Asian Pimp

Jun was a businessman, but due to circumstances outside of his control, he couldn’t get a job during college on account of his ridiculous course load. He decided to use his business prowess in a different, but still financially savvy way.

Jun’s roommate, Justin, was a total stud, and also a bit of a party boy. He was also at college on an athletic scholarship, so all it took was one incriminating photo to ruin it all. And Jun had one of him smoking weed, mixed with some other crushed up drug. Jun showed him the picture.

“Fuck, man! You need to delete that shit! My life will be fucking ruined!”

“I’ll delete it, if you do something for me.”

“Oh, anything, Jun! Just fucking delete it!”

“I’m going to be your pimp, and I’ll be taking 60% of all profits.”

“Fuck you! And if I say no?”

“Then everyone who needs to see this photo will.”

“Fuck. I guess seeing a new pussy every night isn’t too much of a change.”

“Oh, I forgot to add, you’ll be a gay prostitute.”

“Fuck, Jun! Really?”

“Yeah, unless you want to kiss this life goodbye.”

“Fuck! Can I at least set fucking boundaries so I don’t feel fucking uncomfortable?”

“Yeah. I’ll look them over, but you should be getting most of them.”

A week later

“Fuck, Jun! Aren’t they fucking ripped?”

“I’m surprised you’re even a sophomore. They are, but this guy has steroid cock, so you’ll be fucking him and cumming on him.”

“And he’s not a filmer?”

“Like we agreed to, I’ll tell you if either I or them want to film it.”

“Good.” That night, Justin had gay sex for the first time. It felt odd putting his dick inside someone else’s butthole, but it was pretty much like a pussy. Male blowjobs weren’t much different either, and Justin actually liked the male one better.

Around midnight, he left, and Justin walked into their bedroom.

“Here’s your cut,” Jun said. He handed him $400 dollars.

“I get this fucking much! Sweet!”

“And he was one of the most basic ones you’ll have. You have your first kink session on Friday night. And I made it clear that they can not sound.”

“Fucking ace, dude. That wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be.”

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