A Drunken Night

“Fuck yeah!” screamed Todd. He had just got a job at his favourite gym as a kinesiologist. He wasn’t what you pictured a doctor looking like, as he was very muscular.

“Did you get it?” asked Elanna, his wife.

“I did. Let’s enjoy a night on the town to celebrate!”

“That’s fine with me!”

The two went out to the closest bar, MacLaren’s, and got completely plastered. They luckily didn’t drive home; they took an Uber.

Todd woke up the next morning, head pounding. He looked up to see a beautiful African American woman walking out of the master bathroom. Elanna was white.

Todd said, groggily.

“Right you are. We did a wife swap, you and me. Elanna fucked my husband last night, and I fucked you.”

“What proof do you have?” She took a cum filled condom off the dresser.

“I had you come in this before we went bareback.”

“Wait, could you get pregnant?”

“It is that time of month, Todd. Well, I have to get going. Elanna shouldn’t be driving in her condition.”

“Was I raped last night?” asked Todd.

“No,” said Elanna. “The bartender filmed us and made sure we both consented to it.”

“Fuck! You’re not in that time of the month, right?”

“No. Thank goodness for that.”

“She was. And I nutted in her, without a condom.”

“It’s okay, baby. What are the odds she’ll actually get pregnant?”

It turns out the odds were pretty high. Todd had a son, but Elanna looked into Sylvia Alacanta some more. She was a first year associate at a prestigious law firm, but brought a solid case to her senior partners. Sylvia was exposed as a master manipulator and rapist, along with her husband, Andre. It turned out Sylvia doctored the footage. The bartender tried to get them to say no. Todd’s son never learned the real truth about his mother.

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