This post is brought to you by Himbo Powder Industries. This is a paid advertisement. This will be transcribed as our spokesperson said it, so if you would not like to read an inordinate amount of “likes”, please continue scrolling.

Hi! My name’s, like, Dak, and I’m here, like, to tell you, like, about Himbo Powder! I started it like two years ago, like, on a dare, and I, like, love it! I’m, like, legally required to tell you, like, it’s addicting, but, like, look at me! I’m, like super fit, and like, super horny, and there’s, like, nothing wrong with that!

Before Himbo Powder, I was like a scrawny nerd. Jocks, like, picked on me, and like, forced me to do their, like, homework. In my, like, senior year, the football coach, like, got some Himbo Powder, and like, gave it to his athletes. I had to, like, work extra hard, like, so when I was, like, given the opportunity to, like, take Himbo Powder, I, like, pounced at it!

Life has been, like, great since then. I am now, like, a football stud for, like Notre Dame. I play football, and like, they don’t, like, care if I fuck, like, strippers every night. Oh, I forgot to, like, mention, your cock gets, like, super big, like, larger than a beer can, like! And your l-i-b-i-d-o is like, through the roof! If I wasn’t, like, playing football, like, I could have, like, sex all day!

This has been a paid advertisement for Himbo Powder. The views expressed in this are not indicative of CinaedeFuri’s views on this topic.

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