Guest Fantasy #1

Trevor had made a slight miscalculation, so Chris Hemsworth and Zac were processed jointly, which meant Celebworld could finally be open to the public. The five men there got to work fulfilling as many fantasies as possible. An anonymous guest requested Luke and Zac in pup play.

“Ungh,” said Zac as he got out of bed that morning. He went to the bathroom to piss, then walked downstairs to walk his dog. Luke Evans wasn’t an actual dog, though. He was a human. Zac let him out of his cage, and Luke took that time to run around while Zac got his leash on. Once it was on, the two walked outside, where Luke did his business. Luke’s mind was so broken that shitting in public didn’t faze him whatsoever.

Zac then brought his dog back inside to feed him. While Luke ate mostly dog food, Zac mixed in some people food, to help maintain nutrient levels. Zac took that time to get dressed and ready for work. That actually required him to take off his jockstrap. Zac was a camboy, and a lucrative one at that. His fetish was bestiality. However, this was done with Luke, a human who truly believed he was a dog.

Zac got set up after Luke had finished eating. “Suck,” Zac commanded. Luke trotted over in full pup gear and began sucking Zac off. People were always shocked by this, especially since most pup hoods weren’t suited for that. Zac had Luke’s specially made. He moved the camera around, showcasing the fact Luke was still in full pup regalia. That meant Zac had to put in a bit more work making sure Luke could suck it, but it was worth it.

“Fuck me,” Zac then commanded. He assumed the position, and Luke climbed up on top of him, and inserted his dick into Zac’s ass. New viewers were once again shocked by the reveal of Luke’s cock, a surgically grafted dog cock. This turned many people away, but those who remained paid big bucks for this action. Zac was used to the peculiar sensation by now, but played it up for the new viewers. Luke then came in Zac’s ass.

“Fuck,” Zac ordered. In a normal session, Zac would go suck Luke off now. However, his vet told him a human mouth would react poorly to Luke’s cock, especially in his situation, so they went straight to fucking. Zac was a top this time, and he was a brutal one. He held nothing back, and Luke repeatedly yelped in pain. Zac knew when it truly started to hurt, and he pulled back once he heard a shift in Luke’s voice. He came quickly as well, and then signed off after saying goodbye.

He looked at his tip jar. He had made $3,000 in tips. The percentage of that that would be taken away would be offset by his salary that he was paid to only cam on this one site. Zac then took Luke out for a walk. The neighbors were used to it by now, and Zac made sure Luke was wearing a g-string, just so children weren’t exposed to something horrible. Today, he met an out-of-towner who was walking around the neighborhood.

“Um, is that a human?”

“Technically, yes, but Luke’s a dog. He can’t even speak English anymore.”

“And he willingly decided to be a dog?”

“Yes. It’s actually a big fetish for many people.”

“So then what’s the underwear for?”

“Public decency, my dear sir. Children should not be exposed to genitalia, even on a dog.”

“That is true. Well, I must get going. Another 20 miles to go!” Zac was a bit shocked at the distance, but he just went on his merry way. Luke was trained to not go to the bathroom during a walk, if he could help it. If he did so, Zac screamed out, “Cauliflower!”, so the neighbors knew not to look out their front windows for a minute or so.

After the walk, Zac let him go potty in the backyard, then loaded him in the van to take him to his veterinary internist, who specialized in adults in pup play. Luke had to go because he had testicular abundance, the medical term for big balls. This was because the testosterone and the dog hormones mixed together. So, every two weeks, he went for a milking session.

Zac pulled up and walked Luke inside. He checked in, and then was told to wait. He was always amazed by the people engaged in pup play: fathers with son handlers, businessmen with their wife as their handler, and there was a twin combination today.

“Zac and Luke Efron?” said the nurse. The two walked inside to the milking room. The room itself was not high-tech. They had repurposed a fucking machine as an automated fleshlight. They did this both for health and practical reasons. Luke was escorted into place by the nurses and Zac, and the machine was fired up. Luke’s doctor took this time to discuss with Zac how he was these past two weeks. Since the doctor was also a licensed internist, she could also check on Zac’s issues as well.

After about an hour or so, Luke’s milking was stopped.

“Impressive quantity today, Luke.”

“RUFF!” Luke actually didn’t understand what she was saying, but she was beaming at him.

“Thank you, doc.” Zac and Luke left the office and then went home. Zac made supper for both of them, and they enjoyed watching a porno together. All Luke could do was get hard, though. After it was over, Zac put Luke in his cage. While Luke was very well-behaved, his dog-like nature could kick in at an inopportune time. Zac then went to bed, planning on what special thing to do tomorrow.

This story was just one of many requests by an individual who requests to remain anonymous. Please feel free to send in your fantasy requests, either by an Ask or a PM.

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