Beach Bimbos

Rafael and his friends were enjoying a Sunday during the summer at the beach. Jorge, Carlos and Jésus were all grade A studs, and Raf was no slouch either. However, he was the only bisexual one. He leaned more towards guys, but he participated in quite a few gangbangs, and could still pick up girls if he had to.

The only problem was that Rafael had fallen in love with a gay man who insisted that Raf only had gay friends. This would have been a deal breaker, but Luis was perfect, and he had a literal footlong cock. He had tried to get the guys to experiment before, but all three failed miserably. So, he turned to something a bit more permanent: himbo powder. In addition to making them dumb, it would make them gay as well.

That Sunday, Rafael slipped some powder into their drinks. It dissolved quickly, and if they happened to notice it, he could say it was the stuff from the rim. He handed the drinks out, picking his first. A few minutes later, the guys’ bro talk devolved into something much more dumb, and Carlos was pointing and looking at Jésus’ ripped stomach.

thought Raf. “Guys, come with me,” he said out loud. His friends followed, hoping he would lead them to a hole they could use. Himbo powder also made them quite horny, so Rafael used that to his advantage.

Raf and Luis had fun breaking in the men. They found out Jorge had a large hole, probably from some dildoes. After all three had been christened with their cum, Luis offered to grab them a couple beers. Raf agreed.

After drinking it, Rafael felt a little woozy. He normally stomached one beer no problem. “Is this a new brand?” he asked.

“No. It’s the one we normally get. But I added something a bit special. You just ingested some himbo powder. You didn’t think I just had it lying around, did you? No, I wanted some fucktoys, and I wanted four Latino studs, specifically. And by the time I’m done speaking, it will be too late to issue an antidote.”

“You’re like… so fucking hot! I could fuck you all day!”

“That’s nice,” thought Luis. He loved Latino men, but most gay and bi ones were just so cocky. Having four studs he could control would be the best. And thanks to the himbo powder, their sex drives would be monstrously high.

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