Locker Room Gay

Mason was scared of changing in the gym locker room. This wasn’t due to any body positivity issues, however. It was because of Kaiden. He was the gym’s top personal trainer, but due to space restraints, he had to change in the regular locker room. Mason didn’t mind that part, as Kaiden was quite attractive. The only problem was that Kaiden was an alpha gay. Mason caught him sucking off meathead clients before, but never someone like him.

Mason had to go to the gym early in the morning today, as he was traveling and wouldn’t be able to work out. The parking lot was almost bare, with only one other car there. He walked inside the gym, only to find no one was there. A sign posted on the desk asked them to check in, and use the honor system while no humans were present. Mason then walked over to the locker room. Once he got close enough, he heard some loud moaning.

He opened the door to find Kaiden in the midst of ejaculating. His eyes were closed, so he was in for a shock when he noticed Mason staring at him. He quickly put on his jock and snapped:

“Ah, no, Kaiden. But why?”

“My fucktard of a client never showed up, so I wasted my morning wood for nothing. I really needed to bust a nut, bro.”

“Can I help with that?”

“Ew, fuck no! I only have sex with guys with less than 2% body fat.”

“That’s fat-shaming, you know. I recommend watching Dietland on AMC.”

“I don’t need your fucking show recommendations. Management frowns on this, so if I hear a peep about this from anyone, your time at the gym will turn into a living hell. Understand?” Kaiden did a full-body flex, which revealed some seriously chiseled muscles.

“Yes, sir!” Kaiden scoffed, and finished getting dressed. Mason changed and made sure not to work out in the same area as Kaiden. He felt a lot better when more people and staff arrived. What Kaiden didn’t know as Mason was leaving was that Mason had an eidetic memory. That cumshot would remain in his memory forever.

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