Muscle Spidey

Kraven the Hunter was looking around in his powder cabinet. He was a supernatural hunter, so he had his eyes set on Spiderman, the half-human, half-spider. He found the powder he was looking for, hidden behind some instant release powder. Being a hunter meant he couldn’t jack off very often. He tried the powder on a Russian teen he had tied up in the other room. It still worked.


Peter was flying through the air above NYC. Mr. Stark was in town today, so he only focused on petty crime. He heard a cry for help coming from a dark alleyway. He swung down into it, only to find an iPhone, playing the scream on repeat. A spider suddenly flew by and bit him.

“Oh, not again,” Peter thought. A couple seconds later, he felt his chest pushing against his spandex. He was hulking out, and he had no way to stop it.

By the time he finished growing, his spandex undies just barely covered his cock. The powder also had a very interesting side effect. To increase muscle mass, the powder converted knowledge into muscle. It was supernatural, after all. So, Peter now had all of Hulk’s muscles, but none of his smarts. Kraven then popped out of a nearby manhole cover.

“I don’t see how Curt Conners lives down there. But you’re coming with me, Peter.” Even with Peter’s minuscule amount of knowledge, he knew he couldn’t fit through the hole. That’s why Kraven pushed him through it, collapsing the alleyway in the process. The two men walked throughout the sewer system until they popped out by a private airport, where a plane was waiting.

“Put these on,” ordered Kraven, brandishing a pair of headphones.

Peter obliged, oblivious to the fact Kraven was a supervillain. “Spiderman, you are my slave. I am your master. You will do whatever I tell you to. You will be nude, unless I tell you to. You will always be ready for sex. You will totally forget all your superheroics. You are mine, and mine alone.” That message played on repeat until it was time to touch down. By the time he walked out of the plane, he was Kraven’s.


“Sir, I am detecting an incoming video call from Kraven, the Hunter,” said Jarvis.

“Put him through.”

The Avengers were shocked by the scene. Peter Parker was staring right at the camera, while he sucked Kraven off.

“He’s mine now, super morons. And if you try to rescue him, you’ll befall the same fate. Everything in a three mile radius is irradiated with the powder that caused this in your beloved Spiderman. Not even you, Iron Man, can make it to me without succumbing.” With that, Kraven ended.

“We need to rescue him,” said Steve, walking to the door. The cadre of scientists/superheroes stopped him.

“Steve, we know you want to save Peter, but it’s not safe right now,” said Bruce.

“You can come with me while I talk to May,” added Natasha. “And Tony Stark, so help me God if I see you on the same street as her when we’re going to comfort her.” Natasha brought up her nail scratcher, filled with a toxic mix of chemicals to show she meant business.

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