Not Again!

Paul woke up from a mid afternoon nap.

“Shit!” he screamed. He had a hard-on, and quickly rushed to the bathroom to ejaculate. He was too late, and he felt the sticky sperm coating his hand.

“Not again!” he said.

The next day, Paul went to his primary doctor. He had confided in him about his premature ejaculations, and he said to come in and see him the next time it happened.

“Hello, Paul. So, it happened again?”

“Yeah, doc, it’s been a week now. I haven’t orgasmed this whole week!”

“That’s an issue. If you would strip completely, please. That way, I can see what I am doing much easier.”

“Okay, doc.” Paul dropped his pants, and the doctor started to examine his genitals. He felt something on Paul’s testes. He knew it was the teste itself, but Paul didn’t need to know that.

“I have found a mass on your left teste. We will need to have a biopsy of it done.”

“When can I get that done, doc? Is it serious?”

“It could be. We can get you in right away. Genital biopsy is a bit tricky, so we always sedate the patient. Is that fine?”

“Yeah, you can do anything! I just don’t want to lose my balls!”

The doctor injected Paul in the ass with a quick acting knockout agent.

Paul woke up, strapped to a bed, with a machine on his cock.

“Hello, Paul,” said the doctor. “How are you?”

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Those pills I prescribed you caused your premature ejaculations. Not everyone experiences that side effect, but the ones who do are prime milking agents.”


“Your job now is to just ejaculate, until sperm production is fully depleted.”

“This is illegal, you know, and I have family who can look into this!”

“No, they won’t. We will say there was a freak accident in your biopsy surgery, and send one of the depleted bulls in your place. Have fun!” said the doc as he walked away.

Paul was still fuming over what happened, but he had to admit, the sensation of the machine did feel good.

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