Guest Request #2

Wa returned to his room after a long day of shopping. As Trevor expected, videos of the fantasies were a big hit. The celebs had no say in whether or not they were filmed, but the guest just had to sign a form, in case they were visible or interviewed afterwards. He arrived at his room to find a note attached to the outside.

“Dear Valued Guest, another one of your fantasies is waiting inside your room. When you are finished, say ‘go home’, and he will return back to the celebrity village. Please note that the hotel cameras have been turned on for this session, so anything you do not want the cameras to see, please hide before fulfilling the fantasy. -Management”

Wa walked inside to find Charlie Hunnam on his bed in a full-body rubber suit, with only his cock exposed. He could tell it was Charlie, by the note on his chest. The note also said Charlie would experience natural human reactions for this session. Wa was going to edge Charlie until he couldn’t take it anymore.

He got onto the bed and clasped his hand around Charlie’s cock. He began rhythmically stroking, feeling the sensation of Charlie’s cock getting harder in his hand. This part was not alien to Charlie, as he thought of himself as pan. The next part was when he was about to cum, and Wa pulled his hand away. Charlie moaned, which was amplified by a speaker in the rubber suit. Moaning was about the only sound he could make, though.

Wa waited a couple minutes, then started rubbing again. He decided to spice it up a little bit, and so started to lick Charlie’s cock. He got the taste of pre-cum lodged in his mouth, along with Charlie’s musk in his nostrils, being stuck in a rubber suit. Wa also enjoyed the slurping noise he was making, and then smiled in glee as he slowly pulled his head up just before Charlie was to cum again. Charlie moaned even louder this time, but Wa did nothing.

Charlie hoped that the third time was the charm, and Wa agreed with that. However, it would happen in a pretty unexpected way. Wa positioned his ass over Charlie’s cock, and then got fucked by him. Since the rubber suit was quite tight, Wa moved himself up and down on the dick, but it was worth it when he felt the penis clench for the third time in anticipation of cumming. He quickly brought his ass up, and only waited a couple seconds before giving Charlie a handjob, causing a big spray of cum to cover Charlie in his own cum.

Wa gathered some up on his finger, but instead of him eating it, he forced it into Charlie’s mouth. He had a small breathing hole around his lips, so Wa made sure he was in and out, so Charlie wouldn’t die. Most of the sperm went into Charlie’s mouth, but Wa saved some for himself. The bitter test of cum was mixed in with a spandex aftertaste, which was a surprisingly tasty combo. This spandex suit didn’t have an ass slot, so Wa’s next command was “Go home”. Charlie left, making sure to go the back route, in case any children were present.

This request was by the same Anon as last time. Please feel free to suggest celebs or scenarios that you want to see in Celebworld!

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