Sexy Slaver

Antonia was one of the top slavers for the well known Calle 69 gang. She used her assets well, especially when it came to flirting. Antonia owned nothing that did not reveal her large boobs in some way. Some were more subtle, like in the case photo below, but wearing skintight spandex was always a good option.

Calle 69 was always looking for guys who thought with their dicks. Unless most gangs, they provided a legal and recognised tactic of having their slaves be surrogates. It was technically legal, but the paperwork was fudged as to not reveal the less legal side of things, like the fact the men were tricked into doing so.

Antonia’s most recent acquisition was Thomas, a fit twenty-something from SoCal. Antonia was also good at slaving because she connected with her marks, or so they thought. She learned very quickly that making actual connections was bad.

She had ensnared him by the time of this walk, as evidenced by their thoughts added to this case photo:

Thomas was solely thinking about her body, and so his mind was quite malleable. Antonia wore a loose fitting tank top that made sure to accentuate her breasts to seal the deal. Later that night, Thomas was drugged and shipped to Calle 69 for processing.

Antonia was called into the leader’s office soon after Thomas arrived.

“¡Hola! ¿Tu quieres hablar en ingles?”


“Well, Antonia, you’re not in trouble or anything. I actually wanted to congratulate you. Thomas was your 500th man brought to Calle 69. Me and the higher-ups want to offer you a place on our ‘board’, and one male slave of your choosing.”

“We have a deal. So, what’s my job on the board?”

“You’re President of Acquisitions, honey. You’ll still go out, but there’s a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff that needs to be worked on.”

“And my pay will increase?”

“Of course. I have to go, Antonia. We have our weekly meeting with the police.”

“James and/or Cynthia are ready.”

“That’s why you were promoted,” he said, as he went off to deal with the pesky police problem.

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