Hello, Tumblr readers. If you did not read my blog description, my name is Chris Smith, hypnotherapist to the male stars of Earth. I don’t have a set appearance. You can picture me as a male, female, transgender person, or even a furry. One thing that remains constant, though, is my attraction to famous men.

I have powerful hypnotic eyes, which come with the unfortunate side effect of being orange. Doctors could not come up with an explanation for my eye color, so I was ridiculed until I could pretend they were contact lenses. I first experienced my hypnotic ability the day after I first masturbated. I was looking my father straight in the eyes, and told him, “Make me breakfast.” While it might not appear all too odd, especially since I was 11 at the time, his eyes had an orange spiral superimposed on them, and he cooked my breakfast autonomously.

I tested it out on a friend from school, and it worked on him as well. I knew I had a special gift, and was always figuring out the best way to use it. I used it mostly to get good grades and graduate the top of my class from high school, students and staff knowing none the better. I also used my hypnosis on guys that weren’t always willing to go out with me.

In college, I was drawn to psychology. It was very similar to what I was doing, but on a greater scale. I used my hypnosis to coast by in all my other classes, but paid the most attention in my psych courses. They were the most interesting courses, and also the only ways I actually paid any attention to. I also was the valedictorian in college, but I had a solid basis in actual psychology now.

I had always been enamored with the lives of famous people. Thanks to one of my professors, I learned that each and every person in Hollywood and anyone even remotely famous has a psychologist on their team. Some travel around with them, while others are on call 24/7. They all meet in Vegas for three days, in the middle of awards season, when movie, film, music, and theater stress is usually at its lowest. I took advantage of that, of course, and got all the psychologists to sign over their clients to me. And I mean everyone. My client list reached into the thousands. I knew I was going to be in business, and it was going to be booming.

I naturally set up shop in Hollywood, as most, but not all, of my clientele were located in or around this area. When I sent out an email stating the change in their psychologist, a few clients left, hoping to continue their relationship with their previous one. An overwhelming majority agreed to keep me on, and I knew that this was actually going to work. I was going to get famous males under my control.

My very first client was going to be Justin Bieber, as part of his ongoing therapy for relationship issues, as well as court-ordered therapy for his reckless stage.

Hi everyone!

This is the first of two surprises I mentioned earlier. As a TL;DR, this new blog is about a hypnotherapist for the stars. Here’s a sneak peek of David Beckham’s picture, who will be coming up soon on the blog.

And I would like to give credit to the amazing redditor, mezmaro, for creating spiral_eyes.exe, a fantastic program that creates spiral eyes gifs. If enough people show interest, I could show a tutorial on how I make them.

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