. She left, and Ryder heard a lock and a hiss coming from the door.

Alaria entered the control booth. “Has the himbo gas gone into circulation yet?”

“No,” responded a tech. “Any second now.”

Aluminium diphosphate could bond with oxygen, so one could literally breathe and become a himbo. This was happening to Ryder, who had already decided that he could go shirtless. A few minutes later, it was pantsless. He then started to get horny. He moaned as he fingered himself, snapping his jockstrap’s straps against his ass.

Ryder was released soon after, but since his brain was now just focused on muscles and sex, he dropped out of college. Induscle Incorporation hired him as part of their escort program. He spent a little too much time in the gas initially, so that was his only viable option. Raj was excited to have a virile young jock on his team, especially one from out of state. Induscle was looking to expand.

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