Seducing the Lifeguard

Roger enjoyed his time at the local public pool. Because he was stuck smack dab in the middle of Kansas, he couldn’t get to visit the ocean frequently, or even at all. Due to his work schedule, he was able to take advantage of Adult Mornings, when only those 18 and older could go in, as anyone else would still be in school.

He had a huge crush on one of the lifeguards, Victor. Both men were gay, but Roger was not on Victor’s radar. Roger knew that Victor sometimes went home with a man from the pool, so that wasn’t an issue. One day, he got his chance.

There was a government issue with paychecks for everyone who was still paying into Medicare and all that jazz. Roger was a free-lance contractor, so he paid a bit more at tax time, but not throughout the year. That meant everyone else in town was at work, trying to solve the problem within their own business first. The pool wasn’t closed, however, and Roger had called in a favor to get Victor to come.

The two arrived at the gate at the same time. Victor finally noticed just how handsome this man was.

“Hey, you’re Roger, right?”

“Yeah. I can’t believe this government problem.”

“I know, right! Here we are. Thankfully, us lifeguards got paid before this debacle.”

Victor went to his lifeguard chair, while Roger changed. And by changed, it meant walking out of the cabana, nude.

“Roger! What are you doing!”

“It’s okay. There’s no children for at least a mile in any direction, and they would still be at school.”

“Fuck,” thought Victor as he hopped down from his chair. “Roger has a nice cock.”

Roger made his way over to him. “Wanna fuck?”

“Out here? In public?”

“This is very private,” said Roger, pulling down Victor’s speedo. Vic couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Oh, your hole is so tight,” said Roger, pushing it in.

“I’m usually a top, but you have such a nice cock, I didn’t object to bottoming.”

“Sweet.” Roger had never fucked an anal virgin before, but Victor took it surprisingly well. After Roger came, Victor asked, “Can we take this back to my place? I know no one will come; it just seems fucking weird doing it in public.”

“Fine by me. But we should definitely get changed first.”

“Right you are.” Roger was content as he walked to the cabana. He finally had the man of his dreams.

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