Studs for Sale

The slavery black market for men was booming. People of every color were sold, mostly to Middle Eastern princes, who had them partake in their harems, usually unwillingly. One of the most lucrative jobs was a slavery hitman, who didn’t kill their mark, but brought them to the slave market. Females excelled in this position, but quite a few men brought in men who sold for big bucks, and most of the hitmen weren’t even gay!

A normal auction looked like this:

Legally, they couldn’t be nude, as then that would be considered sex trafficking. While slavery nowadays was glorified sex trafficking, them being nude would have been a clear cut case in a court of law. The handlers dressed up the men as they saw appropriate. The older man on the left was dressed that way to show off his muscles and bulge. The younger stud on the right has more of his chest visible, but also has arm bands, which usually signifies that he is volatile. Both of these men would be sold for over a million dollars.

Another lucrative position in the slave market was the doctors they employed. They had to come up with a solution that pacified the men, but not make them dumb. They also had to be able to be controlled by their master, so more drugs had to be added for that. The large concoction of drugs meant that a man was stuck in processing for two days. This wasn’t too much of a problem, and if a specific client wanted their men dumb, that process was much more streamlined. Also, if there was quite a lot of men waiting to be processed or for the drugs to kick in, then the doctors would make every man dumb until it evened out.

Even though the U.N. and other civil rights agencies knew about them, they didn’t pursue any cases. The heads of the market gave them quite a bit of hush money, usually totalling around 1.5 billion dollars. In turn, they had an agreement that no famous people would be sold.

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