The Machine Part 2Owen (pictured above) enjoyed the sight of Billy stripping down to nothing. He was packing down there, with a 4.5 flaccid cock. “Let’s see you in action,” said Owen. “Jerk off for me, but do not cum,” he commanded. Billy did so, but in a robotic fashion. “Naturally,” he quickly added. He watched as Billy’s cock increased in size to 9 inches, and the tight grip he had around his cock. After a couple of minutes, it was clear Billy was ready to burst.“Stop,” Owen commanded. Billy did so, showing no signs of pain or torture. “Good. Let’s see what your cooking is like. Make me lunch.” Billy went into the kitchen and prepared a three-course meal for Owen, consisting of a soup, pizza, and a dessert. “Very good, Billy. I will now allow you to respond to me, but only to parrot what I tell you or when I ask for your opinion. Do you understand? Oh, and you can talk in your natural cadence.”“Yes, I understand, Master.”“Now, let’s test your fucking ability. Suck me off, Billy.” Billy dropped to his knees and began sucking Owen’s cock. He wasn’t half-bad. “OHH, FUCK!” Owen moaned as Billy’s tongue maneuvered around his cock. He quickly came a few seconds later. “FUCK! I need to work on my stamina! Let’s see you how well you can fuck, Billy.”“Yes, Master.” Owen exposed his ass, and Billy inserted his cock. Billy was no stranger to anal sex, as his wife had enjoyed that before her passing. That meant he knew exactly what to do, which led to a very pleasurable experience for Owen. Billy had quickly found Owen’s prostrate, which led to Owen cumming again before Billy had cum in his ass. He eventually did, quite forcefully for someone who had cum in the last fifteen minutes or so. “Clean up the mess, and then go to your room. It is marked ‘Slave’.” Billy cleaned up the floor and went to his room, which was quite barebones. He only had a mattress and one blanket, and a box for the few clothes he was allowed to wear. The room also had a connecting door to Owen’s bedroom, with no lock on his side. He looked in the box to see what his master might want him in. The contents included a chastity cage, a bag of diapers, tuxedo accessories, a collar, a jockstrap, and a g-string. He rearranged the items as he waited for his next command. “Billy, go into the bathroom.” Billy did as he was commanded, only to find two signs on the wall. One, above the toilet, read, “Poop”. The other, above a human-sized space, read, “Piss”. A funnel gag was also in that spot. Owen entered the bathroom. “Put the funnel on, Billy. You’re going to be taking my piss. I really don’t want to clean it, so you’re going to swallow it.”“Yes, Master.” Billy put the funnel gag on, and Billy pissed into it. It was a large load, so Billy quickly learned how to swallow and still take in more at the same time. When the last drop came out, Owen helped Billy to unclasp the gag.“Whenever a guest or I need to urinate, we will do it in your mouth.”“Yes, Master.”“Grab your collar. We’re going for a walk.”“Yes, Master.” Billy did as he was told, and Owen provided the leash. Emblazoned in bright green letters on the leash was “Daddy Slave”. Owen made sure Hugh got a good look at his collared father as he started his walk. He also met another person on their walk: Billy’s boss. “Young man, what is the meaning of this?”“Billy’s my mind-controlled slave, sir. I know who has the device that did this to him, and he’s very pissed. I wouldn’t bother him if I didn’t want to end up like this.”“So, is it safe to assume we can terminate his employment?”“Yes,” smugly replied Owen, as they continued on their walk. He did limit it to their fairly secluded neighborhood, though, so there weren’t any other problems. Back in the house, Billy was uncollared and commanded to make dinner. While the chicken was baking, Owen commanded, “Lick my sweat, Billy. That walk was pretty hot.”“Yes, Master.” Billy started with Owen’s feet, which he extended in front of the daddy slave. Once they were clean, Billy went up the body, cleaning everywhere but Owen’s asscrack. Once everywhere else was clean, Owen said, “Let’s see how good you are at rimjobs.” Billy stuck his tongue in Owen’s sweaty asscrack, which his cock had inhabited earlier that day. It was weird tasting his own cock, but he had a job to do. Owen was definitely enjoying it, moaning every time Billy’s tongue went in deeper. As Owen expected though, it was cut short by the buzzer going off, indicating the chicken was done. The two had a nice meal together, even though Billy’s serving size was ridiculously smaller than Owen’s. Owen then went upstairs and grabbed the chastity cage, which he put on Billy’s cock. “I’m going out with some friends tonight, and I can’t really bring you along. You are not to leave the house, but you can do anything you please.”“Yes, Master.”“Good boy. I’ll see you later tonight.” Owen left, and Billy was alone for the first time since he was mind-controlled. He started to clean, as he had nothing else to do. Owen was not very big on other forms of enjoyment, like books or video games, so Billy cleaned.  

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