The Girlfriends App

Todd Pazzinelli had just released his first app, Girlfriends. He likened it to Ashley Madison, but still in the dating stage. But unlike Ashley Madison, where any Joe Schmo could sign up, Girlfriends was a male-only app with a long vetting process. Quint passed the vetting process with flying colours, and logged on for the first time.

He settled on Tiffany, the girlfriend of star quarterback Chadsworth Massimino. He had heard rumours that despite his machismo, he was a bit lacking in the cock department. Quint had a cool foot long cock that all the ladies loved. He contacted Tiffany, and set it up at her place, that night.

He walked into her dorm room, only to find Chad sitting there, in a chair.

“Tiffany, Chad’s still here.”

“That’s right, Chad. Take off your pants, will you.” Chad dropped them, to reveal a tiny nub of a dick locked in a chastity cage.

“I caught him cheating, so I locked him up. I have the key, so he’s stuck with me. He actually cums from watching me getting fucked by another man. But, Quint, let me tell you, you are the hottest man I’ve ever fucked. Would you be willing to be a throuple?”

“Do I get fuck the stud as well?”

“Of course!”

“Then I’m in.” Tiffany wasn’t lying. Quint saw, after he unloaded buckets of cum into his girl, a little dribble of cum coming from the top of Chad’s cage.

The next day, while not revealing Chad’s locked status, Tiffany announced she would also be dating Quint as well. Quint didn’t mind being tied down to just one girl, when that girl was the smoking hot Tiffany.

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