Forgetting at its Worst

Alex was a very smart college student. He was a straight A student, and the quarterback for the 12-1 football team this year. However, both of those faltered a bit when Keisha entered his life. He slacked off from training and studying, but the lack of studying showed up first.

He failed a test in his intro to geology class. The College was nice enough to let its athletes get an easy A each semester, but they still needed to make some effort. Alex pleaded with the professor to see what he could do.

“There is something you can do, Alex. Take these.” He handed Alex a bottle of pills. “They’re slightly more potent Viagra. I want you to film a jerk off video and send it to me at this secure address.” He jotted down an email. “Do this, and you’ll get an A+ for the semester.”

“Deal.” Alex would do anything to preserve his football career.

Alex set everything up. He had popped two pills thirty minutes ago, and it was starting to take effect. He looked down as the bulge in his compression pants kept increasing.

“Ok,” he thought. “Just pull them down and get it over with.” He then felt a bit odd, like he actually wanted to do this. He chalked that up to his extreme horniness, and started to drop his compression shorts.

He snaked them down to his ankles, and then grabbed his cock. Despite him feeling like he wanted to do it, he had never exposed himself publicly before, so he still had a nervous look on his face. A wave of pleasure washed over him. It was the other part of the drug kicking in. Alex had been given Viagara laced with himbo powder. And since he took a double dose, the effects were going to be severe.

His mind went first. It went on autopilot once it realised it was masturbating, and Alex grinded into his hand for a good fifteen minutes. His pecs and nipples got bigger, and more erogenous. He pinched his nips while jerking off, which he found made pre-cum leak out.

His ass and cock also increased in size. The increase in cock, and consequently ball, size caused an explosion of cum to occur. For the first time, Alex got it on his face. He suggestively licked it up, knowing full well he was still on camera. He clicked the camera off. His brain then made a very astute observation, especially in his new state: he was lucky to have a single.

The next day, Alex walked into the classroom in booty shorts and a crop top.

“I send the email, Professor. I hope you lik it.”

“Oh, I will, Alex,” he replied, slyly. He forwarded the message to the dean, and his plan to keep one of the school’s best quarterbacks for a bit longer.

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