Bath Time with Dad

Walter and his dad, Andrew, were still living together, even though Walter was 22. He had a job at an ice cream stand, which paid surprisingly well, but since he was also living in NYC, finding a suitable, cheap apartment was a bit difficult.

Walter was gay. His sexual orientation actually led to his parents divorcing, as his devout Christian mother couldn’t reconcile the fact her son was gay. His father, while still Christian, was much more open, and so he got full custody.

Andrew was getting ready to take a bath one evening. He worked at a construction company, so relaxing in a hot tub after a day of manual labor always felt nice. He was about to drop his towel when Walter walked in, nonchalantly.

This is my private time, Walt. And why are you nude?”

“Dad, I’ve always found you ridiculously hot, but I’ve never worked up the courage to tell you until today.”

“Walt, you know I’m straight.”

“But I know you’re not a one on the Kinsey scale. I’ve seen you jerking off when just the man is on the screen during your porn sessions.” Walt, during his statement, had walked over and grabbed his dad’s cock.

“You just don’t stop because there’s no woman on the screen,” Andrew replied, but his face revealed he was enjoying it, to some extent.

“But I have more conclusive evidence. We share a Pornhub account, and I saw a search for Johnny Rapid. Now, I hate him, and would never watch a porno with him in it. But in the history, there’s a whole slew of Johnny videos, all watched to the end.” Walter was now stroking his dad’s dick.

“Ooohhh,” he moaned. “Fine, you caught me. Your mom didn’t leave because you were gay; she left because I was gay.”

“But you’ve brought home women before, just last week!”

“Well, that was keeping up a façade, Walt. But I think I’m actually bi, as I did truly enjoy fucking those pussies.”

“Wow, Dad! So, can we bathe together?”

“Not bathing, Walt. You just lay in your filth, which is fine for one person, but not two. Tomorrow, I’m going to shower, though, and you can join me then.”

“That’s a deal,” replied Walt, who kissed his father romantically on the lips. As he did, Andrew came, just from his son jerking him off. The two laughed as they went their separate ways, until bedtime.

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