Pink Kryptonite

Superman was out patrolling the streets of Metropolis in the middle of the day. Clark had a day off of work, so he seized this opportunity to do some more surveillance. He noticed a small street brawl happening. This was in the more expensive side of town, where people cared a whole lot more about this stuff. After making sure no one was in need of immediate and extreme help, he flew down and broke up the brawl. The two men then beamed at him.

“Wait. What’s happening?” Clark heard a gun go off, and then another. One shot a bullet, and the other a dart. He made sure the bullet lost all momentum when it crashed into him, so he wasn’t concerned about the dart. However, he felt it pierce his skin. He immediately went to grab, but even super-reflexes were no match for a quick-injecting needle. He saw the green glow of kryptonite around the needle. Suddenly, he then thought of the men he just broke up, and how hot they were.

Clark tried to fly away to get the cure from the Fortress of Solitude, but it was too late. The kryptonite had already interacted with his blood, causing all of his thoughts to be focused on men. He walked over to the two men.

“Hey. Would you two be interested in a threesome with me, Superman?”

“No,” said one of them, “but I know who might be. Follow me, but in the air.” Clark obliged, as pink kryptonite also caused extreme horniness. He didn’t even realize the car had pulled up in front of the Metropolis branch of the elite porn studio, AfterWindow Studios. The men motioned for him to walk inside. He walked up to the receptionist.

“Hello. My friends told me to come here for sex. Can you help me?”

“Um, of course, Superman. Just let me make a call.” She buzzed down the head, Huxley Fitzhebertson. When he exited the elevator, he was shocked.

“Oh, hello, Superman. So, you’re interested in porn now?”

“If I get to cum, yeah!”

“Good. Follow me. So, I heard from an exclusive TMZ report than you can control the intensity of your cum, is that right?”

“Yes, sir. That’s how Lois and I have sex.” Clark had not revealed his identity to the world, so Huxley actually gave him props for snagging one of the hottest journalists in the field, married to the frumpy Clark Kent. They exited on the seventh floor.

“Please, take a seat. I need to talk to someone.” Clark sat down, patiently waiting. Quite a few of the biggest porn stars in the biz, in both senses of the word, were slack jawed at the Blue Boy Scout in a porn studio. “Come on in,” Huxley said. Clark walked into a room, with a casting couch in it. The man in there positioned him correctly, with some effort and explaining on his end. He then got the cameras rolling.

“So, Superman. What made you get into porn?”

“I’m super horny, and two of my good friends said this would be a great release.”

“Have you ever watched a porno before?”

“Back in Smallville, yes. I stopped once I started dating Lois.” Clark once again revealed the fact he married Lois, without explicitly stating he was Clark.

“Do you masturbate a lot?”

“Not particularly. My job keeps me very busy.”

“Is your junk bulletproof as well?”

“It is.”

“Superman, can you take off your suit for me?”

“Will this lead to sex?”

“Sort of. We need to see you cum first, and then we’ll decide. You are making it; it’s just a legal thing to go through.”

“Oh.” Clark stripped, revealing a massive dong. The interviewer measured it, and it topped out at 16”.

“Wow, Superman! It’s fucking huge!”

“Yes. When the JLA needed to be tested after an accident, I got a look at the other male superheroes’ cocks. None were as big as mine. I talked to my hologram dad, and he told me Kryptonians were naturally well-endowed, a sort of response to our birthing matrix.”

“Okay then. Let’s see you jerk off. And please, oh dear god, control your ejaculation.” Clark did so. He eventually moved up to rubbing his shaft superspeed, which the camera actually recorded. That’s why Huxley paid the big bucks for this one. Clark then came, in a literal shower of cum.

“Is that all?” he asked.

“It is,” replied the interviewer, with super cum dripping all over him. Clark then left.

Lois contacted the League, who helped to break Clark from the thrall of the pink kryptonite. There was a new issue, however. Clark had signed a lengthy contract with the studio, for a minimum of twelve videos. Clark tried to argue to saying he wasn’t under his own volition, as kryptonite would never hold up in court. It didn’t help that Diana’s lasso also showed he was telling the truth.

Criminals did learn one thing from these pornos, though: Every part of Superman’s body can cause you serious damage, especially his cum blasts.

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