Air Conditioning

Zeke liked to work out, a lot. He wasn’t a personal trainer, but since his job was very fluid, but high paying, he was in the gym almost daily. He noticed a twink working out most days with him. He had learned his name was Thomas and that he was a cellular biologist, because they spotted each other once. Thomas was not gaining too much muscle, which was a bit alarming to Zeke. He reckoned they were in here for the same amount of time, and yet Thomas didn’t get any bigger.

Thomas had noticed that quite a while ago. He went to his doctor, and they diagnosed it as rippens acumens, or the inability to gain muscle mass. So, he continued to go to the gym, not to gain muscle, but to stake out hot guys. Slowly but surely, he got them all to come on a Saturday, when he would put his master plan into effect.

Thanks to his cellular biology background, he created a spray, that when bonded with skin and absorbed into the body, made the person horny and subservient to someone with the opposite scent, namely Thomas. The spray only worked on men, but since the gym was male only, that wouldn’t be an issue.

On Saturday, he climbed onto the roof and positioned his spray bottle in front of the air conditioning. Slowly but surely, the spray would come and coat everybody.

Zeke happened to be on the weight bench when the spray started to affect him. Luckily, he wasn’t lifting anything.

he thought. Suddenly, something clicked for him. He was gay. Zeke had previously been as straight as an arrow, but Thomas’ spray was that strong. Thomas himself walked in a few moments later. Zeke, along with quite a few other patrons under Thomas’ control, threw themselves at him. They all took turns sucking and fucking him. Thomas enjoyed it immensely.

A couple years later, after Thomas had moved on from this gym, with a substantial gaggle of men, a parkour expert jumping from roof to roof noticed the spray can still there. There was still some left, so he sprayed it, thinking it would be good for the gym. He then noticed the liquid that was labelled “Apply to Spray Person”. That was him, so he was in for a shock when he entered the gym to inform them about the spray.

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