Rubber Slave

Charles loved living in the red light district. It was a microcosm in the large cog that was Boston, but it had its own very distinct flavor. It even had its own leader, who was actually just their representative on city council. The RLD was much more relaxed than the rest of the city, and that applied to business dress code, amongst other things. Charles wore a rubber tracksuit to work daily, with his chest partly exposed. His bosses didn’t mind, as long as he got the work done. And he did, usually quicker than everyone else by a large margin. He was an accountant, so when his part was done for a project, he was free to leave, and would be paid for the whole day. Today was one of those days, and he left the office around three.

Charles decided to take a shortcut home through an alleyway. It was the middle of the day, and it was brightly lit, so mugging was never much of an issue. Accosting was, however, and Charles fell victim to that today. A man in a white suit and pants came up to him.

“Charles Brosnihan?”

“Yes. And how do you know my name?”

“My boss has a special interest in you.”

“Oh, god! You’re not a mob enforcer, right?”

“No, I work for Alystaire Candalabrium.”

“What does that pretentious bitch want to do with me?”

“He provided a video to showcase what you would do.”

“I’ll watch it,” Charles replied, with a dejected tone. The man put the phone right in front of Charles’ face, and pressed play.

No words came out, however. It was just a spiral, and some binaural beats. The man had earplugs in, so he didn’t succumb to them. Once Charles started drooling, he turned the video off. He was forced to fireman carry him back to the unmarked van, as he didn’t have the authority to control him. The time of day meant there would very minimal to no eyewitnesses.

Charles woke up a couple hours later. He tried to get up, but he felt a searing pain in his balls, so he had to sit back down. Alystaire then walked in.

“I see you found your shock device. It’s triangulated to the couch, so you’ll have to stay there while I monologue.”

“And what’s actually stopping me?”

“The shocks increase the farther you are away from the safe zone. It tops off at 100 kilojoules, which was proven to kill a blue whale instantaneously. You will die if you leave. That’s a fucking fact.”

“What do you fucking want with me, then?”

“I’ve always been ostracized by the members of the RLD. I’m a straight male living in a part of the city where I’m the only one. But, I need to have sex. While I’m still straight, I have turned to gay sex to get my rocks off. Unfortunately, no one wanted to fuck me, so I sent Leon to hypnotize select men for me.”

“There’s more?”

“You are one of ten, Charles. And when I snap my fingers, you will fall completely under my control. And this isn’t something you can break free from. The commands are lodged deep in your brain, with passwords I don’t even remember. I truly hope you enjoy your new life.” SNAP!

Charles, who had begun to lunge at Alystaire, fell to the ground. Alystaire quickly adjusted the shock device settings to encompass the whole house, and not just the couch, and then commanded Charles to stand up.

“Suck me off.”

“Yes, master.” Charles sucked him off just like he would any other man. One of his many layers of hypnosis dealt with natural sex. To Charles and the other slaves, he was just a man they were having sex with, not a crazed straight person who captured and hypnotized them for his own benefit.

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