Bachelor in Chastity

Hi! My name’s George, and my owner’s name is Raj. He’s been on this blog before, and now it’s my turn! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. My father sold me to Raj when I was 18. He was in the market for slaves, and I was a prime candidate. When Raj bought me, he hypnotized me to to obey every single one of his commands. However, I was not going to be Raj’s fuck toy.

He had many clientele looking for females along with their males. Raj could hypnotize women easily as well, but a strange man taking a woman away with him would raise more fingers than the inverse, especially in this day and age, so Raj collected a small fleet of hot men that he would use to lure women in. I, along with my brethren, were given full rein over our behaviours, but we knew that Raj was our master.

That was a common thought us guys had. Our mission was to lure women to Raj’s building so he could hypnotize them. To achieve that, he had each of us locked tightly. He also took the odd precaution of pouring glue into the lock, solidifying our chastity almost forever.

By the time Raj was done with me, I had brought over 500 women to him. He allowed me to keep one as my wife, and we lived out our lives under his control. One of Raj’s favourite activities was watching us fuck. I had a monster cock, and Luci was an ex-porn star, so our fucking was intense and usually mind-blowing.

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