Preppy Slave

Xander got into Harvard Law. The only problem was that he couldn’t afford it. His family was rich, but his father was involved in a Ponzi scheme that had not gone public yet. He contacted the financial aid office.

“What can I do? I didn’t send in any forms; is it too late?”

“Yes, we’ve already allocated the money. But I’ll send you an opportunity. You might not like it, but the pay is exorbitantly high, which is great.”

“I’ll do anything!” A few minutes later, he received an email from the office. It was titled, “Houseboy”. Xander opened it up.

“A rich middle-aged man is looking for a college aged stud, preferably attending Harvard, to be his houseboy. Everything is provided, and the weekly stipend is generous. He understands college comes first, but requests you be available at least one full weekend day. Please send a shirtless photo and a letter stating why you would be a good fit to this address.”

The rest of the letter was legalese and nothing too special, until he got to his salary. It was $1,000 daily. He would be a millionaire by the time he got out of college. He quickly wrote up the letter and snapped a new pic. He sent them in, and then had a meeting with his lawyer to discuss the fallout of the Ponzi scheme.

About a week later, he received an email back from that same address.

“Xander Hotchkiss, you have the job. I ask that you come a week before school starts to acquaint yourself with the household. As noted, starting from that date, this will be a year-round position, including Christmas and your birthday. If there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to email or call.” That part was a bit shocking, but he was in it for the money.


He arrived at Alex Worshester’s house. Harvard was literally across the street, so travel would not be an issue. He knocked on the front door.

“Hello Xander! It’s nice to finally meet you in person. Please, come on in.”

“Thank you, sir. Where should I put my bags?”

“I’ll walk you to your room. Your first task is washing and drying your clothes. I’m a bit of a germophobe, so I want to make sure the clothes are cleaned to my standards.”

“Certainly, sir.” Xander was brought to the laundry room, where he unpacked everything that could be washed. He stripped down to his boxer briefs, and poured in the detergent. What Alex neglected to tell him was that the detergent actually wasn’t detergent. It was a corrosive agent that only affected fabric. That’s how it was able to stay in the container, and pouring it in caused no immediate damage.

Xander was then shown the rest of the house. His room was very spacious, but had a door to Alex’s bedroom inside of it, much like a hotel room. He was able to unpack everything else, and then went to check on his laundry. When he opened the washer, he was in for a shock. At the bottom was tons of strands of clothing and towels, all of them corroded by the “detergent”.

“Alex! Come in here! I think something’s wrong with your detergent!”

“There’s nothing wrong with it,” he replied, stepping out from behind the doorframe. “I think you might have glanced over your contract. You will be nude in my house, unless guests are coming over. Then you will put on underwear of my choosing. I will also allow you one pair of socks for wintertime weather purposes.”

“And what about my towels?”

“Oh, you’ll shower, but under my terms. If I need to travel for business, and can not take you, you will use this towel.” Alex handed him a washcloth.

“Correct, boy.”

“But I’ll need to wear actual clothes for college.”

“You won’t be going to college, boy. See, I orchestrated this whole thing. I was the whistleblower on your dad’s Ponzi scheme, and the admissions director at Harvard is a close family friend. You did read the addendum to your contract, right?”

“My lawyer said addenda are usually small, nitpicky things.”

“I forgot George was on my payroll as well. I’ll explain the contract. You signed away all your rights. I legally own you now. Since you are legally no longer a person, you can’t sue me. You will do everything I say, or there will be consequences. Becoming an eunuch will be the least of your worries.”

“But I got into Harvard! I was on all the paperwork and stuff!”

“My friend’s been there for a very long time, Xander. No one really cares if he bends the rule a bit. And, hey, Harvard isn’t going to say no to another rich white male attending!” Alex had a nice chuckle at his topical comment. Xander used that chance to dart away.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” announced Alex. “You see, you have literally no rights outside this house. You can’t do anything, because legally, you’re not a human being anymore.”

Xander closed the door. He thought, “What the fuck did I just get myself into?” as he went back to the laundry room, to listen to his new master.

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