Eau de Hypnotiq

Lance was the world’s top models. He was mostly doing perfume ads nowadays, as outside of celeb endorsements, those were the most lucrative. Today’s shoot was for Chanel and their new men’s cologne, Le Sex.

Lance got changed and ready for the shoot. He noticed that he recognised nobody. While it was probably true the crew changed, he didn’t see anybody from Chanel. He didn’t mind, as this was going to be his biggest pay check in ages.

The cameras started rolling, and Lance sprayed the cologne.

he said. The company always sent copies beforehand, in case a model was allergic. After Lance inhaled the cologne, his eyes glazed over.

“We got him,” said one of the cameramen. The Chanel representative, actually a plant by someone else, stood up and walked over to Lance.

“Lance, do you hear me?”

“Yes, I hear you.”

“Good. You are no longer going to be a model. You will become a porn star. You will listen to everyone at Men.com and obey their commands. Is that understood?”

“Yes. Men.com is my master.”

“Perfect. I will wake you up, but you will no longer be in control. Wake up,” he said, snapping at the same time.

“Oh, is this a solo shoot?” asked Lance. “And what’s with the cologne?”

“Excellent,” said the man with glee. “Lance, come with me. I’m going to welcome you to your new life.

Many of Lance’s fans were shocked when he resurfaced doing a porno with Johnny Rapid. Meanwhile, Men.com was slowing getting a slew of male models on their side, all by Eau de Hypnotiq

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