Luke was successfully processed in Celebworld. Trevor wanted to shoot another promo, but this time showcasing the malleable minds of the celebrities. One of the team’s accountants, Lucinda, asked for a doctor’s office physical video. The promo starting with the land terraforming into a hospital. Truthfully, the whole hospital didn’t have to be built, but that was more to showcase the effects. After a tracking shot to the room where Justin was, the porno started.

Dr. Evans walked into the exam room. “Hello, Justin. Here for your yearly physical?”

“Yes, sir.”

Justin and Dr. Evans went over the basic stuff, like pills and family history. We cut back in with this conversation:

“So, have you had unprotected sex since the last time we’ve met?”

“I have. But the guy was so hot, and we were just walking down the street.”

“I see. Did you get tested?”

“I did. I’m all clear.”

“And you have not contracted any STIs since our last visit?”


“Good.” Dr. Evans then started the physical. He did the normal breathing checks, along with examining the eyes and ears. He then saw a note in his notes from last session.

“It’s time for a complete physical. Shirt off, please.” Justin obliged. “Lift up your arms.” Dr. Evans then examined the armpit hair. Justin had forgotten to put on deodorant that morning, so his natural musk permeated Dr. Evans’ nostrils. He then got out a tape measure, and measured Justin’s biceps.

He then moved on to his pecs. He first measured them, and then asked, “Have you ever engaged in nipple play?”

“I have not.”

“Then let’s see how erogenous your nipples are.” Dr. Evans rubbed Justin’s nipples, akin to a penis. They came out a normal length, but Justin moaned in carnal pleasure.

“I’m definitely adding that to my repertoire.”

“Flex your abdomen muscles for me.” Justin obliged, and Dr. Evans noted the solid six-pack. “Take off your bottoms for me.” Justin did so. Dr. Evans then measured his legs, both upper and lower. He then focused on Justin’s genitalia.

“When’s the last time you jerked off?”

“Two nights ago.”

“Perfect. A complete physical requires a sperm sample, which I will need to procure.” Dr. Evans brought out a cylinder, and then began rhythmically stroking Justin’s cock.

“Oh, FUCK!” he moaned. He had gotten quite a few handjobs in his life, but none as great as this one. Since he hadn’t jacked off in a couple days, he did cum quickly, but profusely. His cum filled the cylinder about halfway.

“Great. I’ll send this to the lab to be analysed. Now, I will need to do an anal test. Assume the position.” Justin got ready to get fingered, but was in for a shock when Dr. Evans dropped his pants.

“Isn’t this just a prostrate exam?”

“No, because it’s a complete physical on a gay individual. A fucking test is administered in the place of it.” Dr. Evans took out a condom and lube from one of his drawers. He put them both on, and then pushed his cock into Justin’s ass. It was tight, but loose enough that Dr. Evans could easily push through.

“Fuck, doc! How big are you?”

“Nine proud fucking inches.” Dr. Evans then started fucking Justin. Justin knew this was going to be a good fuck once he heard Dr. Evans’ skin slapping his ass.

“Fuck yeah! Oh, it hurts so good!” Justin felt his ass clenching around Dr. Evans’ cock as it repeatedly hit his prostrate. He continued to fuck his young patient, and the room slowly started to smell like sex. Dr. Evans then pulled out, before cumming.

“Preliminary exams are done. I’ll finish after my rimjob.” Dr. Evans knelt down and stuck his tongue in Justin’s ass.

“FFUUCCKK!” he screamed, as Dr. Evans’ tongue expertly manoeuvred his ass opening. It tasted salty, but a bit bitter as well. “Shit!” announced Justin, at the same time he let one rip. The assplay had loosened his control over his ass, so he couldn’t stop it. Dr. Evans breathed in the heavenly aroma, however, and attacked the ass even more.

After he finished, he repositioned Justin, and began fucking him again. The wet juicy sounds of lube and spit in his ass only caused Justin to get harder from the experience. Dr. Evans showed no signs of stopping, and both were alarmed when the doc’s tip showed pushing against Justin’s abs. The aroma in the room increasingly became one of sweat, as Dr. Evans ferociously fucked his patient, and Justin was trying not to cum again.

He failed, and he had an even greater cumshot than before. It painted the wall and Justin’s body. Dr. Evans bent over and licked all the cum he could from Justin’s sweaty body. The two flavours were heavenly, and Dr. Evans then moaned in carnal pleasure. Justin had a realistic question, though. “Won’t the cum stain the walls?”

“That’s why they’re white,” explained Dr. Evans, through bated breath. “Especially in an office like this.” Justin was content with that answer, and now could fully experience the fantastic mixture of pain and pleasure Dr. Evans’ cock was inflicting on his ass. “Oh, fuck! I’m going to cum!” announced Dr. Evans.

“Do it inside me!” screamed Justin. He watched as Dr. Evans convulsed as he ejaculated. Both of them heard a loud rip, and then Justin felt cum in his ass.

“Fuck! The condom broke!”

“It’s okay. I got tested last week.” Dr. Evans pulled out, causing cum to leak out of Justin’s ass. Dr. Evans grabbed as much as he could, and ate it. The sweat, cum, and ass juices all mixed to create an euphoric sensation in his mouth. He discarded his condom, and then told Justin, “You’re all clear. Make sure to set an appointment for next year.”

“Fuck yeah I will!” said Justin, as he got dressed. Dr. Evans gave him some cologne to put on to mask the smell of sex. Dr. Evans then took to cleaning up the exam room. Cum on the floor was a safety hazard, and his next patient in here was under 18.

Lucinda was overjoyed with the final product. It was sexier than she could have ever imagined. After legal cleared it, the video was put on Celebworld’s Pornhub page. Overnight, it went viral, and the guest list now had a waiting list.

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