Superman flew through the glass front of the DEO. His eyes were purple, and he said, “Must fuck.”
“Kal, what’s wrong?” asked Kara.
“Must fuck,” he responded. He went in for a 😘 on his cousin’s 👄.
“Backup!” Kara screamed. Alex, J’onn, Mon-El, Imra, and Brainiac-5 all rushed into the main hall.
“Something’s wrong with Kal,” said Kara as she fought her cousin. “I think someone messed with his head.”
“Let me take a look,” said J’onn, who probed Kal’s mind. “Kara, he’s been hypnotised by a member of the-“
“I think you mean me, 🍯.” Maxima, the supervillian seductress flew into the DEO. “It was quite easy to seduce Kal. He hasn’t had sex in ages.”
“But what do you want from us?” asked Alex.
“Not you, but everyone else here can withstand a Kryptonian cumming in them on 🌍. Once Kal has done all of you, his brain will be rewired into my sex slave.”
“You’ll never get away with this!” said Imra. She and Alex launched a joint attack, but Maxima didn’t respond. She let out some pheromones, which quickly were absorbed by the men. Brainiac-5, a 🤖, was not affected to the extent of the others, but since he still had many human qualities, he was out of the picture.
Meanwhile, Maxima fended off the attack and released another set of pheromones, this one affecting the girls. She told Alex to leave, while she told everyone else to get their holes ready.

Alex was quickly freed from hypnosis once she was out of range. She called up Lena.
“Alex, what’s wrong? Why are you calling?”
“Do you remember Maxima? Superman faced off against her.”
“Yeah. Why?”
“Does L-Corp have anything that can subdue her, like you had with the Daxamites?”
“I’ll check our databases. How soon do you need it?”
“ASAP. She’s forcing Kal to have sex with the superheroes here.”
“The DEO. But don’t tell anyone you know that. My sister needs help.”
“On it.”

Meanwhile, Maxima was having fun controlling the superheroes. Kal had already come in Kara and Imra, and he was fucking J’onn as of right now. Every time he came, the hypnotic suggestion Maxima placed became stronger. She was having fun 👀 this hunk go at it.

“We have something,” said Lena. “It will overload her pheromones, causing her to spontaneously combust.”
“Do you anything non-lethal?”
“Not on such short notice. Lex made this after the Desiree incident.”
“🆗. Meet me at this address as soon as you can.”
“On it.”

By the time Alex had got the machine, Kal had just finished fucking Mon-El. If he came while inside Brainy, the 🌍 would lose him forever. Luckily, Alex was here to save the day. True to Lena’s word, Maxima did blow up, ending her reign of terror on men. Everyone affected slowly snapped out of it.
“Ahh!” screamed Kal, who quickly pulled out and put his pants back on.
“This never happened,” said J’onn. Everyone agreed for J’onn to erase their memory of this event.

Hypnotic eyes edit NOT MINE
Text bubble MINE

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