Celeb Slave

Gronk was excited for the offseason. Training camp started up soon, but Bill knew Gronk would put in the effort, so he gave him an extra weekend off. Gronk spent it down in Florida, partying. However, that trip was not going to be all fun and games. Someone else was there to ruin it.

That someone was Danny Amendola, a recently traded Patriot. The team had tried to keep this on the down-low, but the real reason for the trade was that Gronk and Brady got raises that didn’t mesh with the salary cap. Danny wanted revenge, but he knew Brady would be a difficult target. Gronk, on the other hand, would be laughably easy.

He invited Gronk to a rager, but with a specific crowd of people. They were bondage enthusiasts, and Gronk was going to be their next victim. He was out partying on a boat when a man approached him.

The ship then jerked, on purpose, and Gronk fell down. The man was surprisingly strong, and so Gronk was tied up with little fuss. A couple more men came over to help carry him to the warehouse where the enthusiasts could have their way with him.

He was untied inside the warehouse, and immediately ran for the door. The head spoke up.

“Gronk, all of our doors open outwardly. We also don’t have windows, and small, but numerous ventilation shafts. The room itself is also very bare, so you can’t escape unless we let you.”

“Then what the fuck do I need to do?” he asked.

“Just obey me,” answered Danny, stepping out from the throng of people. “If you do everything I say, then you can leave.”

“Fuck you, Danny!”

“It’s the only way to escape, Robert. So, are you in?”

“And you fucking promise it’s just you giving me commands?”

“Yes, you have my word, and the club’s world. Now, take off your suit.” Gronk did so, to reveal a massive beercan of a cock. Quite a few club members gasped audibly. “Crawl to me.” Gronk did so, finding out the ground was actually exceptionally cleaned.

“Turn around.” Gronk hadn’t finished turning when he felt a slap on his ass. “I’ve counted the times Brady passed to his star instead of poor old me. There’s 102 left.” Gronk winced in pain around slap 57, and it turned red at 96. After the 103rd slap, Danny’s hands went straight to Gronk’s balls, which he squeezed. Gronk yelped in pain.

“I see your other money maker is still as sensitive as usual.” Danny let go, but not before giving it another slap. He then told Gronk to sit down in front of him. Gronk carefully got ready to sit down gently, but Danny pushed him to the ground. Danny then took out his own cock, and began to piss on the football star. Once the stream ended, he ordered Gronk to jerk off for him.

Gronk begrudgingly did so, revealing the massive erect length of his cock. One club member actually fainted. Gronk jerked off quite a bit, so it took a while to ejaculate, but it was worth it in the end.

“I have one final command: You’re property of the club tonight. Do everything I say, or I release footage of this event.” Danny then gesticulated to cameras positioned around the warehouse. He then left as the crowd moved in on him.

Gronk was able to make it to practice, but he couldn’t sit. Luckily, most practice items were standing, but he had to come up with an awkward and flimsy excuse why he couldn’t do certain tasks, like crunches. Meanwhile, Danny was enjoying the footage he had collected. This was going into his private collection, unless Gronk screwed him over again.

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