The Local Boys

Casa Azul was simply Blue Home in Spanish, but it consistently ranked as the best place to live, across all lists. This was partly because of the extreme efforts of who the islanders called the Green Team. They picked up all trash and cleaned up all spills. They made the island look pristine and its colors vibrant. The Green Team was actually formed about a decade ago, for a very different reason.

At that time, Spain had not annexed the island, and since it awkwardly sat out of all the countries’ ownership radius, it was free rein for all. Himbo Powder’s old maker quickly set up shop on the island. Since the island was its own entity, they could afford to pollute the water, to some extent. They had hired a clean-up team that cleaned up the water before it traveled too far away from the island. Unfortunately, because of the utter lack of infrastructure, the inhabitants drank that same water.

The young boys became himbos. Thankfully, no effects would show up until puberty, but it was still a massive ecological nightmare. Once the U.N. caught wind of this, they sent in the Green Team, who thoroughly scrubbed the island of all traces of himbo powder. However, the effects were irreversible.

The boys, now men, just wander about aimlessly. The Spanish Embassy got through to them enough that they needed to wear speedos, but nothing else. These men were also prostitutes, but that was more on the dark side of the government.

Most men slept at group homes specifically made for them. They could also be considered whore houses, as the landlord did such that to the men. Since the ones who remained on the island ingested highly concentrated amounts, they didn’t think anything of it. They just enjoyed the sensation. Now, who wants to visit Casa Azul?

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