Escorting the Escort Out

Henry had just come back home from the graveyard shift. He was a 911 operator, so it wasn’t too bad, but he really wanted to fall asleep with his wife this morning.

He unlocked his apartment door and stepped inside to see a muscular twenty-something scrolling through his phone, with a wad of twenties on his kitchen table.

“Wait!” said Henry. Something finally clicked. This was her time of the month. She said she would wait for him, but he realized she was too impatient. “Did you just fuck my wife?”

“Yes, I have a fucking problem with that!” screamed Henry. “She’s my fucking wife!”

“And you weren’t giving it to her.”

“Get out of my fucking house!”

“Sorry, Henry, I won’t. You see, if I do, then when your wife gives birth, I’ll say I’m the father, and the paternity test will show I’m right. But, I’ll let you go scot-free if you do something for me.”


“I’m going to film you sucking me off.”

“Ew, fuck no! I ain’t no fucking faggot!”

“You won’t be a father either.”

“Shit! Fuck you! Do I just need to suck?”

“Before your little outburst, yes. But now the deal is a fuck and suck.”

“Can I bring Cyndy in?”

“So you can think about boobs? Fuck no! So, do we have a deal?”

“I guess so.”

“Okay. Let me get set up, and you can start sucking.” For a first time cocksucker, Henry did very well. There were some biting issues, but this was his very first time, so that was to be expected. Henry visibly recoiled in terror when Chad came in his mouth.

“That’s fucking hot, Henry! Why don’t you get yourself a drink during my refractory period? And strip by the time you get back.”

Henry couldn’t believe he just did that, and that he was going to get fucked as well. He reentered the room, nude.

“Good boy. Lucky for you, you have a virgin hole, so I’ll have to go easy.” Going easy still fucking hurt for Henry, and his recoil was even stronger when Chad made him cum hands-free, just by fucking him.

“Wow. Someone liked that a lot. Well, a deal’s a deal. You can keep the baby. But someday, they’re going to know who their real daddy is.” With that, Chad left, at the same time Cyndy sauntered in, dressed for work.

“Oh, honey, not now. I have to leave.”

“It’s fine. I need to sleep anyway.” He didn’t mention to his wife her shoes were on the wrong feet.

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