Lex sent his son that picture. He hoped it would fulfill his requirements for tighty-whities, public photo, and work out. Connor sent back that it passed all three. Lex breathed a sigh of relief as he got dressed. Normally, a father would boss around his 19 year old son, but Connor was keeping a huge secret for him.

It was that he fathered an illegitimate daughter, and did nothing to help support her. Connor had seen the thousands of messages the mom had sent for help for their daughter. She was just a year younger than Connor, but she was forced to be a stripper to help pay for living expenses. College wasn’t even in her future. He had told his dad he knew, and, after making sure he would support the family, he would not reveal it to anyone with one simple request: Be my daddy slave.

Lex had to comply, and that meant following Connor’s many rules. Number one was that he was to remain nude in their house at all times. The only time Connor even considered him letting wear clothes would be when Lex’s boss came over for dinner. He did pick out clothes for the day, but had to leave them in a pile by the door.

He was also locked away in a chastity cage. Connor was naturally his keyholder, but had “accidentally” dropped the keys in a foreign country. He told his father new ones were coming, but they never were. Lex was also forced to wear a butt plug at all times. Connor sprung for the incredibly high tech model, that opened up while still remaining firmly lodged in one’s anus. It even self-cleaned itself, so any poop residue doesn’t stink. Connor was able to afford all of that using his father’s credit card.

Lex’s liquid diet consisted of only cum and water. He alternated drinking glasses of them throughout the day. He especially hated the times that he was forced to drink his own cum, after his son had milked him. Fortunately, on the food side, Connor allowed a wide variety, but he was always forced to make it.

Connor took great pleasure in fucking his father, and filmed most of their fuck sessions. Connor was gay, so when he had dates come over, he was forced to be a cum receptacle for them as well. Lex distinctly remembered the night Connor and the football team had a bukkake, with him as the target. Lex was not allowed to date, so he faked a vow of chastity at work.

Lex arrived at his house. He hated stepping inside, but knew that this was better than prison, at least in the public eye.

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