The Morning After

“FUCK!” moaned Greg. He woke up with some morning wood, and it was straining against his jock. He quickly wanked, and then realized Heather wasn’t in bed with him. She was the cross-country captain. The guys on the football team laughed when he chose her to date, but he got the last laugh when they realized how much stamina she had. She loved early morning sex, so this was a bit of a surprise. He walked downstairs and into his kitchen.

His father and Heather were going at it on the table, when they both heard Greg.

“Greg, I thought you’d be sleeping in this morning! You had a long night.”

“Morning wood, honey. But it’s my own fucking father I’m angry at. She’s my fucking girlfriend, Dad!”

“She’s the one who came on to me in the first place.”

“It was only because of your monster cock, Walden. I kept coming back because I love the way it felt.”

“This has happened more than once!?” asked Greg, in utter shock.

“I was going to tell you,” began Heather, “but your dad said I shouldn’t. It would ruin all of our relationships.”

“Damn straight it did! I can only think of one suitable punishment for this behaviour. Let me make a call. Heather, go home. We can talk later.”

Walden was forced to sit in the kitchen, lest his son castrate him. He wasn’t joking, and had unsheathed the sharpest knife to make his point. Greg had finally reached Growr, one of the biggest porn stars, literally, and an old high school friend. His length was fairly normal, if a bit long, but his girth expanded dramatically when he got hard. Assholes were literally expanded permanently once Growr was done with them.

“Hey, Seb! I’m calling in that favor.”

“I’ll be over in ten. Text me the address again. Porn related?”

“You betcha!”

Eleven minutes later, Walden and Greg heard a knock on the door. Greg escorted Growr into the kitchen.

“Dad, this is my old friend and current porn star, Growr. You can either let him fuck you, or I’ll expose the fact you fucked a-“

“Shit, son! I’ll let him do it! And this is the only thing?”

“For right now. I’ll brief you again after I talk to Heather tonight. Growr, he’s ready.”

Walden had used dildoes before, so ass penetration wasn’t too bizarre to him. Ass expansion was. Growr’s massive cock, from a girth perspective, pushed Walden’s hole to his limits. The amount of cum that came out was laughably small compared to the size of the cock, but his balls were still normal. For the first time in Walden’s life, he rosebudded as Growr took his cock out. Greg snapped a picture before it went back inside.

“This is your collateral, Dad. I’ll hold this picture over you until the day you die.” Greg did a veritable evil laugh as Seb showed himself out. He was now fucking glad that he didn’t owe Greg any more favors.

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