Jock Boys

Darren, Alex, and Chase were best bros. They did pretty much everything together, even sex. Most times, they had a foursome with a hot girl, and did gay stuff if it turned her on. Speaking of that, Chase had found a girl willing to partake in a foursome. She had some demands though.

“Walk around town in these pants. When I call, you have to do what I say. If you can make it back, I’ll fuck all three of you.”

“Okay,” they said. Lexi’s voluptuous breasts clouded the men’s better judgement, and so they changed into the swimwear-esque pants.

Walking around town like this was actually fun for the guys. Girls got to look at their hot bodies, and flirting was much easier. On a street corner, Lexi called.

“Get onto a sidewalk if you aren’t already.”

“You heard me right. Take them off, and then walk home.”

“But we’ll be arrested for public indecency!”

“That’s not my problem. I need to see all three of you come home naked, or no sex.” Lexi then hung up.

Chase relayed the news to his bros.

“So, does fucking a hot chick mean we need to break a law?” asked Alex.

“Well, she said that we needed to arrive at your house nude,” noted Darren. “She didn’t say where exactly to take them off.”

“Okay.” The three walked back to Chase’s street and were going to strip when the police showed up at the end of the street. What they didn’t know was that Lexi staged the break-in so the cops would be on the street. She would then call and give them a time limit, which would force them to strip or not have sex with her. And considering the way they were looking at her, the second choice wasn’t really an option.

“Hello?” asked Chase. “We have a minute? Bye!”

“What’s the matter?” asked Darren.

“Strip and go!” screamed Chase. The three men bolted down the street to his house. What Lexi didn’t count on was that two female cops were watching that side, and they didn’t want to stop three hunky men from coming their way.

“We did it,” said Alex, after they safely got into Chase’s house. “Are you ready?”

“Fuck me,” Lexi said, sultrily. If a man got to this part, he would be rewarded.

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