Blondes Have More Fun

Tiffany arrived in Punta Cana just like the Big Brother meme. Her boyfriend of three years just broke up with her, but it was also spring break. Tons of hot and horny guys would be fawning over her. She also had a larger bed than most spring breakers, so the sex would be even better.

After taking the first day “off” from flirting, Tiffany showcased her sexiness. She put a revealing bikini top and not too modest bottoms. She had also heard from a little birdie that Rob Gronkowski, star New England Patriots’ player, was at their resort. She knew she had a much better shot at bagging him then most of these college co-eds.

At the cabana bar, a muscular stud walked over to Tiffany.

“You’re so fucking hot! Are you in college?”

“No, I’m 22. Are you?”

“Senior, baby! Last spring break!”

“Neat. My name’s Tiffany, by the way. And you?”

“Rowan. Are you single, Tiff?”

“I am. I want to see how you perform in bed.”

Rowan had a childish grin on his face. Here are their current thought processes:

“Ro, take this card. I’m in Room 632. I’ll be up in just a second.”

“Sure thing.” Rowan left, and Tiffany knew she only had one shot at this. She weaselled her way to the front of the gaggle of women, and then flashed her impressive boobs in front of Gronk’s face. Punta Cana didn’t have any laws specifically forbidding nudity, but it was an unwritten rule, because of the many families that traveled there. Gronk’s face also contorted into a goofy grin, and he followed Tiffany out of the pack.

“You’re over 18, right?” he asked, as they were walking to her room.

“Of course. Here’s my license to prove it.”

“Sweet. Belichek has me doing all these drills all year, so spring break is a time to relax and let loose for me.”

“So, you fuck a bunch of random women?”

“Pretty much. But now they can say they had sex with Gronk.”

The two continued small talk until they arrived at her room. “Rowan, we’re coming in!”

“We!?” screamed Rowan. Gronk had walked in first, to be greeted by the sight of a nude Rowan.

“Fuck, Tiffany!”

“Boys, it will be fine. Gronk, I’ve bet you’ve been in plenty of threesomes before. And possibly you, Rowan.”

“But never with two guys before,” said Gronk.

“I’m not doing anything gay,” said Rowan.

“Oh, that’s a pity,” noted Tiffany. “My vagina is under lock and key until one of you two comes from gay sex.”

“That’s fucked up! I’m lea- OH!” Gronk had rammed his cock into Rowan’s hole. Gronk’s cock was pretty massive, so the feeling was not pleasurable at first.

“Hazing rookies involves us fucking them until they cry like a baby. And because we’re full of machismo, we never tell.”

“That’s so hot,” said Tiffany, playing with her nipples. Poor Rowan was filled with sexual stimuli all around him, and he kept trying not to get hard, as that would seem gay. The only problem was that he was mere inches from Tiffany’s large, jangling boobs.

After violently thrusting into Rowan for another ten minutes, Gronk came. He pulled out his leaky cock so Tiffany could confirm it, and then she allowed the two men to have at her.


Tiffany sat down at the Pret-a-Manger in Boston. She was waiting for someone. He walked in a couple minutes later, with dark sunglasses and a slightly large hat.

“Tiffany?” he asked, sitting across from her.


“Yep, that’s me.” He also used the license trick.

“How can I be sure?”

“Gisele has periods twice a month. Her ovulation cycle is cut in half.”

“That’s news to me, so, you’re good. Here are the files on the flash drive. I labelled them inconspicuously, so Gisele wouldn’t notice. I also sent you an email what files were what to the address you sent me.”

“Perfect. Thank you, Tiffany. Your cash is at my car. I just didn’t feel comfortable walking around with so much dough.”

“Perfectly understandable. Let’s walk and talk, though. Why do you want these videos of Gronk fucking a guy?”

“It’s the only concrete evidence there is of our hazing rituals. There are no CCTV cameras in the locker room, so when the reporters aren’t filming, it’s a total dead zone. To add to that, Gisele wants some fresher blood, to spice it up in the bedroom. She always had a crush on Gronk, so it was just a simple matter of manipulating Gronk’s plans for my own advantage.”

“Wow. That’s cold. But at least you’re good friends, so it’s not as terrible.”

“Yeah, a rookie would be all kinds of awkward. And here is the half of a million I promised you. It’s all in one hundreds, and the box on the outside is labelled ‘Tiffany’s Stuff’, so any onlookers would think we were a couple that just broke up.”

“You should really be a crime novelist after football is over. You have everything planned out to a T. I’d best be going, though. I have a job interview in half an hour, and I need to get ready.”

“Okay. Bye!” Tom got in his car and drove away. He actually gave Tiffany two million dollars. Having Gronk as his unwilling sex slave deserved a high price.

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