Channing was processed, which meant Celebworld was more than halfway to officially opening to the public. They ramped up their publicity, and worked on expanding existing hotel space, because of the high demand. Today, Sven got to chose the scenario. He wanted a father/son incestous scene, and with Channing now there, it could be a gay couple.

Justin arrived home from college out west. This was his first time coming home since Christmas. He also had something to share with his dads. He had cum for the first time. He had gone through puberty, but his reproductive system did not. Doctors were baffled by it, especially since all other effects of puberty were visible.

He entered his house to find Channing and Luke standing there.

“Welcome home!” said Luke. “We prepared your favourite meal, linguini a la mode.”

“And we will just be having plain pasta,” added Channing, as the three sat down to eat. Justin scarfed it down, as the college didn’t have the best food in the country. After he cleaned up the plates, he announced to his dads: “I came for the first time this semester.”

“That’s great, son!” said Luke. “My boy’s a real man now!”

“Was it intense? Was there a sperm buildup?” asked Channing.

“It was, but I read that’s normal. And no, it wasn’t an obnoxious amount. My balls must have activated the same time my cock did.”

“Well, Justin, we have a proposition for you,” queried Luke. The couple glanced at each other. “What would say about having a threesome with your dads?”

“I would say, ‘fuck yeah I would!’. But I need to unpack a little first.” While Justin did that, Channing and Luke got the bed prepared for sex. Justin walked in a couple minutes later carrying an expensive brand of lube.

“I won this at Sexual Health Bingo, at one of the raffles, actually.”

“Sweet!” said Channing. “I heard it’s one of the best out there.”

“Let’s fucking start already!” screamed Luke. The three then went in for a kiss. All three were used to kissing on the lips, but Justin had never kissed his dads romantically before. After a minute or so, the three men went shirtless. Justin rubbed one hand on Luke’s hairy chest, and the other on Channing’s clean-shaven chest. The shirtless physiques were nothing new, but touching them in a sexual way was an exhilarating experience.

He had found out, accidentally, one year that Luke’s nipples were overly sensitive. Justin went down and blew on them, causing Luke to carnally moan. “FFUUCCKK!” Channing’s weren’t as sensitive, but he had a bellybutton fetish instead. He screamed an equally carnal moan when Justin’s finger rubbed inside his bellybutton.

“Pants down?” asked Justin. His dads nodded yes, and he saw his fathers’ cocks for the first time. This would be their first time seeing Justin’s working cock. Both did not shave their pubes, and Luke’s cock was a bit longer than Channing, but still impressive nonetheless.

“Fuck, dads! You cram those things into Speedos?”

“We do,” flirtatiously responded Channing. “Now, how are we going to set ourselves up initially?”

“Why don’t we have our son service us both at the same time? He can suck you off, and I can fuck that cute ass of his.”

“Let’s do it!” Justin said. After some quick preparation, including condoms, both of Justin’s holes were entered. He wasn’t a virgin; in fact, until recently, this was all he could do for sex. He expertly manoeuvred around Channing’s cock. It fit nicely in his throat, and made a squishy sound once enough saliva lube was on it. Channing thrusted back and forth, but not too hard. Justin had his tonsils removed, and the dads’ kink-friendly doctor said extreme pressure on that area could cause damage. Just to be safe, Channing pulled out just before he came.

“Oh, FUCK!” he screamed, as he gave his son a facial. The two had been in self-imposed chastity for a week, so quite a bit of cum came out. Justin made sure to open his mouth to get as much cum as possible. When he tasted his dad’s cum for the first time, he was hit by a strange taste.

“It’s vanilla flavoured!?” said Justin, with his syllables punctuated with moans from Luke.

“Yeah, it’s fucking weird, but I love it!” replied Luke, straining to speak over the intense pounding he was giving his son. He didn’t hold anything back, as Justin didn’t have an ass injury. All three were entranced by the sound of balls slapping against skin. Luke repeatedly hit Justin’s prostrate, so he was actually second to cum. Channing licked quite a bit of it from the floor, and then snowballed it to his son, and then to his spouse. The floors were quite clean.

After ingesting his son’s sperm and his hubby’s saliva, he renewed his fucking effort. He came shortly after, with any vocal cues. However, Justin could feel the cum being injected into his ass. Luke looked down and noticed the condom had fallen to the ground, tattered. He was recently tested, though, so his son was safe. The room then stunk from the sweaty aromas of the three men, and the caked-on cum on Justin’s face.

“Let’s see that cock in some real action!” ordered Channing, who assumed the position on the bed. Justin assumed since his father wasn’t making a titty about the broken condom, Channing was clean too. He inserted his cock into an anus for the first time. He was pleasantly surprised by the fact it was able to just pop in, and the anus closed around it. He then thrusted, something else he had never done before.

“Luke, am I doing this right?”

“Speed it up a little, son. Channing can take it.” Justin did so, and knew it was working when he saw Channing’s dick jump once he hit his prostrate. Eventually, he got into a rhythm, partially induced by the sexual aroma in the air. Luke noticed that he picked up in intensity, and his nostrils permanently flared. Justin only snapped out of it when he felt he was going to cum, still a fairly new sensation for him.

“Fuck! I’m about to cum!” And he did so, depositing his cum in a man for the first time. He pulled out, only to find some of Channing’s ass came along with it!

“Fuck! What is that thing?”

“You’ve never seen a rosebud before, son?” asked Channing.


“It’s perfectly natural,” explained Luke. “It’s just exposed skin. It will retract soon.”

“Do you do stuff with that?”

“Well, I could play with it,” stated Channing, “but I assume you mean activities. No, I don’t, but it retracts quickly. It’s part of our post-play.”

“Can I touch it?”

“Sure.” Justin touched it, and it was not as bad as he thought it was going to be. Luke then told him to go shower.

“We can clean up in here. We also invited the family over to celebrate one year of college, so make sure you don’t smell like sex,” noted Luke, as he folded the sex towel. Justin walked to the bathroom, his mind playing back the erotic scenario that just happened.

Sven was also pleased with his scene. Due to the more hot-topic issue in this scene, it was only released on their Clips4Sale page. The website reported its largest day of activity ever after the video was released. Trevor knew the people would love this.

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