Best Friend Fantasies

Christian knocked on Devon’s front door. He knew it was always open, but he did it as a courtesy. After a minute or so, he walked inside. He and Devon had plans, and they were getting close to missing them. Christian found his answer when he heard Devon sleep talking. Devon had been doing this all his life, so sleepovers really only had worked with heavy sleepers, like Christian. An unfortunate side effect was that it was like sleepwalking, and that waking him up could lead to aphasia.

Christian plopped down on the couch, waiting for Devon. He called to change the time, when this came out of Devon’s mouth:

“Christian has such a nice ass as well. But he doesn’t know I’m gay. That’s why I hate our double dates, and that’s why none come home with us. Because they can tell I’m gay. I wonder who came up with the word pancake?”

Christian looked on in abject horror. Devon was gay!? Looking back, what he said was true, but he had just never put the pieces together, until now. He cancelled the plans and waited for Devon to wake up, which he did about an hour later.

“Oh, shit, Chris! Did we miss it?”

“No. I cancelled it. I heard something while you were sleeptalking.”

“Was it about pancakes? I dreamed about those.”

“Well, you did talk about them, but you also talked about how it would be nice to get fucked by me.”

“I said that?”

“Yeah. I have a nice ass as well, and that’s why we never had foursomes.”

“Are you okay with this?”

“Yeah. I’m not letting you fuck me, but I want to see how a guy sucks a dick.”

“Okay,” Devon replied, and knelt down while Christian snaked his dick out.

“OHHHH!” he moaned, as he realised the sensation of a man on his cock was much better than a female’s. After he came, he asked Devon if he wouldn’t mind sucking him off occasionally. Devon gladly obliged.

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