Challenge. Anyone write a story about this picture. Idc if it is TF, Possession, Bodysuit… Just make it sexy, smelly, and above all… Yeah, mostly musky. Thanks. 

Hank looked forward to going home after a long day’s work, but for an entirely different reason. London was a pain to traverse, and his living arrangements weren’t much better, at first. Since he had to divert quite a bit of funds for student loans, he rented out a shared flat. His previous roommate was nice, but his new one most certainly was not.

Neville was an “artist”. It was true that he did sell artwork, but it was always to a rich group of Brits who loved the “minimalist style”. Hank knew Neville just flung a paintbrush at a canvas, and made bank. As a result, Neville never left the house. Hank could do all of the shopping, and the already cramped flat had a Bowflex in it. His musk was overpowering once you walked inside, but for Hank, it wasn’t too much of a problem.

He had a major musk kink. He loved breathing in manly musk, and so mostly went home with guys from the gym, before they could shower. Neville fulfilled that fantasy, but he was, alas, straight. However, in Neville’s own words, “I won’t tell anyone you’re a feet-loving faggot if ya keep my art process secret.” Hank did love Neville’s feet, having a specific aroma not shared by the rest of Neville’s sexy body. This was because of the constant contact with the ground.

Hank entered his flat. The photo above shows Neville’s normal reaction to Hank walking in.

“Hey, fag. My favourite episode of Misfits is on. Lick my feet.”

Hank obliged. Today’s aroma was the normal musk, with a cinnamon smell mixed in. He could smell cinnamon rolls from the kitchen, so he assumed some must had fallen to the floor. He made sure to lick every part of Neville’s feet, including the webs between the toes. Neville would never tell him this, but he actually secretly enjoyed that part.

“Oi! And my pits now!” Neville took off his shirt to reveal a bare chest, but a stronger musk. He put his hands behind his head, and Hank went to town. For pits, there was much more sniffing involved, as both parties hated all that wet hair. Sniffing his pits always made Hank hard. Unfortunately, today, his tip popped out.

“Oi! Is that a pecker I see? I fucking told you what would happen if I saw yours!” Neville got up and sat on Hank’s face. He then let one rip. Of course, this served to turn Hank on even more, especially when Neville was able to do it twice more in a short time period.

“Fuck, Hank! You fucking reek, and that’s coming from me. Fucking shower. I think we might need beer tonight.” Hank gleefully went to the shower, knowing that Neville’s musk would once again be stronger.

I hope this cheered you up, @idesofrevolution . It was fun to write! If you ever want to talk about anything, I’m open. I’ve gone through some tough times in my life as well.

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