Guest Request #3Wa was excited about yesterday’s hands-on session with Charlie Hunnam. He noticed a note placed on his nightstand during the night when he woke up the next morning.“Esteemed Guest, your next fantasy has already begun. Kellan is waiting for you in the kitchen, as you requested. The rest of the commands will play out once you enter the room.”“Sweet!” thought Wa, as he walked into the kitchen. Kellan was there, standing adjacent to the island. He had a tight cage on his dick, and Wa could clearly tell it was straining to break free. He was also collared, with a large dog tag that proudly noted his name, Kellan.“Wa, would you like me to feed you?”“Fuck yeah!” Kellan had already cooked a large array of foods for breakfast, so Wa pointed out which ones he wanted to eat, and Kellan fed them to him. Wa had never had someone feed him before, and the feeling was fucking awesome.  Once Wa said he was done, Kellan removed the rest of the food and plates from the island, and brought out a dildo.He hopped onto the island and began flexing. He started with the double biceps, then continued to go through various other bodybuilding poses. Wa started jerking off at the very erotic sight. Kellan then took the dildo and began to fuck himself with it while continuing to flex. The sight of that caused Wa to cum. Kellan was not programmed to stop until Wa had come a second time, so he basked in the sight as he waited for the refractory period to end.Kellan continued to fuck himself, thrusting the dildo in and out of his ass. Wa loved the fact he could see it bulge against Kellan’s stomach as he pushed it inside. Wa then realized he was getting hard again, and vigorously pumped his penis. He knew the second ejaculation was usually quicker than the first, but this sight practically required it. He blew his load for the second time, and Kellan promptly stopped flexing and fucking himself.“Where would you like to go now, Wa?”“Let’s do some shopping.” After some talks with the UN, Trevor decided Celebworld would not be open to children under 18 most days. For one week a month, the celebs would be clothed and fulfill fun fantasies of the children. This was instituted already, so neither male needed to get dressed to go shopping. The shoppers looked on in awe as the muscle-bound stud was forced to try on lingerie and painfully tight clothing to see how it looked on his body. Wa also put his collar to good use, and had him on a leash. They were going to be walking around for quite a while, so he had Kellan stand, but it was still humiliating regardless. Kellan’s commands to serve food still applied outside of the room, so Wa was fed a burger and fries by Kellan. Many shoppers and visitors snapped pics of this crazy scene. After lunch, Wa decided there wasn’t really much else he could do with Kellan. He had asked for a no-sex fantasy, so he couldn’t take him back to his room and fuck him. Still, he had paid a shitton of money for everything, so Kellan just casually followed him around for the rest of the day. This was Wa’s favorite fantasy yet.As you can see, there’s no limit on the number of fantasies you can have on Celebworld. If you would like one of your own, send me a PM or an ask. NOTE: You can request celebs not currently hypnotized yet. I will move them to the top of the list, or even put them on the list, so that your fantasy might be fulfilled quicker.

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