Hot for Teacher

John was looking for a new gym to go to after his previous one closed down suddenly. He found one fairly quickly, but to his dismay, the waiting list for trainers was obnoxiously long. He was a professional bodybuilder, as in that was his job. After grilling the receptionist, John found female trainers were accepting clientele. He considered himself an alpha stud, but knew that to keep his job, he’d have to start training immediately.

As luck would have it, Svetlana was out that day, so John arrived bright and early the next morning. Svetlana was a Russian bombshell. Gorgeous, long, blond hair, and a large boob size that didn’t seem so comical.

“You must be John. Welcome to Evals.”

“Your English is fantastic.”

“I was born and raised in the US my whole life. My parents immigrated, though.”


“So, let’s get started. Did your previous trainer provide you with a workout regimen?”

“Here it is.”

“Then let’s get back on it.”

John thought it was a bit odd having a female around, but the workout remained the same. The only key difference was Svetlana couldn’t spot the obscene weight John was lifting, so she had another female trainer assist.

After it was over, she gave him a pill bottle.

“Eat one of these every day. It’s a natural steroid that targets bad fat and converts it into muscle.”

“Is this legal?”

“It’s FDA approved. It says so on the bottle.” In reality, the drug the label said it was was approved. However, Svetlana put her own drugs into the bottle, which had one additional and glaring side effect.

It made the male insatiably horny for the first female he saw. John fulfilled Svetlana’s awkward request to FaceTime him immediately after eating the pill. It worked, as John jacked off that night to Svetlana performing a strip show for him.

The drug took about a week to reach maximum potential. By that time, John barely had any other thoughts in his head.

“Do I get to fuck you afterwards?”

“Of course. Now, come with me.” John got into a car with his trainer, who then injected him with an anesthetic agent.

John came to after an hour or so later. He then realized he was spreadeagled above the ground, with his cock hooked up to a milking machine. He was already wearing VR goggles, which had all of Svetlana’s pornos playing in repeat.

Later that day, Svetlana showed a new investor around. They were female, so they weren’t afraid they would be captured.

“This is our milking chamber. We have twelve bull studs being milked at all times. John there, on the end, was just brought in today. Once a stud’s balls are drained, the penile suction device lets go and alerts us. We then switch him out for a fresh stud, either a new one or someone who has had time to replenish their sperm.

“Most of our clientele are females, like you and I, wanting to get pregnant, and have a hot father without much of the hassle. We also have a surprising number of ‘bros’, who think of cum as brotein. The joke’s on them, though, as they are now more easily located as our next target.”

“I’m hooked, Svetlana. Let’s go sign some papers.”

“Oh, we have office people for that. I’ll bring you over there.”

As they were walking, the investor had one final question: “What’s with the VR goggles?”

“The men first consume a drug that makes them insatiably horny for the first female they see. If it is actually me or one of my fellow agents, then when they come here, their sperm production is much higher, as the female they are being forced to watch is hotter.”

“Interesting. Well, I’d better leave you to your work. Investment paperwork takes a while to fill out.”

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