The Nerd Factor

Claudius Jones was an enterprising college freshman, who was unfortunately forced to share a room with an insufferable jock. Ryck, with a y, was talented at football, but not so much everywhere else. Claudius had to constantly remind him to clean, and more than once did he see him climaxing in a woman. Claudius was fed up with his behaviour, and was determined to fix it.

One good thing about considered a “nerd” was that you got free rein of the science labs, specifically computer science. Claudius worked with his good friend, Julio, on a device that would control jocks. The two came up with it quickly, and made sure it worked on humans. The only problem was how to get them to wear it. Julio, a bit more on the athletic side, came up with an idea.

“So, you’re giving me fitness watches for free, for an experiment of yours?” asked the football coach.

“Yes, sir,” replied Claudius. “And make sure everyone turns it on.” He was then told they just needed to press the middle. What they forgot to mention was that that same button press would release the microchip, implanting it into the jock’s skin.

The next day, at practice time, the two logged onto an app that was connected to the microchips. They watched in glee as jocks were getting chipped. A small device in the chip was able to read DNA, so they knew exactly who was able to be controlled. Ryck was one of them. Claudius then wanted to do an actual trial, with a real jock.

Once Ryck entered his dorm room after practice, Claudius flipped his switch on.

Claudius laughed at the get-up, knowing Ryck was trying to bag a chick walking home.

“Stick your hand down your pants and grab your balls.”

“Yes, sir!” Ryck did so without question or complaint, something Claudius was worried about.

“Good. Now take off your pants for me.”

“Yes, sir!” Ryck did that as well, revealing the true nature of his cocky attitude. Claudius snapped a pic. If a chip ever malfunctioned, there would be a large blackmail file on each and every jock. And then for the final test.

“Assume the position.” Ryck did so without hesitation, and Claudius fucked him, while recording it on his phone. He laughed to himself about the stoic nature of Ryck while his ass was ravaged. Claudius has just finished coming up with a script to fix that when he came.

“Clean up your mess, and go to bed,” ordered Claudius, grabbing a tissue to clean up his cock. He then texted Julio: “We are a go.”

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