Pup Play, Forever

Jorge Jr. and his wife, Carmilla, were visiting one of Jorge’s close family friends. Jorge hadn’t seen John in a while, so the guys would catch up while the girls did some shopping. The couple arrived at John’s house, and some introductions later, the two groups split up. Jorge and John were talking for a while, when John brought up his new dog’s name, Gorebyss. Jorge’s eyes immediately glazed over, and his face changed to one resembling a puppy dog. John was lucky Jorge never heard the obscure Pokémon’s name before, so his trigger worked. He unfortunately didn’t have a leash or collar, but his tie would do for now.

“Who’s a good boy?” John asked.

“Ruff-ruff!” Jorge responded. He didn’t have that strained look in his eyes that people unwillingly following commands sometimes had. He truly considered himself a pup.

Meanwhile, at the mall, Carmilla and Luann, John’s wife, were shopping. They got quite a few doggy items, as Luann told Carmilla about their new dog. She also divulged that John was a bit submissive, and so they went to the Adult Store, and bought a chastity cage and a buttplug. Carmilla had no idea this was all for her husband. Luann then got a text stating he was ready. The two females left.

As they were unloading the carriage, Luann slipped on some earplugs she had stowed away in the trunk. She then asked Carmilla if she could play her favorite album for the ride home. Carmilla agreed. While it was technically a Matchbox Twenty album, it was laced with subliminal messages geared specifically towards spouses of the men John turned into pups. By the time the two arrived back at Luann’s house, Carmilla didn’t even know any person named Jorge. She then drove home, while Luann walked inside.

Jorge then lived his life out as a dog. The rest of the family was already conditioned, as Jorge Sr. had John over quite a bit, including to some family gatherings. Carmilla eventually remarried another Jorge, not knowing why she was so attracted to that name.

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