Wrestler’s Spiral

Coach Beiste was one of the top wrestling coaches in the country. He achieved this by an unorthodox method that worked out particularly well.

For wrestlers, there were usually two things on their mind: wrestling, and sex. Coach Beiste wanted all his boys to focus on wrestling, so he needed to find a way to get sex out of the picture. The best way to do that was through hypnosis. He only hypnotised the guys who weren’t getting it regularly, and he had struck up a deal with the girlfriends who were putting it out to have sex more often.

This worked out spectacularly well. Nobody on the team lost a match for the rest of the season, even winning Nationals. In the middle of the season, Charles Chesterfield transferred in. He was a wrestler, and with a stellar record from his old school, he made it onto the team in the middle of the season. Coach Beiste then set up his hypnosis equipment again, and told Charles to come to the team room to discuss his previous match.

Charles patiently waited for Coach Beiste to wheel in the laptop, but when he did, it wasn’t his match against Story Brook.

“Good boy,” said Coach Beiste. Charles was fucked for the first time by a guy today, and the resulting sexual release showed. Charles had the fastest pin ever recorded in state history, clocking in at 3.1 seconds. The school then showered Coach Beiste in grant and scholarship money, which he used to further his hypnotic misadventures.

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