Gay Fashion Week

While Fashion Weeks scattered around the world were already pretty gay, the new Boston Fashion Week took the cake. It only allowed gay designers and models in. There wasn’t much of a problem there. This also allowed for even more outlandish styles, such as this one:

It was a Siriano leather tux, for the dom in a working setting. Other looks included a plunging v-neck which looked like a reverse muscle shirt, pants with flaps so that you don’t need to touch grimy bathroom seats, and shorts for your balls.

There was also a very large nude contingent. Yeezys were showcasing their new shoes this week, and to focus all the attention on the shoes, they had the models walk out nude. That elicited a laugh, noting the lavish lifestyle of Kanye, and the fact he couldn’t even budget clothes!

The next year, other Fashion Weeks adopted Boston’s model. By the end of the decade, all of the major ones had a gay-oriented day, and some even had two. The profit margins were astounding, so this practice showed no signs of stopping soon.

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