Trevor drove with Justin all the way to the airport. One nice perk of being obnoxiously rich was a private entrance as well, so no one noticed Justin Bieber being snuggled onto the plane. The two jetted off to Celebworld, currently being built on a beautiful, pristine Pacific island. They touched down, and Trevor ordered Justin to go into town and sit on a bench. Thankfully, Chris’ hypnosis could be broken momentarily for bodily functions, and breathing was a given. Only explicit instructions could stop a person from breathing.

But enough about that. Trevor called Chris.

“Hello, Trevor. You do know it’s almost 8:00. I could have squeezed in a couple more clients.”

“Tough shit, Chris. Building seems to be on track.”

“And who did you hire again?”

“The original islanders.”

“We’re building on their sacred ground? Trevor, did you talk to them first?”

“Yes. For a cool $20 million, they’ll move to another island that I found close by. It’s like buying a celeb, but in this case, it’s a whole group of people!”

“Slavery jokes are never tasteful, Trevor. But at least you thought about them.”

“I know. I probably never would have if you weren’t here.”

“That’s a relief. So, when do we expect to be done?”

“By the end of the month. Justin will be filming his promo today, and I’ll get Luke on Friday.”

“Sounds good. Remember, call this number, not the office. My receptionist might pick up.”

“You have a receptionist?”

“He’s gay, and insists on wearing clothes that match our wallpaper.”

“And you keep him on?”

“He’s really fucking good at his job. But I need some beauty sleep. Good night, Trevor.”

“Bye!” Trevor felt odd saying that, as the sun was almost overhead. He put his phone in his pocket, and walked into town. They were converting this place to hotels and lodging for the guests. The celebrity village would be on the other side of the island. Trevor commanded Justin to follow him, and the two walked to a film studio towards the back of the town. Trevor flashed his badge, and by this time, the particles had come into effect, with the workers excited to see a glance of Justin Bieber.

Another good thing about the new puppet-like nature of the men was that remembering a script came super easy. Justin read his script for the promo, and then recited it back flawlessly, off-camera. Trevor turned the cameras on, and said, “Action!”

“Hello. I’m Justin Bieber. You might know me for a variety of reasons, but I think you’ll enjoy this next one. As you know, I live on Celebworld, an island in the Pacific soon to be filled with your favorite male celebrities, myself included!
“On the island, you can fulfill any fantasy you have. Do you want me and Usher to fuck? We can do that. Do you want Tyler Posey to piss in your face? We can do that. Do you want to smell the Rock after he works out for an hour? That’s an easy request. At Celebworld, all your dreams can come true!
“Currently, Celebworld is not yet open to the public. Presale tickets go on sale next week. New celebrities will be added daily, especially once we open to the general public. Lodging is limited, so large parties, please plan ahead. Ticket prices can be found on our website, celebworld.com. Please read the requests the celebrities will not fulfill.
“I can’t want to be your slave! I hope you and your family plan a vacation to Celebworld today!”

“That was great, Justin. Now, go to this address, and enter the house. Act like you would normally until I tell you, but no contact with the outside world.”

“Yes, master.” Trevor stayed behind to help with editing and all that jazz. Later that night, the promo dropped. By the next morning, the video had over 10 million hits. This endeavor was going to be a rousing success.

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