Zac had just opened a sext from Dwayne Johnson. This had naturally started on the Baywatch set, when Dwayne peeked in to ask to run lines.

“Hey, man, the girls are- Oh.”

“Fuck, Dwayne! Leave or close the damn door!” He chose to step inside and close it.

“Do you normally do this on set?”

“Our schedule’s been unnaturally busy, so I couldn’t get my rocks off at home. Why’d you step inside, though? Don’t you have a baby?”

“I do, but I’m only with her because she was the last woman I fucked while I identified as bi.”

“Oh, okay. So you’re gay now?”

“Pretty much. The only reason I chose to do this shitshow of a movie was to be with you.”

“Excuse me? What makes you think I’m gay?”

“You’ve literally gotten harder looking at my shirtless body. If you’re not gay, you’re repressing it.”

“You’re right. It all started on the set of HSM with Corbin and the boys.”

“That’s nice and all, but do you actually want to run lines? I was out with an escort last night and forgot to practice.”

“Sure thing.”

The two Hollywood studs had an undercover relationship going on. Dwayne confessed to his wife that she was really, and truly, the only female that did anything for him sexually, and that he was in a relationship with Zac Efron. She didn’t mind too much, as Dwayne promised his biological family came first.

Zac made sure to never get a serious girlfriend, as that would complicate matters immensely. He still put up a straight façade, but he was fucking Dwayne every chance he could get. He quickly closed the sext, and made sure no paparazzi saw it. Thankfully, they were all head-on, ostensibly to take photos of his arms for some post about his jacked muscles. Zac went a different way down the mountain, one that he knew was much quicker.

He pulled up to his house to find Dwayne and a stranger’s car there. To his surprise, John Cena answered the door. He actually didn’t answer the door, but was walking through the main hallway when Zac walked inside.

“Oh, hello. Where’s Dwayne?”

“In the kitchen.”

“Thanks.” Zac walked into the kitchen, only to find a giant pan on top of the stove.

“It’s paella. I thought we could try something new for our special guest.”

“Why is John here?”

“Nikki’s a bit kinky, and actually likes watching John in gay sex. We hadn’t caught up in a while, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.”

“Aren’t we afraid of revealing ourselves to the world?”

“Federico is on that. He’s putting twelve layers of encryption on the cameras.”

“How much is that going to cost us?”

“Nothing! He just wants a copy for himself!”

“And what makes you think he won’t release it?”

“We’re into some super kinky shit, Zac, and I’ve never heard about it anywhere, even on TMZ.”

“Fine.” The three had a cordial dinner. To no one’s surprise, they ran out of paella, and after some more small talk, they went to the bedroom. The three stripped, and John revealed a massive cock.

“You know that Trainwreck scene? That was my actual erect cock. They actually had to cut a bit out in post-production.”

“Is he lying?” asked Zac, to Dwayne.

“No. He was as hung as a horse in WWE, and I know for a fact he was still there when the McMahons brought in those penis steroids.” John beamed as Zac tried to get that mental image out of his head.

“Let’s fuck,” he said. Because he was the smallest out of the three, he was in the middle. He was sucking off John, while he bottomed for Dwayne, as usual. Getting that cock down his throat took some effort, but it was well worth in the end when John’s ejaculation happened past his Adam’s apple. Meanwhile, Dwayne was fucking him like he normally did. He wasn’t as strong, as he didn’t want him to choke. The three then switched positions after Dwayne came, and they lasted the whole night.

“Fuck,” said John, laying in a pool of sweat and cum. “That was hot. Have you guys ever thought about throwing an underground celeb orgy? I know tons of guys would be interested in that.”

“I’ll talk to my real estate agent,” said Dwayne. “I can always put it under my wife’s name to hide it even better.”

“This sounds like it’s going to be fucking hot. I’ll alert my gay porn friend,” noted Zac.

“Well, I’ll tell the guys at WWE, but I need to leave. Total Divas shooting is happening today, and Nikki and I have been invited to a party.” John quickly got dressed and left. Dwayne got out of bed and started to make the orgy a reality.

(Author’s note: I normally don’t do this, but how many would like a continuation of this? This definitely has a lot of open-ended potential, compared to some of my other stories.)

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